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  1. I get this perspective but $99 for a fully featured ODE, even factoring in there is an install cost as well, is pretty fairly priced. I think there are parts of the optical drive hardware that are built into the motherboard therefore there will never be a plug and play solution. Most ODE's/flashcarts, run in the mid $100's, to lower $200's these days.
  2. Yeah the ps1digital looks awesome! I love my dcdigital and cant imagine the same treatment for ps1 not being awesome But at $160 and maybe $100 for the install, its getting a little too much for me. Will have to do OEM s-video to retrotink 2x pro for a while. Still tempting but.. the fact wave 1 sold out in like 3 seconds didnt give me an option anyways
  3. Wouldn't this be the same emulation as what's offered on a Vita? In that case, the PSTV would be as good no? Either way, I dont like emulation that isn't FPGA / circuit level. I have a handful of games for portable mode though on my Vita I got on PSN sales. im also excited to bust out my newly sourced Dual Analog with the long handles and concave joysticks
  4. looks like orders go out the 14th and can take up to a week to fulfill. That's kinda cool also looks like Terra Onion's MODE will support PS1 with a future firmware update and a separate purchase quick solder board that likely goes after the same points as Xstation PSIO must be on life support by now
  5. I don’t think it’s meant to be the de facto install guide. The installer just shoots videos of paid work he does in general. his end goal is more soldering tools and tips than end to end walkthroughs how to install products — if that makes sense. it’s split up evenly enough that I don’t find it too confusing but I would hope there’s better documentation than that. I think that’s just the sneak peak
  6. I think it is both, pin lifting + soldering Starts at 14:30 for the XStation install
  7. Looks pretty cool. I already have a Saturn + Phoebe ODE though but for people that havent dived in, seems like an interesting piece of kit ! Lack of FPGA and closed source makes it inherently be beholden to the creators but looks pretty sweet. I just got a MiSTer myself. Looks like some breakthrough in Saturn emu too https://www.polymega.com There are 30 supported systems too.
  8. I think 5501 is the only one that supports Xstation + PS1 digital but if I weren't interested in PS1 digital, whats the best model out of the supported ones for xstation: SCPH-100x, SCPH-5xxx and some SCPH-700x series consoles. Specifically, motherboard models that are supported are: - PU-7 - PU-8 - PU-18 Looks like Castlemania preorders are up now?
  9. Yeah im with ya. Still, definitely a fair price for an ODE. Especially once thats supposed to correct most if not all of PSIO shortcomings, notwithstanding needing soldering as well
  10. Preorders start tomorrow I believe on Castlemaniagames I dont even have a ps1 haha , just ps2 and vita. I know ps2 with OPL does emulation ps1 which isn't great, so I've never bothered... but maybe I can hold out for a proper ODE one day for that? Else, for most of the games I havent played on PSX that aren't on DC (for the best version of them, 6th gen leap from 5th) or Saturn / 64, I have a Vita and got in on a few PS store sales when I picked one up in 2019. I love handhelds so PSX on Vita is a child hood dream come true. But I am still tempted, because I am a sucker for ODE's and flashcards. It does require some soldering though for set up, it isn't just a plug and play ODE. But looks more promising that PSIO
  11. Awesome I got a GB player earlier this year too, won't toss it though its good for picking up where I left off with games on my x5 mini Everdrive haha But if you only play on the tv, no need for it vs. MiSTer for the most part.
  12. its such a well kept secret, even though word is out. Should be MUCH more popular than it is 'DIY' aspect (though really easy) and the thought of 'emulation' I think are the deterrers for people that don't know what they're really getting as an end result, performance wise.
  13. Which core(s) are you most excited to play ?
  14. Sorry for noob question but Splatterhouse, Bonk's Adventure on TGX16. What else *must* I play for someone just diving into this system?
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