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  1. Fixed the issue... I formatted the computer and reinstalled Windows 10. It was an upgrade from Win7 that was an upgrade from XP, so it was due anyhow.
  2. I don't think so. I can have a good connection, then change a setting. This makes RespeQT disconnect and reconnect and I get the error. Just a guess, but maybe RespeQT doesn't release the COM port quickly enough when it disconnects.
  3. I am using an SIO2PCUSB device to connect my Atari 130XE to my Windows 10 PC. The Windows 10 PC is a headless file server, so I can't see what is happening unless I connect to it remotely. It does log me on automatically, and RespeQT is set to start when I log in. Most times, when I try to start the connection I see a "Cannot open serial port 'COM5': Access is denied" message. If I keep clicking the connect button it will connect after a few tries. There is nothing else using COM5 that I can find. When the connection is made everything works great. But if I change a setting, or even just opening RespeQT, I can't be guaranteed that the connection will work. Does anyone have any idea why this might be happening?
  4. Makes sense... but I still don't understand how you would move the XEX file onto the Atari. Is there a utility than can add XEX files into an ATR disk image?
  5. The file extension on these files is XEX... How are you supposed to use them?
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