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  1. Yes, the CHARA1 file header has become an obvious flaw to deal with for those of us just now learning about it. Thanks for your assistance.
  2. Just as I thought, if fbForth is used, then fonted can be used to fix the bad headers of existing CHARA1 files, until I'm ready to create my own CHARA1 files. My thanks to all you very helpful TI'ers on AtariAge. No wonder I have such a hard time staying away when I'm suppose to be "packing" my TI hobby stuff to move or ship! 😂
  3. Yes, this would seem like a much easier method to do what I want to do, but maybe Lee has an even better solution, so I'll be able to create my own CHARA1 files.
  4. Thanks Mike. I just wish the process was simpler for us old coots. I guess my process of wanting to try out many CHARA(X) files will really take much longer time than I can spare until after our move is completed. It's something that can wait any way. I do appreciate everyone who has tried to be helpful. I just think about all the times I've loaded programs that automatically load a CHARA1 file if it's on DSK1; like, 4ADOS (COMMAND DOS), and JJ's BOOT MENU programs, and a few others. Oh well, I at least know what it will take, once I have the time.
  5. Thanks Greg. Hopefully I'll have more success downloading from WHTECH this time around than I did the previous time, back when we were having lots of Internet problems with our provider.
  6. Unfortunately this article only has the first half of the program, and the second half is in the following month's issue that I don't have access to, as it is already packed up and in the garage. I still have the 1997-1999 combined issues only. I also remember trying to down load the MP pdf files from WHTECH, but was unsuccessful (lots of internet problems at the time), so if you can provide the second half also, it will be gratefully appreciated, even though it will take me a long time to actually create the complete program. Thanks again for your quick help.
  7. Thanks, for the quick reply, and I will check it out.
  8. Can anyone tell me how to load a CHARA1 file with true lower case characters? As I have lots of CHARA(X) files I would like to try out, as I have some spare time (for just a little while, so please hurry).
  9. Too bad! Not so bad after all. I just finished my laundry 10 minutes ago, so now time to shower and shave, before my daughter and grand daughter get home (my daughter works as an in home care giver, and my grand daughter has a baby sitting job).
  10. So GDMike, arn't you now anxious to get started on the dual library zone structure? Today is laundry day for me, which means I'll be very busy.
  11. Well GDMike, it looks like you got some really good answers to your Forth+ questions: "This week's question. Maybe someone knows the answer good enough to try and explain. What is a "Parameter field address" PFA, and what is a "Name field address", NFA as they relate to FORTH+?" I would suggest you use TheBF's detailed description along with Lee Stuart's diagram of the fig-forth structure to get the basic understanding you will need to write low-level forth for regular dictionary and library WORDs. As some day, if you stick with Forth+, you'll want to implement the dual library zone feature described in the documents I sent you. And don't forget to include the system configuration tool, so libraries you create for Forth+, won't require any stack parameters, and allow others who want to join in all the Forth+ fun can without the difficulties you had using the built in library system now that it's simple (KISS) operation is understood! RetroBill (fdos)
  12. Well the audio stuff was a little tough on my ears, as I have the audio levels set to my "easy listening music" to calm me down after a hectic day. I do understand about making Forth+ your own, but that should be done at the base level (you have those screens), so your dictionary doesn't eat up all your memory over the years! Unless the Forth+ user base grows to more than just you.
  13. Okay. However, your photos are never a problem. I'm just finishing diner, so my day is done, as I suppose your day out in Arkansas is also done. Good Forth night.
  14. Of course, Forth+ will not work in TI MODE, as that loads GPL, making everything in the environment different; MDOS XOPs aren't there, etc.. I can never "run" your videos as I always get a network error.
  15. Likewise here, as I sent a PM to Mike that should help us keep the peace, and he can go forward with Forth+, and I will help out when I can; and hopefully, everyone on AtariAge, who are able and willing will help keep the small 9640 Geneve community alive and well by doing so. Thank you all. RetroBill (fdos)
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