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  1. I remember clearing the blockbuster screen maybe three or four times back in the day. (not an easy task) If I recall correctly, if you hit the last block as the ball is coming down, it bounces up as the new wall appears, so the ball goes bananas until it breaks itself out from the top. Man, that's as good as 1979 got if you could pull it off.
  2. I'd be good for four of these screens. Prefer non backlit, just to get the ball rolling asap. To rwburbage, I seen your listing on ebay before I found this forum. Blew right past it due to the price. (shame on me, but now I'm your 17th watcher) I'm wondering if you're considering the funding offer from Mean Hamster, if that's still on the table. This system didn't get much love back in the day, but I would assume MB sold at least a half million of these. There has got to be 500 out there just waiting for a new screen. I say ebay is the perfect vehicle to move them, too. Keep us posted.
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