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  1. https://youtube.com/watch?v=8NZWyW68Pxg So, as you can see in this video, it is possible to use the Hyperkin 3-in-1 adapter to boot Game Gear games on the Genesis, albeit with inverted colors. In the comments section, though, they discuss an issue bigger than the inverted colors. Namely, not being able to press start. Is there any way to use this adapter to actually play a Game Gear game on a Genesis, with or without inverted colors? Thanks, MASTER260.
  2. So with those games and new copies of the SGM1 delayed, is there a new ETA for when the SGM2 and the Super Game Controller are coming out?
  3. Do y'all think the Atari VCS will actually get a general release, or will it be stuck for those who preordered and forever scalped on eBay?
  4. I really wish they kept the name Ataribox. Now when people say, "Atari VCS," they'll be like, "Which one?" It's like calling the third Xbox the Xbox One, lol.
  5. They should make Pong: The Movie. If they could make the Battleship and Emoji movies they could make it, lol. (Albeit those were flops.) EDIT: In all seriousness, Asteroids: The Movie might do better. Might fill a void in the market now that everyone's hating what Star Wars has turned into, lol.
  6. Hi. The spacebar came off of my C64 Maxi and I broke one of the two springs. I'm completely clueless, please help, lol. Thanks, MASTER260.
  7. Lol, like the support guys have anything to do with the engineers.
  8. The problem is good exclusives are what differentiates a console from its competitors. It's why the VCS and the Amico could use more IMO. Most of the Amico's true exclusives are remakes, but at least that's something IMO.
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