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  1. I just installed Stella, however I'm still receiving both the script errors when I start the program as well as the parameter issue when I go to compile my code. When I go to compile my code I also get a warning/error regarding missing both the files bb_filter.exe and sed.exe, however I still have both these files in my bB folder. All three folders for bB, Visual bB, and Stella are are in the same folder on my desktop. Here is what one of the script errors and what the parameter error look like in Visual bB. I'm going to follow the Windows 10 installation instructions again just in case I had missed anything along the way.
  2. Hello, I'm currently a newbie to Batari Basic and Visual bB for the Atari 2600 and had only begun to set up both programs. I installed both Batari Basic 1.5 and Visual bB build 568. So far according to the Windows 10 installation method I had extracted both zipped files and placed them together in a folder labeled "Atari2600". From there I launched the Visual bB configuration wizard and ran the install_win batch file. From there I am able to launch the Visual bB however I get error windows claiming to be script errors. I'm able to skip or ignore these messages and go into the program, from there everything appears to work as normal and I'm able to compile my code which at the moment has only been a playfield. When I test my code in the built in emulator, I'm then presented with an error regarding the file which will not allow me to run the code. Could I have possibly made an error while installing both programs or made an error with the configuration wizard? Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated!
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