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  1. Great article, and a good guide if you want to order from best. I do really hope people won’t start harassing Bradley now, in my experience he has been nothing but a great person and he probably has more than enough stuff to deal with already.
  2. That’s not really what I meant, I meant to say that it’s a good idea to get to know the levels a bit more. In the case that you need to make a leap of faith, it’s good to know where the platform is most likely to spawn. This isn’t applicable with every stage however, the first platforms, green pipes and brown platforms don’t seem to have any kind of real consistency that I could notice.
  3. Collect all the fruit you can get and memorize the patterns of each stage. Keep it cool and be aware of all the surrounding platforms so you won’t have to make split-second decisions.
  4. 74,639 I doubt I’ll be passing this score soon, took me 50 minutes and finished the loop of levels 3 times.
  5. Wilco

    Jaguar JANK

    In some games you can turn the music on or off by pressing 0 on the key pad. If you haven’t tried that before I’d recommend giving it a shot before opening the jaguar up again. My apologies if you already knew this and it is a more serious issue, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t know this.
  6. I wouldn’t call Theme Park easy, I’ve never managed to turn a profit in that game even after reading multiple guides.
  7. I just dropped the first orders off at the post office!
  8. A bird just pooped right on my head and then the same bird not even 30 seconds later got hit by a bus, he had it coming. 

    1. joeatari1


      Karmas a bitch.  Or in this case, a bus.

  9. I’d really like one, I live in the Netherlands
  10. I’ve put in another order for more inlays, as there is more demand for them than I first thought! They will soon be available to purchase loose give or take a week and a half. They will cost €5 loose, €4 if you buy 5 or more and €3 if you buy 10 or more. I’ll update the thread when they are available. Anyone who buys a box will still get a free inlay, that hasn’t changed.
  11. I have made some big boxes for the jaguar CD games VidGrid and Blue Lightning. They both come with an inlay and cost €15 loose or €25 for both, please take a look at the thread I linked at the top of this post for further info.
  12. Almost forgot, these are loose boxes, there is no game included.
  13. After a lot of delays, the boxes have arrived! It took quite a while, but the boxes look and feel like a real Atari product, and I am very happy about that. All boxes will be shipped from the Netherlands, please let me know if you want tracking or not. I’ll calculate the shipping cost when I receive an address. Expect to pay around $13 without tracking and $25 with if you live outside of Europe. The boxes will be shipped unfolded. The boxes themselves will cost €15 a piece, or €25 for both. They all come with an inlay. Both fit in my box protector without issue. If you would like to order one, either send me a private message or mail your order to [email protected] Please don’t share any personal info in this thread. (pics)
  14. 23,912 This is the first time I’ve been able to get this far.
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