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  1. Thank you for your answer! Yes, I've seen this I was just unsure what the little cup in the field rarity meant. From what I red in this topic: It should be quite a rare find and as of this moment according to the link provided by you it has Holy Grail status. I understand, that this means that there are 3 or less known such cartridges. Actually how many are the known ones right now? I hope I don't get to be the 4th owning the cartridge and lower it's current Holy Grail status. Also, it turns out that the person who offered 75 USD for it back in 2005 is Rick Weis from this forum. Here is a link to his post: Isn't that a bit low of an offering for a game this rare? What I am interested the most is a ballpark price of the game as I intend to sell it to someone who will appreciate it more than me. The game was found during a major clean up of my cellar after 30 years of collecting obsolete electronics and all sorts of other things. So, it has no actual value to me and there is no sense in me keeping it. There are a few more games that I found but non of them as rare as this one according to my research. There is one multi-game cartridge among them, but I was unable to find the same anywhere on the net. I found similar, but with more switches than the one I have. It looks like this one: http://www.atarimania.com/game-atari-2600-vcs-32-in-1_25030.html But instead of 7 switches there are only 5 on mine and the label on the top says Multi-Cart if I remember correctly, but definitely no indication on it about how many games it contains as the one in the link above. Does anybody know anything about it? Is there any value to it? I can post pictures later on if there is interest. P.S. I am sorry that I posted this here, I believe that it should be moved to the "AtariBoxed.com Rarity Database" section on the forum. Thank you!
  2. Hi, I specially registered to ask you, the experts in this forum about Spectracube Invasion as I happen to have the game. After quite a long search in the net, I was unable to find information about the rarity of the cartridge and approximate current price. There are indications in a few web pages that it's a rare one, is that correct and if so how rare it is? The only place I found some sort of information of it's price was in a wishlist in different forum. The person there mentions that he is prepared to pay 75USD for the game, but the post is from 2005 and I guess that this may have changed during the years. Could you please advise me of a round figure? Thank you for your help in advance! Regards
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