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  1. Hi. The spacebar came off of my C64 Maxi and I broke one of the two springs. I'm completely clueless, please help, lol. Thanks, MASTER260.
  2. Lol, like the support guys have anything to do with the engineers.
  3. The problem is good exclusives are what differentiates a console from its competitors. It's why the VCS and the Amico could use more IMO. Most of the Amico's true exclusives are remakes, but at least that's something IMO.
  4. Just wondering, will it be available on Amazon US at launch?
  5. I'm meh on the game, I just wish there were more Wii-like games like it on the system. Could say the same thing about the Switch, though the new Mario Golf looks cool.
  6. Tommy, I was just wondering, is this game under active development for the Amico?
  7. Hey, Tommy, do you think y'all could make a shirt that has the rebel guy, says rebel, AND says Intellivision? I think that would be great! Thanks, M260.
  8. I've been playing a lot of Gateway to Apshai on the C64 Maxi, barely any Jumpan, though, although it is included on it. G2A has been pretty fun, though!
  9. So, supposedly this site is selling Amico units for the end of the month: https://www.board-game.co.uk/product/intellivision-amico/ How is that possible if it's not out 'till April? Is it a legit site?
  10. You haven't even played the Amico yet, how do you know there won't be bugs? TBH I think the problem there are a lot more people who are ambivalent to the Amico or haven't heard of it than there are people who, "hate," it.
  11. IMO, the Wii U is an underrated system. I've long since moved my Wii saves, Virtual Console games, and WiiWare games to it, and it's great being able to play them in HD. Plus I even get Virtual Console games that weren't on the original Wii like the Earthbound games. I also have downloaded Wii Fit U and it's great how I was able to move my Wii Fit progress to it. My Wii's disc slot is dying, so I'm currently lending my cousins', and I do in fact still use the original Wii. Mainly to play Gamecube games but also to be able to use Wii homebrew that affects Gamecube games like the memory card dumper or the Action Replay Gamecube as the two actual disks I had for it got very scratched years ago but I still have the Action Replay memory cards which, being third party memory cards, works with the plain software regardless. I even still use my Gamecube for the Gameboy Player. So, all in all, I like most things Nintendo does lol.
  12. Yeah, I don't get what he's saying either. Parents these days usually get kids Switches, not Wiis, much less so PS3s.
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