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  1. This was a great round, I especially had a lot of fun with SuperCross 3D. Congrats to everyone who won! My suggestions for games in the next round, Zoop Blue Lightning Tempest 2000 Bubsy Primal rage Fallen angels Downfall Saucer wars Joust
  2. There is a small difference, Hover strike UL uses the # as a reverse button, the regular cart version doesn’t.
  3. I had the same issue about a month ago, exactly the same problem as you have, which was a shame since I had just beaten level 64 two days prior. Cleaning the contacts didn’t help much, so I think it could indeed be a obscure bug as I got the black screen too.
  4. There has been a miscommunication between me and the guy printing the boxes, due to that the boxes came out about 2cm too small so I’m sadly not able to share them. New boxes are underway, I should have them relatively soon. I have printed out the front covers in the right size, the colours don’t look to great here but that’s just because my printer isn’t the greatest. My apologies for the small delay.
  5. The boxes will sadly ship with an inlay instead of the regular cardboard insert, as it would otherwise elevate the price twofold. The first mock-up boxes should arrive soon if everything goes to plan.
  6. That is definitely a good idea, but I don’t want to take on more than I can handle. I don’t have much experience with printing boxes, so I’d rather get these two made and then I’ll see if I can print any other.
  7. Big jaguar cd box size If I can get my hands on one I’ll let you know if it fits or not.
  8. After getting my jaguar cd I realized how stupid blue lighting and Vidgrid look next to all the big box jaguar cd games, so I wanted to make a few high quality big box prints to end the sufferings of all jaguar cd collectors. I’m working with a few other people to make the boxes look as good as they possibly can, no stretched or squashed images since that would ruin the entire purpose. We’re following the standard template as good as we can. They have not gone into production yet, and the printing plant is still looking at how they can handle the weird middel piece in the boxes. I sadly don’t thing that will be possible so it might ship with a big inlay instead of the box holding the game up. Other than that, I’m trying to get these to look like they came straight out of the Atari factory. I’m wondering if people actually want this before I spend any serious money on it, since printing boxes in weird sizes and small quantities isn’t cheap. I’ll share pictures as soon as I get the first mock-up boxes, granted that enough people are interested. It may take a while however since we’re still putting the final touches on the cover art.
  9. The worst one I’ve ever used is definitely the V-tech Vsmile, it has independent on and off buttons, which wouldn’t be to bad if they where reliable. The console turns on the second anything breaths against the on button but it’ll shut off the moment you let go, unless you really put a lot off pressure on it, which isn’t great for a console targeted at children from ages 2-8. The off button is just as bad but less noticeable. My favorite is definitely my CRT TV power on button, I really love all the mechanical sounds it makes immediately after pressing it.
  10. Does that also mean that if you have a game loaded, you can use it with the jaguar cd attached?
  11. I’m always surprised how many Dutch exclusive CD-I games there are, it seems that the Wikipedia page only lists 5 Dutch exclusives, while there are way more than that. I even found a game with no info on it just by glancing over some advertisements on marktplaats.nl. The cdi is actually pretty common here, I got mine at a flea market, and most games are just seen as a cd and are pretty much being given away for free. If anyone wants a cheap CD-I, just pm me, lol. Also, Philips dubbed most of their popular games in Dutch, so when I bought hotel Mario none of the famous quotes where there
  12. Haha no I was kidding, didn’t believe anyone would fall for it😅. My apologies for anyone who got excited.
  13. I’m sorry to have to tell you this but a warehouse with hundreds of boxes full of battlesphere gold was found a couple of days ago, copies are worth almost nothing now but I’ll take it from you for $10. (jk)
  14. Just found a V-tech Vsmile in my mothers attic, I wonder if anyone could port slaughterhouse to it. 

    1. ClassicGMR


      I hear Bethesda might be interested in a port...

    2. atari2600land


      I want someone to port Grand Theft Auto to my Leapfrog Didj.

    3. DragonGrafx-16


      Did someone already port Doom to it?


  15. Are you 100% sure all pins connecting the jag cd to the jaguar are still functional? I’ve had a game that powered my jaguar on but also only gave a black screen, one pin was heavily corroded and after scrubbing it with some anti corrosion stuff and pure ethanol it worked again. Strangely every time I tested that game on my jaguar cd it gave a RSoD half the time while it usually doesn’t do that.
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