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  1. Ok, Update, just got the new RAM board in the mail, no help. but when testing (and only with Star Raiders) I managed to get this screen. Any thoughts? EDIT: I only managed to get this screen to appear twice
  2. Hmm. I’ll definitely have to give that a try. Thanks for reaching out!
  3. Haha, Thanks! Love seeing these old computers like new. (Hopefully I can get them to work like new as well )
  4. Unfortunately no, I can buy one if worse comes to worse.
  5. Yeah, I think the easiest thing for me to do is just buy another working 400. Pinpoint the fault in mine, fix it, and sell off the one I don’t want. Hopefully then I’ll not have lost a ton of cash in the whole exchange.
  6. Ok, so I’ve powered up the computer minus each ROM chip individually, the one pictured below was the only one that did anything. When removed a green screen appeared every time. At this point, I think I just need to buy another 400 and part swap...
  7. I’m not sure why the video didn’t work, this is what it said. the power supply is 100% correct and working with no cartridge inserted, I get a black screen unless I turn the system on and off around five time, at which point the screen turns green with any of the following cartridges inserted (popeye, pitfall, Pac-Man, eastern front, keystone Kapers, the dreadnaught factor, Galaxian, qix, gorf, silicon warrior, astrochase, basic, and defender) I ALWAYS get a GREEN screen when I insert Star Raiders (which I’ve heard doesn’t use much of the parts of the system) I ALWAYS get a BLACK screen all cartridges have been cleaned NEXT: I will clean the cartridge port, reseat ram chips and board, reseat rom chips. Here’s to hoping
  8. 62351974461__31C964D9-7A92-4725-B265-DFECDEEE7F70.MOV I cleaned the chips with a Q-Tip and made sure not to go against the grain of the pins, is there a special tool for cleaning chips? I haven got one, whatever it is. The power supply is correct, it’s an OEM 400 power supply confirmed to be in working order. I would try to meet up with someone, but I’m not sure how I should go about that. Perhaps I should just buy another 400, swap parts and figure out what’s wrong, and sell it. Either way, I can certainly leave the system on a while and see if the RAM starts getting hot. Swapping cartridges didn’t help anything, but in doing so, I realized something. (See video)
  9. Totally. I’ve had it completely apart, like I said, I’ve previously reseated and cleaned all the chips, sockets, and boards with isopropyl alcohol. I’ll try I out with no/other cartridges. The boards (CPU and RAM) inside look fine, tip top shape (yes, I know that doesn’t say much, but I figured I’d mention it). If you’re curious, it’s a 16K model. I got the green screen by deoxidizing the power jack because I thought it might not be getting enough power, and I’m guessing that’s what did it. I heard on another thread that the rom chips may be the culprit, would a different cartridge bypass the ROMs, I’ve heard star raiders can boot even if the system is faulty in certain areas. I’ll get on that. Thanks for your help thus far.
  10. Sorry for the bombardment of comments, but here’s the whole situation. 1. the screen is now green sometimes and black other times 2. The built in speaker makes an almost imperceptible tick noise when starting up 3. channel is correct, yes 4. LED is on 5. In fixing the power jack (it would only work if I put pressure on the cable), the door detector switch broke in half (I just jumped it with a piece of speaker wire) 6. Picture of screen below (The green on the screen is darker (almost navy) in person than in the photo) 7. I don’t have access to another 400
  11. And I would, but you see, there’s an issue... money.
  12. Can’t get a picture of the screen just yet, but it’s solid black (not a no signal). No funny noises. Quite sure about the channel. The LED comes on, yes. And no, I haven’t got a voltage meter :/
  13. Ok guys, I’m stuck. I’m only 16 so I don’t reeeeeeeally know what I’m doing, but I need your help! Atariage, I’ve been scammed!! DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUN!! I bought a “working” atari 400 off of OfferUp whose only problem was that it had a cut video cable (Which I replaced with one I pulled from a broken 2600) and no PSU (which I had bought before the system arrived). I, being the idiot I am, DIDN’T test the system before starting my cleaning/retrobrite process (pictures below ;) ). After that week of school I threw the system back together aaaaaaaand... black screen... :( I’ve tried Everything I can think of, I reseated all the chips on the whole computer (cleaning the pins and the sockets as I did), cleaned the the ram and cpu board connectors, started it up with a star raiders cartridge, made sure everything was grounded properly, deoxidized the power jack, cleaned the channel selector, tried multiple tv’s (both new and old), and STILL I get that black screen... WHAT SHOULD I DO?! Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  14. I’ve got the same issue lol, I can tell you this: combat was packaged as a loose cartridge with the manual And game only or as a complete game (either gatefold or not) in some variants. I believe yours would have used a loose copy with manual. Also, not sure if you’ve got this, but the system was wrapped in a bubble wrap bag as well as a purple box for the power adapter. All of the power adapter, combat, and the RF switch were packages inside the long box on the top of your picture. Other than that, I can’t tell you much! I do believe that the controllers (in addition to the paddles) might also use the same packaging as the one you’ve got your paddles in. EDIT: I GOT IT!!!
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