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  1. Ok, I'm able to build the Linux version with SDL, but under Windows 10 it does not work! I'm not talking about the DirectX version, which they detail. I'm talking about the one that they release with SDL support. The thing is you cannot run ./configure and Microsoft C/C++ chokes at the syntax... 😞 So does anyone know how they build Atari800 with SDL for Windows 10? One clue is that the release build includes gcc libraries so are they using something like Cigwin?
  2. does anyone know how to build the atari800 emulator for windows 10 using visual studio and sdl for audio and video instead of directx?
  3. does anyone know how to build the atari800 emulator for windows 10 using visual studio and sdl for audio and video instead of directx?
  4. Does anyone know exactly which Cherry M8 Atari 800XL AWC keyboards used? Here is a link to long list of M8 switches. I'm trying to find source to some, but I don't even know which ones were used by Atari 800 XL. Cherry M8, MD and MJ variants – Telcontar.net
  5. Tried that, but could not find any of the listed keyboards for sale on ebay. The problem is Cherry M8 switches were used for a limited time a very long time ago. Cherry switched a very long time ago to MX switches which are used to this day. Unfortunately MX switches which one can easily find on ebay are not compatible with the older M8 switches. I'll have to look for someone selling their old broken Atari 800 XL AWC keyboards, which is not easy since most of them are the ones with Mylar. Another problem is when people say that they are selling an old broken Atari 800XL most chances is that it won't have a AWC keyboard and they won't know what kind of keyboard they have so it will be hard to know whether to buy it or not.
  6. Hey I've watched your video on youtube where you fixed one of these! Thanks for the advice. Sounds like what I'll have to do. I could not find on ebay US someone selling spares. Hopefully someone here in US will have spares they are willing to part with.
  7. W key is sticking. You can hear on the release the clicking, sounds like its catching on something. Please advice. Thanks in advance!
  8. Yes it is a bit much, but right now on Ebay used Atari 600/800XL & Atari 65/130XE are regularly selling for that and more.
  9. From what I Googled some of the Atari 65XE/800XE made in China that were sold in Eastern Europe had buggy GTIA chips.
  10. Not sure. Can you post photos of the screens? Also, did you try S-Video? S-Video should give you a better cleaner sharper image. Finally, are you completely happy with your purchase? Is it truely a NEW Atari 65XE? Or is it some old refurbished Atari 65XE? The reason that I ask is that I'm considering getting one of those Atari 65XE Mexico from B & C (eBay user myatari). He now wants $251.16 ($225.00 + $26.16 shipping), I a bit much for me. Atari 65XE COMPUTER 64K RAM NEW NTSC US COMPATIBLE from Atari MEXICO | eBay
  11. I won't touch that one cause it's not tested and they don't have screenshot showing that its running.
  12. Which is better in the long run? A supposedly new Atari 65XE from Mexico or a used Atari 800 XL? Will the capacitors and power supply in that supposedly new Atari 65 XE still be any good after all these years of sitting in a box? Or would it be better to get the older Atari 800XL and upgrade the capacitors and power supply at greater cost? Or would I have to upgrade the capacitors and power supply of that Atari 65XE anyways cause of their age? Also, with that used Atari 800 XL the keyboard may need to be replaced and some other parts may also be warned and in need of replacing, if not now soon enough. With the Atari 65 XE the cartridge slot is in bad place which can in the long term be a pain and cause problems and the keyboard is from all I've read not all that great. So chime in, which one would you get and why?
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