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  1. My brother died and left me his switch and this was on it. Still a great game.
  2. I owned the Nomad as a child, infact my folks bought us two (one for my little brother, RIP) and one for me. I sold mine recently for about 350 bucks to some guy in Florida. As a system, it was excellent, when I used to skip school and goto work with my dad (he was a travelling salesman), I would play Shadow Run pretty well all day long because it had a car lighter plugin. Otherwise the battery life sucked and it would eat through double A's constantly. The other problem the Nomad had was if you shook it too much, it had a tendency to crash the game, this wasn't a BIG deal with RPGs though because you could just save the game. I completed Mega Lo Mania(Nomads) on it and Buck Rogers Matrix Cubed. The system was awesome. Not sure why you'd want to play it today though but I know you guys aren't really into emulation. I only just NOW realized that you could play the thing with an AC Adapter, my god this would've saved my parents a ton of money. Now I just use mine to test Sega Genesis games before I sell them.
  3. I have Dungeon Explorer and Lunar and a Sega CD, trying to sell it all. Had more games but I sold a bunch of them. Sega CD was the machine of great RPGs, I'm surprised anyone liked the Shmups though, they are MY most hated type of game [the 1942 kind]. Slipheed was just one of those things, it had like FMV playing in the background but at it's core it was just another 1942 shmup type. If you like that stuff, I just bought a RG351p and it seems to have every shmup loaded known to man... Herzog Zwei is an RTS and it's easily one of the best games on the system, is there any way we could play VS online? Man I loved that game, the soundtrack is also awesome. If you're interested in shooters though, I can't recommend TARGET EARTH highly enough. It was easily the best shooter game on the Genesis. Again, wicked soundtrack.
  4. I bought a pile of these a few months ago with the intention of learning electronics, man did I ever get in over my head. So far I've managed to recap 0 and burn a really large hole into a plastic table at work.
  5. hate ebay hate paypal This is disgusting. At what point will they eliminate cash? I guess I'll start accepting bitcoin as payment.
  6. Were these CD? I thought this was all BBS shareware. I just found a copy of Homeworld 2.
  7. 2.00? Geez man I paid 10 bucks a few months ago.
  8. well considering I was asking 100 before, I'd say 85 now... but I have to test it first to see if he changed out the hardware. I have a working genesis and powerbase here somewhere. I'll post pics shortly. You get world pal soccer with it, both are CIB [no manual for PS]. I'll even pack it in the same cardboard box he sent me with my bubble wrap which he sent back lol. It's an Atariage thread collector's item. Own a piece of the action! Play as Direwuulf, eBay autist. Bring a friend for couch co-op! Put a bunch of things in the box then take turns throwing them against the living room wall. Call your imaginary spouse and extort money from them, then call the police for a multiplayer extravaganza! Hide in your room and claim nothing happened, limp wristed fun for the whole family!
  9. Guys I'm looking to buy a capacitor kit cause I bought about 10 Broken Game Gears. My wife and I are going to try and fix them up [I have shakey hands]. Anyway, does anyone know places to get parts in Ontario in bulk?
  10. Games came in today. Phantasy Star case now has a large crack along the outer left side... I'm guessing he wasn't too happy. Anyway... for sale again if anybody wants it. I'll even throw in the bonus game.
  11. Ebay is now hosted in 'asia' so they dont care about buyers and sellers. Probably all one guy in india somewhere.
  12. Bro, after the past month...I'll ban ANYONE at the first red flag.
  13. Just spoke with police, they are facilitating the return. I think it will be a cold day in hell before he tries that again. Mission accomplished.
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