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  1. Just aquired an Atari Flashback 6 console and the wireless controllers will not power on. The console seems to work OK with wired controllers. Is there a FAQ for this console? Anything specific I should be doing with the controllers to get them to work?
  2. I've burned the 3.1 firmware and installed it. The card seems to be working fine. I will need to do some testing later. Here is the v2.42 firmware that was originally installed on my card. CorComp 256-512K v2.42 PEB firmware.Bin
  3. Very cool! Thanks for the info! Already on the notification list, so just waiting...
  4. Thank you very much kind sir... Will be checking it out in the next few day and will post an update.
  5. I have an HP 7475A plotter. Windows 10 has no drivers, and from what I can see there haven't been drivers developed since Windows 98. Are there any systems out there, retro or otherwise, that can use this plotter? Atari 8bit? Atari ST? Commodore 64? Apple II? Amiga? Linux? Mac OSX? ... anything?
  6. Really? Great! I appreciate it. If you can tell what type of EPROM (2764???) was used it would also be helpful.
  7. Looks great! Now just to wait for them to have some stock!
  8. I plan on saving the 2.42 version and uploading it.
  9. I recently aquired an expansion box for my TI-994a and installed was a CorComp 512K ramdisk card with 256K of RAM. Looking online I was able to find the manual for v3.1 of the card, but it appears that my card is only v2.42. I cannot run the "CALL RAMGR" command to invoke the ram disk manager program. Does anyone know if I can get a copy of the v3.1 firmware and burn it to an EPROM to replace the v2.42 one on the card? If so, WHERE could I get a copy of the v3.1 firmware? What EPROM is currently installed. A label on the EPROM covers the info on my card. Thanks!
  10. I would still need a converter for a serial mouse, wouldn't I? I could find one if it would be a simpler process to get it working on my Mega.
  11. Really? What do you choose for the shipping option? What does it usually cost?
  12. The wireless dongle uses less power than a corded mouse. You can try to use a corded mouse, but if it draws too much power it won't work.
  13. I've tried to order from Best before, but again, the shipping charges to Canada killed the deal. They ended up being more than the items I was ordering!
  14. I've looked at Lotharek's website, but after conversion, plus shipping, it's usually too costly to order from there. I'm in Canada, so shipping is always a nuisance. His shipping instructions are also a bit confusing... Some countries only get certain shipping options, and the list he links to is an image in polish.
  15. Still pricey, but looks like a good option. I like that you can have both the mouse and joystick connected and switch easily. This is probably the option that I will go with. I also see the plain "TOM" and even a "JERRY" unit for less, but not sure if it's worth the cash savings.
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