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  1. Hey there been trying to get hold of you about picking up the multi card with ram on the bally 

    1. kenzre


      Hi Xbliex,

      I'm sorry to hear that you have had difficulty trying to reach me. I have been in and out of the hospitl lately.

      My manufacturing plant is in another state (Kansas).

      If you would be able to send me your contract info, I will pass it on.

      The Ultimulti 3.2 cartridge costs $125.00 USD

      The Lil' White RAM unit also costs $125.00 USD

      If you buy both at the same time, we can send it to you  with free shipping.

      Normally, if you buy them individually, the shipping is $15.00 USD each.

      Please advise you intent, as well as your address, so we may move forward.

      Thanks for your interest in our products.

      We also do repairs to Bally/Astrocade units, as well as refurbish them.


  2. Hi I emailed Ken about getting UltiMulti version 3.2 and the Lil' WHITE RAM but never heard back does anyone know if there is still any of these for sell? If so can you please get hold of me thanks Stephen
  3. I emailed Ken back but never heard from him I would like to get the card an ram card as well any help would be great thanks [email protected]
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