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  1. I find it very difficult to beat my best time, is everyone using the punisher bike or are there any other bikes which can help with getting a faster time?
  2. Installed mine today, and I don’t think I’ll ever switch back again! These feel phenomenal, a genuine improvement over the stock d-pad. I had no problems installing the sticks, and it fits very nicely in the case. I’ll be giving every controller I have this mod, only 2 more to go
  3. Just got a good deal on an original Battle Sphere for the jag, still can’t believe it. 

  4. The jag may be able to match the ps1 in some aspects, colours and that sort of stuff, but there is no way it would ever out perform one. If you want to see what the jag was capable off, take a look at Rayman, Iron soldier 2 or Battlemorph, it’s not going to get much more graphically advanced than those games. As for the reason why, I’d recommend using the search bar, there are some great, in depth answers to be found.
  5. I’ve got two jaguars and one jag cd, only use one but I keep telling myself it’s never a bad idea to have a spare. A controller might be useful.
  6. Just finished the demo, and it’s absolutely a fantastic game. It didn’t take long for me to get used to the way the spaceship controls, and when I got the hang of it I was going through the levels at incredible speeds. Really like the music, art style and good looking menus as well. Can’t wait for the full game to release, it’ll definitely be a day one purchase from me!
  7. I missed the deadline by only a couple of days last year, so I’ll definitely be participating this year!
  8. 34’48 I like this game a lot more than SuperCross 3D
  9. I’ve never seen any polo in a catalog or for sale at best or B&C, but it does look incredibly cool regardless.
  10. 95,950 This game makes my thumbs hurt
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