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  1. Uh ha, I knew leaving out the full solution would be the only way to get a response. No, it was not a jumper problem, as I tried every strapping option in the manual except those that were for smaller chip sizes. I scrounged a true 32K (8K x 4) memory chip out of my bad early CF7A+ sidecar (currently using a NanoPEB F18 V1 sidecar), and it works almost perfectly using CALL LINK("BANK",x); x= 0,1,2 or 3, of course. The almost means that a power reset defaults to BANK 3, not BANK 0, but I can live with this anomally. Any more comments? I'm listening........
  2. I'm glad to report that I myself found the actual Super Space II problem and fixed it, as I can now select all four banks and save BCART Basic programs in each using HOME AUTOMATION'S FDOS or just CALL LINK the object file. So my plan for this module will succeed. And a huge thank you to FALCOR4 for finding all the problems in my 80K MG GramKracker and fixing them in less than two days. There are some really great guys, and probably gals, here. Unfortunately, it is not possible to BCART save Basic programs in the MG GramKracker RAM banks, so I will have to make do with 40K of MSAVE space by avoiding RESTORE line numbers which do work in BCART.
  3. I've totally checked out my 80K MG GramKracker, and all aspects are working as they should, so I'm a very satisfied customer. I still need to find someone willing to fix my SNUG EVPC, then all my systems that I kept will be operational.
  4. Me toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
  5. I just want to thank you for putting FALCOR4 the Master MG GramKracker Repairman in touch with me, as he received my MG 80K GramKracker one day and the next day it was fixed (two problems, at least one caused by me), and then put into an overnight auto test, and will be shipped back to me today. Truly amazing! So thanks again, and all my best to you. RetroBill (fdos)
  6. Today I got 5 8K x 8 chips for my Super Space II. First one I popped in works for Bank 0, but still unable to switch from Bank 0 to Bank 1, 2 or 3 using HOME AUTOMATION'S program or SBUG II commands. That seems to indicate that the PAL is shot. If anyone out there has one or more and willing to sell me one please PM me. RetroBill (fdos)
  7. Yes, this is the idea, and I have asked Ralphb for the default, "R" and "X" addresses, so that aspect can be handled. RXB has put me onto SOB, OPA MICRO-MANAGER" that is helpful to TI Basic users/programmers, but is NOT a replacement for my TIB+ by any degree. My AL is much better when done in forth, which was the first computer programming language I learned back in the mid-70's, about 7 years before we got our first TI-99/4A for Christmas 1982. Let me know how you think we should begin, and when you might have a little time to do so, as I'm in the same boat, because my daughter wants to sell this house and move into a smaller house ASAP, and it's my house for as long as I'm alive. I wonder if I need to watch my back?🤨
  8. Hey Alex, since Ralphb's response negated any chance of actually doing SuperCart/SuperSpaceI/II emulation I've reconsidered your idea: "Page switching would be through writes to ROM, rather than CRU switching, but could still be done through CALL LINK or CALL LOAD." Is this something you would still be willing to explore? If not I'll understand, as I don't want to waste your time.
  9. Hey Ralph, another thought crossed my mind as I was browsing though this topic thread; What addresses are used by FG99 for default, "R" and "X"? I can change the address for BCART in source or object code.
  10. I don't understand the purpose of this as I don't run XB programs. I do occasionally use Super-XB loaded from FG99, when I have a major re-arrangement of code to do, but before and afterwards it will not run in XB! Therefore, it is necessary to select Editor/Assembler or Assembler/Editor by Winfred Winkler from FG99 or insert my SuperCart in the TI port. Right now I have my 80K MG GramKracker in the TI port with SOB and a few MSAVEd programs which work well if they don't contain any of the CALLs that this topic thread is about. Which I must also report that SOB operations and features are not well documented. So how about a manual for OPA MICRO-MANAGER V1.10.9102.27?
  11. Yes, I spelled them out: INIT, LOAD, LINK, PEEK, POKEV, PEEKV and CHARPAT that require Tursi's fixes. Any chance that this will happen in the next six months? They worked as is in TI Basic/TIB+ programs in VDP, but did not work from within MSAVEd TI Basic programs (GRAMs 3 - 7) that used those CALLs. Jeff White provided program tests that showed the problem, and I provided everything else needed for Tursi to find and fix the problem. I've been using his modified GK files EABASGRM & EABASGRM1 of your REA TI Basic files ever since.
  12. Well, I will have to admit that SOB is very impressive (OPA MICRO-MANAGER V1.10.9102.27)! Yes, I can even do a lot with it, but it won't satisfy my desire to complete TIB+. It will even load an MSAVEd TI Basic program (COLOR VISIONS), and it runs perfectly, but it cannot load TIB+ (also MSAVEd), because it does not have the E/A TI Basic support code: INIT, LOAD, LINK, PEEK, POKEV, PEEKV and CHARPAT (verified with DSRSCAN)! Should they ever add those very useful CALLs (also remember that they too must work within MSAVEd TIB+ programs, so your version of those CALLs require the Tursi fixes), let me know.
  13. Understood, I've downloaded the SOB.zip file, but it will probably be late afternoon tomorrow before I report back. Thanks for the download.
  14. I will check this out, provided it does not use RAM at >6000. So far, I can only find the physical SOB no OPA’s own fully licensed operating system, unless it's either RAMBO or just ROS V8.14 or?
  15. I have use of GRAM 0,1 and 2 in my 80K MG GramKracker, as I don't own a SOB board, and my hobby funds are very limited these days. Right now my priority is to get my 80K MG GramKracker repaired, as the two RAM banks aren't working, and my EVPC repaired to restore my SNUG TI-99/4P to operation. Maybe it's time to start a GROMkracker type project for the FG99. Just don't expect me to assist--no expertise in creating FG99 files, and I learned this morning that I can't even make files used by a few specific FG99 apps. Besides I already know that every time I add something new to my memory something else is lost. It just takes time to find out what was lost!
  16. Thank you very much for that info, which means I need another solution to make FG99 useful for my TI Basic Plus (TIB+) project. Fortunately, HOME AUTOMATION already has an idea that may work, but would not be a SuperCart or SuperSpace/II emulation. RetroBill (fdos)
  17. Hopefully, I don't have to "tag" every TIB+ program I will be loading into BCART!!? Minutes before starting to write this message, I "tagged" BCART with a "G" at another location I thought might be the "start" point of the BCART app that gets loaded at >6000, but CALL LOAD("DSK1.BCART") resulted in an immediate ILL LEGAL TAG error, after issuing CALL INIT and CALL LOAD("DSK1.BSCSUP"). *Dang it all, BCART is not the right file that error I already know about, and does not occur until I save a TIB+ program into it. The correct file is BCART_O. BCART_O
  18. HOME AUTOMATION downloaded a replacement image that took care of the described problem, but it still doesn't work or there is another problem with the image I'm trying to load in the E/A ROM/RAM (actually BCART; allows TI Basic programs to be loaded in SuperCart or SuperSpace II RAM at >6000). At the very beginning of the BCART object file in ASCII is "BCART". Obviously, it should work for SuperCart as "R" is at the 4th byte of "BCART", and I also changed it to "G" and then "X"; none worked. This leads me to believe that this is not the beginning of the portion actually uploaded, as happens when I load the same BCART in my real E/A SuperCart. What would you suggest? RetroBill (fdos)
  19. Yes, it seems fine to me. I think my problem is "location", and I just explained that in my response to HOME AUTOMATION. Have a nice day OMEGA. RetroBill (fdos)
  20. No success so far. I've not gone back to it since I had lunch at 1:00. I have other stuff to catch up on, but I will get back to it tomorrow. I tried "R", "G" and "X" in BCART, but maybe the location is wrong as "BCART" is at the very beginning, so "R" is already the default!
  21. Thank you very much, as that will save some of my hair next time.
  22. After more thought I don't think this is necessary for XB, as the user doesn't change anything in XB itself; it's just used to run & modify their XB programs.
  23. I'm just adding "Sniping tool" HxD shots of both grm3055G.BIN & phm3055G.BIN for you to verify that HxD is OK to use for setting the 4th byte. I've tried to remove all the image files after the first two again and again, but they remain, and I don't know how they got here to begin with. Can someone remove them?
  24. Yes, I just read that in the manual, so I understand how to switch either. I think I have a hex editor, but haven't used it, as I mostly only edit GK GRAMS using the MG GK editor on the TI-99/4A. However, I think in order to make this work for BCART, I will have to add this identifier to the BCART code. It might not be possible to hack into the object code, so I will have to add it to source and re-assemble it. This will take some investigation.
  25. Yes, I just explained a moment ago about finding the FG99 manual in my TIB+ binder.
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