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  1. What an interesting discussion was born here! I didn't think my problem could arouse so much interest. Anyway I looked for something on those VCRs that Spiceware kindly recommended me, but honestly I don't understand much .... there are tiny and inexpensive ones, or huge and very expensive ones, and honestly the idea of spending money without having the certainty of solving does not appeal to me very much. In the end my atari works perfectly with all the original games and with some of the homebrews so it doesn't seem convenient to me to spend money to run a handful of games that don't work for me, although obviously they are very interesting games that I would gladly play, so I renew the my request: if someone is able to help me by converting some games into pal 50 or if someone has in mind a software or a '' trick '' to convert them easily I would be really happy, the games I have listed start normally and you can also hear the sound correctly, you can even play and hear the reactions to key presses, but the image is a series of distorted and incomprehensible horizontal lines, I am attaching a sample photo. I had recommended the idea (apparently unattainable) of a software to convert games in order to be '' independent '', let me explain: let's say that now someone converts for me those games that do not work for me or that even all the developers make a pal 50 version for me ..... sooner or later I will need it again and asking for help every time is not pleasant, in the end I would become annoying. With a software that can somehow convert the format of the game everyone could convert the games that interest them without having to recommend themselves to anyone, but apparently as Spiceware explained to me it is not so easy to make such a software and perhaps it would not work always correctly .... mine was just a naive idea dictated by my total ignorance in programming. Anyway thanks to everyone for the answers and thanks again to all the programmers who make such fun games for one of my favorite consoles (。 • ̀ᴗ-) ✧
  2. Thanks for the explanation and the advice, I'll look at what I can find about that VCR you're talking about.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I have many TVs at home, I have tried them all, with some you see only in black and white, with others you see all the wrong colors, with others you see the whole distorted image, so obviously I'm using the only one that allows me to see all the original games in the best way, and even the homebrews, except that some do not work properly in the pal 60 version, while the pal 50 does not give me any problems. I have 8 TVs at home between old crt and more modern lcd, so I cannot and do not want to buy more at random in the hope of solving, if it is possible that the developers also make a pal 50 version or if someone is able to help me by converting some games to pal 50 it would be great, otherwise I will simply not play the games I have listed and all the others not available in pal 50. Another solution (perhaps) would be to buy an American Atari 2600, but honestly I like to use my original console which I have had for over 30 years and which luckily still works great. Only one thing is not clear to me, in the original cartridges or in the roms of the original games there are no pal 50 or pal 60 versions, it just needs to be pal and everything works perfectly, so why is there this distinction with homebrews? can't you just make games that work with both pal 50 and pal 60 as the originals?
  4. Thanks for the answer, I understand .. so it's not that simple, it's a real shame because for me only a small part of homebrews work properly. In this regard I would like to point out that this thing is a little annoying, I understand that Atari is an American brand and that therefore it is there that most of the fans are, but it would be right that when someone makes a game make sure to also release the pal 60 and pal 50 versions, if I were able to program a game I would do it to make sure anyone from anywhere in the world can enjoy it. As it stands now it gives an impression of the type ''who cares about the rest of the world'' So if any of the homebrew developers read this message please also make these versions for your new or old software. This is not meant to be a negative criticism, indeed I thank all those who still do their utmost to keep this fantastic console alive, in many cases these software are even superior to most of the original titles. Some examples that I have been able to play and that still amuse me so much: Amoeba jump, Blinky, Chetiry, Climber 5, Fall down, Crazy balloon, Go fish !, Ixion, Jsumo, LEM, Pac-man 4k, Pitkat (I have the original for Gameboy and seeing such a faithful conversion running on the Atari 2600 is incredible), they are all little masterpieces. Unfortunately many others that I would love to play do not work properly: Bird and beans (mythical pyoro from Warioware games), Eggventure, Gingerbread man, Jammed, Palomino, Juno1, Lead 8k, Monkey king, Peril, Ninjish guy, Princess rescue, Seaweed assault, Slideboy , Thrust, Snow flakes, Shower scene, Rc sumobots. I've seen gameplay of these on youtube and they all look really fun, unfortunately I've tried all the various releases and versions that I have found but none work for me, I would love to be able to play them so if anyone has the pal 50 versions or can convert them for me (and for everyone else who has the same problem as me) , I would be infinitely grateful. Greetings from Italy
  5. Hi, about a year ago I started using my Atari 2600 jr again. and I'm having a lot of fun. Thanks to the Uno cart I have tried many homebrews and they are all fun, especially the 2 player ones. The problem is that many of these games have been released only in ntsc version but my console / tv are not able to play them, not only that but often not even some pal 60s work (only happens with homebrews) so I would need the pal 50 version for each one. For those who would have liked to play the most (First of all Palomino) I tried to write a message to the developers asking for a version pal 50 but no one ever answered me. So I thought: is it possible that it is so complicated to convert such tiny and archaic files? Isn't there a simple software where to insert the rom, choose the format you want and convert the rom in a second? I don't know anything about programming or anything like that but I think it would be possible for some expert to make such a software ... this would solve all my problems and would also be useful for anyone who wants to play some exclusive ntsc or pal on his Atari. Let me know if by any chance there is something like this or if any of you would be able to make it happen. Or if there is someone among you who can '' easily '' convert some games for me .... in that case I will prepare a list.
  6. Thanks to you too for the answer Andrew (。•̀ᴗ-)✧ Today I did some tests with some TVs I have, my Atari 2600 jr is totally original so I need a TV with the antenna input to connect the console, since the image quality is satisfactory for me I don't have any intend to "hack" my Atari for a rca mod. So the tvs I have with the antenna port are 3: A Seitech lcd that I mainly use to play the old console (Snes, N64, Saturn, dreamcast etc ...) which is the one with which the atari works correctly (apart from the pal 60 games). Another is a Lg flatron which works great for old consoles but the Atari 2600 has all the wrong colors, in this tv even the original games give color problems. The last is a small Philips CRT TV but in this one the Atari is only seen in black and white ( ̄ヘ ̄;) So for now I am satisfied and I enjoy the original games that I am collecting (I recently received "My golf" with box and booklet in perfect condition ... it is a marvel, it plays like a modern golf and the controls are perfect) and homebrews that work properly, luckily the ones I wanted to play the most all work, Blinky, Fall down, Go fish, Jupiter sumo, Pitkat, Plague, Bee ball and Bomb city work great. The only one I really regret not being able to play is "Palomino" I fell in love with it after seeing the Zero page homebrew video and I managed to play it a little bit with the wrong colors on the second tv ... it's wonderful ... a brilliant puzzle game .... maybe I could try to ask for a pal 50 version (๑ • ﹏ •) If I solve somehow or find a solution I will update the discussion ... maybe it will be useful for someone with the same problem as me.
  7. Thanks for the answer ... I had not thought about it, as soon as I can I will try with another TV
  8. Hi everyone, I'm a new member. After about 30 years I found my first console in a box, an Atari 2600 jr. (luckily well packed and in excellent condition), so I started buying some games again and of course I also bought a Uno cart to play the various homebrews, but there is a problem ... my console only reads pal 50 games correctly. All the pal rom of the original Atari games run perfectly, but the pal 60 homebrews have colored and incomprehensible horizontal lines, the audio or the commands respond, only the image is indecipherable. The problem of course is that only a small part of the homebrews are available in pal 50 format ..... and asking the developers for a pal 50 version seems impossible to me. How can I do? do you have any ideas? How is it possible that my pal console does not correctly read pal 60 games but only pal 50?
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