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  1. I wonder if you could just stack around 20 jag cds on top of each other like those giant towers people have made with sonic & knuckles carts
  2. I’d 100% agree with you if that game didn’t lock up every 10 minutes, it makes it pretty much unplayable if you ask me. The PS1 port was pretty decent imo.
  3. Thanks for the answer! I also find the audio to be a bit hit or miss, but after messing with the settings it is possible to get it to sound reasonable and there definitely are some good tracks in there. I agree with what you said about the gameplay, but I really don’t mind it! What’s not to love about 2 hours straight of explosion after explosion. It probably also helps that I’ve never played afterburner
  4. I’m genuinely curious, what is so bad about blue lightning? I’ve loved that game ever since I got it.
  5. The only one to beat it: no The only one who wanted the sequel: yes
  6. I know I’m in the minority but I really like blue lightning to the point that I thinks it’s worth owning the console for, I truly don’t understand why people say it’s a bad game. Other than that playing homebrew via ULS and a cd-r is great since it’s a lot less complicated than getting things to run on a skunkboard (or at least for me, I’m terrible with computers). Oh and the VLM is really fun to mess around with.
  7. That’s a hard jump indeed, I find it to work best when I press down a while before hitting the jump, but your bike becomes uncontrollable when doing that so it’s very tricky. Yeah I feel the same, there are some really good aspects to the game like the bike customization and the graphics do look nice in still images. Just a shame Atari probably set really harsh deadlines, would have loved to see this game actually be good.
  8. I have both the tires and suspensions set to low and gears set to high, this does make your bike very fast and a bit hard to control but after a few rounds you should be able to get used to it.
  9. I got a 33,80 while recording and threw it onto YouTube. This definitely not a prefect run but I did manage to pull of almost every trick that I know off. I hope this helps somebody
  10. It’s just practice, memorization and luck mostly. I can try to record a round and share it here if that’s fine with everyone
  11. 33,22 My jaguar had played nothing but SuperCross 3D for a week straight, I feel bad for that poor thing.
  12. Holy shit that’s amazing, I’m genuinely impressed. This won’t stop me from continuing trying tho😂
  13. That’s true, I don’t break the checkpoint system and I can just continue racing as if nothing happened. I’ll also try it at the first big hill of the map later this evening, sub 33 keeps coming closer
  14. I also did a couple rounds today and couldn’t even get under 34,14, I did find a shortcut when going over the 3 big hills. Stay to the right during the first 2 and then take a sharp turn left during the last one to skip the corner. I don’t really think this is faster however as I couldn’t really complete races faster that way. (And I’m not really sure if it’s even allowed)
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