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  1. I tried it on a FB9 Gold. It didn't work for me but I tend to be computer challenged. I hope someone gets it working. Its my go-to platform for Atari 2600 games.
  2. I bought several thru the pandemic to relive the 'good ole days'. I'm happiest with the 9 Gold. I did the software mods to make my own menu with the games I want on it. I ended up with a wired joystick with the select buttons on it and prefer that over the wireless. They kept disconnecting and eating batteries. But it should be fine for what you want. I tend to be a bit computer challenged and didn't like fussing with them. The X can also be customized but they tend to be more expensive since they are the 'newest'. Find a used 9 or 9 Gold. Then follow the thread here to modify the firmware and you won't be disappointed
  3. I'm mid 50's. I was a teenager in the 2600 heyday. I didn't have one but my friends did. Oh the hours....In the summer of '82, I was bored waiting to go off to college. I found a 2600 at a yard sale and picked it up. I committed to Starmaster and played it about 24/7 for a month! My Mom got rid of it after I went to college In the early 2000's, one of my coworkers heard me talking about it and bought me one off eBay as a bit of a gag. It also came with a small collection of about 10 games. I bought a few of my favorite Activision titles, played with it for a week or so, and stashed it away. Right after the pandemic started, I pulled it put of the closet. It still worked! Then the obsession really began. I bought several more, lots of games, and did a few video mods. I discovered the Flashbacks and bought several of those. They got more playing time because the picture was so much better on HDMI. I found a FB Portable and got that. I learned the simple 'hack' to add games to them and got the Flashbacks and Portable loaded with my choice list. I had a Commodore VIC-20 in 1983. So I went looking on eBay, Offerup, Craiglsist, etc and picked up a few 64's, VIC's and Atari computers. Now that has grown to about a dozen commodores of all flavors with all the goodies. I finally started slowing down. I avoid looking except for about once a week and resist buying more. I have duplicates of EVERYTHING I own and convince myself I don't need more, for now Lately I've been thinking I need a 5200 and 7800. I have a few Raspberry Pi's laying around so maybe I should just set up an ultimate Atari Emulator instead. So yeah, its an obsession and you are not the only one. Please don't tell my wife what I've spent over the last year on vintage computers and video games...
  4. My parents taught me about doing the 'right thing' more than they taught me all the US laws. In this case, it seems clear to me that the right thing its to send it back or at least contact them and see what they want done. But different strokes for different folks.... Looking forward to Collector 400ish shipping notice.
  5. But wouldn't the honest thing to do be to send it back? That would be cool, right?
  6. Thank you for the reply Alex. I've been meaning to go back and give Retro Pi another look. Maybe this is a good excuse I'm having fun with the game. I keep getting stumped and my old patience are not what they used to be. I think I need to go back thru the ZPH interview again
  7. I'm having a ball playing in Stella. However, my favorite platforms are FB9 and the FB Portable. I have all the Activision games and my favorite Atari titles loaded. When at home, I like the HDMI on my modern monitor from the FB9. The portable lives in my backpack and I find grabbing it to kill time when I'm out traveling sure beats internet surfing. CC won't run on them. I guess its the memory size. If anyone smarter than me figures out how to get it to run on those platforms, I sure would be appreciative. Scott
  8. I just downloaded my digital copy. In Stella 6.2.1 it says Type: SB (128-256K SUPERbank) The file name is adgm_circ_SNXXXXXX[SB]. I don't know if that's part of the serial number so I didn't want to post it. It seems to run fine and is awesome! Less Grumpy Old Guy Scott
  9. OMG. Quit whining! If you don't want to see a play through, DON'T CLICK ON IT!!! I LOVED James livestream. I can't wait to see his play through. I'm a grumpy old guy and don't really care for puzzles. I just like the adventure of doing it and seeing all the visuals. I actually programmed in the early 80's so I totally appreciate what guys like David and Dan did, then and now. I was totally excited to play the Pitfalls again when I found spoilers and walk throughs. PLEASE put it back up I can't wait for my Collector Edition to ship so I can download and play along. James, PLEASE put it back up (or at least invite me for the private version;)
  10. That there was funny I'm a morning guy so I wonder which one I'll prefer? Collector edition ordered (a few days ago actually).
  11. These are just awesome! I don't know what I would do with them but I think I need to order a few to support the project
  12. There seems to be something wrong with the switch logic in post 1, or I'm just getting too old. Lets say we follow the OP suggestion and wire 1 and 2 to a new button and the other side to pin 8. Fine. That brings up the Menu. But moving the joystick up during normal game play will also ground pin 2 since they are wired together. The computer (VCS) will thing we are pushing up and down at the same time and give us the menu. There needs to be some kind of logic involved electronically to discern when we just want one direction, i.e. Up. Of course a DPST push button would work because it would keep pins 1 and 2 separate until its pushed. Hmmm....
  13. I'm new here but super interested in the Stella teams work. I just reached out to them about a donation I have a few of these and wouldn't live without them now. I use them in front of EVERYTHING that uses 5V or USB power. Totally worth the $10 on Amazon. There are fancy one with logging and such but I find myself using these simple ones most. Scott https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00J3JSEG6/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  14. Doah! I found the thread searching and didn't notice where I was. Total rookie move
  15. I recently picked this up from a local seller. It was in a box of 2600 stuff. I bought the lot to practice repair of the consoles. I realized it was 'Very Rare+' on AtariAge. I'm not really into collecting or investing. Looking on eBay its hard to get an idea what its worth as boxed ones for the 2600 are not there or on completed listings. I realize its the US version and not Canada. Any thoughts, ideas, value, offers? Scott
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