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  1. If I find mine, I'll take some pics. Boo looks great on a wall and relatively easy to make.
  2. oh man I love making those. They look great on the wall too. I have Alex from River City Ransom, Mega man, Black Mage from FF1, Mushroom/Star/Question Box/Boo from Super Mario. Its way better than hanging pictures. The other cool thing to come out recently are the game shadow boxes. How do you get yours so cleanly stacked together, mine never stick that way?
  3. Wow. Like a jet engine on a model T.
  4. I can probably use that, does it work with the genesis?
  5. If you like FTL, you have to try SPACE HAVEN.
  6. what kind of drives do you have left sir? I'm in Canuckistan and without adequate HD space.
  7. whats the big deal about this game, I've seen discussions about it all over reddit and a few other websites?
  8. Today I bought an XBOX and 9 games CIB for $40, what a deal. I got it to work set it all up and unfortunately the DVD drive does not work... then I started to smell something putrid, like a mix of dirty diapers and smoke. Well I looked at the back of the Xbox and low and behold there was a cockroach BBQ party going on inside the fan case.. What a deal.
  9. Hi, there, We are sorry to that, We will refund $5 to you for no WiFi function. It will be much appreciated if you can accept it. This is what came back. I've asked for a full refund, if I don't get it, I'll be contacting Paypal's dispute resolution center.
  10. This is the email they sent me: Hello, Good day to you! I am Mona from the Retromimi team. We apologize that the RG351P we are about to ship does not have WiFi function. And we will ship the RG351P to you next Monday. Is it acceptant to you? Looking forward to your reply. Best regards, Mona Customers support I said no, that's unacceptable, you don't advertise a major feature, take money and then deliver a crap product. If that was the case, I would've picked a cheap product. I said they can either refund me the entire amount or 50% off and I'll take whatever product they are sending... I paid through paypal could I dispute this if they refuse to refund my money?
  11. I went with the RG351P, I'll review it here if anyone's interested. Might pick up a PocketGo 1 also. Can anyone tell me about the Retro Arcade Mini Console (with the two gamepads)? I'd like to buy it for my niece, just wondering though, it says 8BIT... would it just be limited to NES/SMS?
  12. I just watched a video that said it runs android 6.0 whatever that is. Also RG350M seems to be markedly better and apparently theres a newer model being released this month.
  13. Gonna hijack your thread for a bit. I was looking at the Pocket Go 1 & 2. I saw that the Pocket Go is like 40 bucks and the Pocket Go 2 is about 120, does anybody have any experience with these? I've never heard of a handheld running N64/PSX and PSP other than the PSP. I have 2 psps somewhere but I've no idea where they've walked off to and it seems like they are going for a pretty penny today. Not looking to pay top dollar for a hand held but I've played the SNES/Megadrive to death and I'm looking at getting in some more PSP/DS/PSX time. Any recommendations? Bump.
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