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  1. I was able to dramatically improve the picture of the CGA2RGBv2 & OSSC combination by doing a deep dive into the OSSC settings with help from VGP forum: https://videogameperfection.com/forums/topic/commodore-128-cga2rgbv2/ Attached are some photos - it looks a lot better in person, for example none of the color fringing in the GEOS128 photo is present in person. Settings I am using: 240p / Line2x H. samplerate 1016 H. synclen 20 H. backporch 241 H. active 640 V. synclen 3 V. backport 36 V. active 200 Sampling Phase 11 degrees
  2. Moe, what was the final verdict? I'm trying to attempt the same - CGA2RGBv2 / OSSC / C128 in 80-column mode. Any settings you had to tweak on the OSSC? Thanks!
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