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  1. Here you go. If you click on releases on the right you can see it there. atari64.xex
  2. Thanks for the reply unfortunately my 800 XL didn't come with a manual but I will bear all this in mind also when trying it out. Cheers
  3. Hello I was just wondering what's the differences between FujiNet 1.0, 1.3 , 1.5 etc? Is it just a newer more up to date revision? Are the features and compatibility all generally the same? I am also interested in purchasing one if you have them in stock later this week how much would it be roughly to ship to the UK? Thanks Tommy
  4. Many thanks for taking the time to reply I will give this a go Cheers
  5. Hello, I recently picked this up on Ebay but am having some trouble loading it. As far as I know it's a game coded in basic so when 800xl loads up you type RUN "C:" but I just can't seem to get it to work properly Any help / tips guys am I doing something wrong? Thanks
  6. Hello thanks for the reply. I am based in the Uk and it is a UK seller postage is free on this item. He did send me an offer of about six pounds less but still 40 year old hardware with no warranty of any kind I suppose its a bit of a gamble no matter what the price is but it does appear to be in great condition. Cheers Tommy
  7. Hello folks I recently purchased an Atari 1010 tape recorder to go along with my 800 xl setup. I came across the following listing on eBay and wondered if this was a good price ? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/203446970622 Thanks for any help and assistance guys Tommy
  8. Hi Paul, I Was just about to donate something to your cause as well because you were one of the first people to respond to my first post about the new Atari hardware I was purchasing and I thought what a friendly welcoming community this is just because of you and people like you helping me out with my purchasing decisions. Anyways don't want to ramble on for too long. If you've reached your target now that's fine but if its still open I'd like to contribute something. Cheers Tom
  9. Loving this thread BTW. Here is a picture of me getting my Atari VCS for Christmas and my brother (Sadly no longer with us due to a brain tumor) getting his Tamiya holiday buggy R/C car and banjo set. Ah the memories
  10. Hi, more newbie questions. Does anyone know if it’s safe to buy say a 1010 cassette deck or a 1050 disk drive from the USA and buy a UK power supply for either of them? Is it safe for both the device and the computer to do it this way? Just asking because these devices seem to be easier to get hold of from America and slightly cheaper as well. Most of the time in UK it’s just bundles available. Cheers
  11. Thanks Philsan , I will take a look at the book. Appreciated mate.
  12. Thank you MrFish I guess I'll have to wait to play it until I upgrade my 800XL too
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