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  1. Well, after two downloads, I have the same problem both times, but way different from earlier today. Now I get the E/A blue screen and screech, common to TI-99/4A lock-ups, after the EDITOR/ASSEMBLER loads; which only takes a few seconds. After reset the EDITOR/ASSEMBLER shows on the TI menu, but reslection has the same results as already described.
  2. If you missed Arcadeshoppers reply, he said, it's "likely the finalgrom99 doesn't work this way.. the memory capabilities are defined in the github" website, I believe.
  3. Thanks, Greg I'll let Alex know, as my FG99 expertise is; I can load files on it appropriately, and use the FG99 as intended, I even switch out SDHC cards after a chosen cart is loaded, as I know the cart loaded will still work, but that is the total extent of my FG99 expertise.
  4. Wow, after 5 minutes, it's still not loaded, as the gyro thingy just keeps rotating/spinning. How long should it take, as I don't have any other FG99 carts this huge. After 10 minutes it's still not loaded. I guess maybe I have to download the two files again in case my first download was corrupted in the process. Second download: Same results after 6 minutes. Comments: Hard to believe that both my downloads fail in the same exact way. There were 4 downloads before my downloads, so did someone else's download work in their FG99? Please let us know.
  5. Yes, this suits me (my expertise) much better than MINI MEMORY. It will take me awhile to get this loaded and checked out, so be patient. However, your timing is excellent, as tomorrow I will be sending my MG 80K GK out for repair. Thank you very much.
  6. Sorry, this is beyond my expertise, as I just go by what the MINI MEMORY manual tells me, and that is why I removed MINI MEMORY from TIB+ options over a year ago. Thank you for the education, as I have 3 MINI MEMORY Modules, that up till now I was thinking about selling. I may still attempt to sell one. The problem is I don't know where the other manuals (MINI MEMORY & Line-by-Line Assembler) are. I only have one set at my computer desk.
  7. I suppose I could put all TIB+ configurations in a single file that uses a configuration selected variable as a flag, so that a single ROM image, of less than 20K would suffice.
  8. That was not a problem. The serious problem is that MINIMEM only loads AL object code into low memory which is less than 6K free after CALL INIT, and TIB+ is over 11K and will exceed 12K for sure. MSAVE/6 does work with MINIMEM, however. So our best bet is to load E/A in GRAM 7 and MSAVE6 in GRAM 3 until FG99 allows loading in GRAM 0, 1 & 2, if ever.
  9. OK, please wait while I check out MSAVE6 with MINIMEMORY (Never thought of this before), as the FG99 doesn't allow for GROM/GRAM loads in 0, 1, & 2, MSAVE loads in GRAM 7, and MSAVE6 loads in GRAM 3. Which means we're stuck using MSAVE in GROM 7 and E/A in GROM 3, as the problem with a 40K E/A GRAM is that MSAVE6 loads in GRAM 3 where the E/A is. An alternative is that on the GK MG disks is an E/A Mover, which moves E/A to GRAM 7 and provides a link patch that makes it work there. Thus leaving GRAM 3 open for MSAVE6! If FG99 ever gets modified for the loading of GRAM 0, ,1 & 2, as I requested well over a year ago, then the perfect environment for TIB+ will be possible in FG99. Until then, the above provides the only possible solutions, that I can see.
  10. That's too bad, as I would think that an FG99 would be a good investment for a newbie or a returning TI'er starting up again. Primarily TIB+ just provides a TI Basic user with some easy, and powerful upgrades, including full Sprite functionality, [email protected]/[email protected], some file management tools, decimal<>hex conversion, and ctrl+0-9 for quick dsk catalog, etc. All right from console TI Basic. There's more, so just ask.
  11. The following are in order of your comments or questions: I assembled two IDE cards, which included soldering SMT components (obviously years ago, as I can't even "touch type" any more), so I'm vary familiar with Thierry's website, and BITD we corresponded frequently when I was first loading up his IDEAL DSR; later I switched to Fred Kaal's hugh DSR 05, and both IDE cards crashed at DSR 08, but I didn't realize that for some time, as I kept trying to find the problem with the first card, so now I'm inclined to think maybe I just missed an update, and there was no hardware failure. Both sent out for repair, and neither has returned, yet (I'm sure that was at least 5 years ago, but I would have to check my old email account that I no longer have access due to can't find the password. Long story for why I can't just change it.) I can program simple stuff in assembly, I just don't have the time, as I will have to find the source code I did years ago to refresh my memory. Yes, MG GK comes with MSAVE & MSAVE6; MSAVE only uses GRAM 7, and MSAVE6 uses GRAM 3 - 6, this is why I load an enhanced TI Basic in GRAM 1 & 2 which include the E/A Basic support CALLs: INIT, LOAD, LINK, PEEK, PEEKV, POKEV, CHARPAT I have both FR99 & FG99, but I've never created any files for them, so more time to learn the process; not easy for this 79 year old that just recovered from a TAVR heart procedure and a repaired artery that now has a stint. Which is why I made the request for someone to create the SS2 for FG99 not long ago. There is a supersp2 cart in MAME, so anyone can access it, if they don't own an actual Super Space II cart. The whole idea is to provide an emulation that can actually use the bank switching method and test files that came with the cartridge on diskettes, which I believe are all on the WHTech website. I have original diskettes, but I can't access them, as my TI-99/4A is only connected to a NanoPEB and my SNUG TI-99/4P has an EVPC that I broke, and I haven't found anyone willing to repair it, yet. I have to remember to retrieve my email from my new yahoo account. Same as above. RetroBill (fdos)
  12. I am using a modified version of your EA Basic support to TI Basic. That's how I get 40K of TIB+ programs in GRAM, and that's why the modification was necessary. They worked fine in VDP GRAM, but not in any module GRAM space. Jeff White explained the problem and Tursi fixed it. Yes, I think that would be a great idea, but it needs to be floated to all TI'ers on AtariAge, as I don't believe there will be many interested. This might interest others, but not me. I would be more interested in adding other XB capabilities to the EA TI support code. That would take careful discussion as a lot of enhancements in TIB+ come from XXB+, and more could be added. TIB+ already has full Sprite capability thanks to Mark Wills. I've done 1MB SAMS memory management for X4th99 and it works fine. I also have a 4K mapping scheme completely mapped out for TIB+. I just don't believe I will ever be able to justify it. XB and XB compilers have won that race while I was too ill to do any hobby work, as I mostly just destroyed WHT SCSI controllers during my feeble efforts. It was very difficult for me to accept my condition, as having assembled two IDE cards, by hand soldering SMT parts (never having done it before), and both worked for over a year. Any other ideas to add to this mix? I always prefer to finish projects that I start, especially when others are involved. RetroBill (fdos)
  13. How would I do that? Maybe in the PM? Problem is I can't access my gmail account due to google (MS partner, who want me to upgrade to win 10) giving me the run around in attempting to change password (AVAST changed my master password, so I can't access any passwords they've incripted!). I just need to check email at yahoo.
  14. Wow, that looks like a complete docking station! Currently I'm only using my F18A powered TI-99/4A w/USB WIFI keyboard VIA a K/V/M shared with two Dell laptops and a Dell mid-tower providing TI support (HDX, DIR & Printer). Oh, yeah, a NanoPEB F18 V1 provides the connectivity. RetroBill (fdos)
  15. Never heard of it, but sounds nice. I just don't have time to follow everything I see here that looks interesting. Maybe late next year. Thanks. RetroBill (fdos)
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