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  1. nice yea that sounds fun. has a few layers of complexity to it.
  2. ah ok i see what you mean now.. yea in my case i would probably just have everything be the same number of frames of animation and speed so they could all be updated at the same time BUT I definitely see what you are talking about and that would be important in various situations. I tried out the "crude" example and that was really cool. yea i already have one in mind.. basically a game jam idea that never went beyond it but i think it would be a fitting first game. TL;DR it would be a kind of Berzerk / Venture kinda game, but with a twist. OK basic mechanics are like this: 1. you are a birthday bot in a kids pizza / arcade place in the middle of a busy mall 2. you find some robot arms (something your bot would love to have) left by an evil scientist 3. Unknowingly you connect them however, these arms are programmed to kill humans! 4. following the three laws of robotics, you can't allow this to happen. 5. Kids are attracted too you because you're all decked out in fun clown attire and fun music coming from your birthday scripting. 6. You can detach the arms and move children out of the way of the various exits in numerous rooms to find the exit 7. Grab the arms and move to the next room figuring out how to get out. 8. However if the arms if left alone they begin to crawl towards the nearest kid to kill them so you have to be mindful of leaving them unattended too long or leave a room without them. 9. If you have the killer arms on you mall cops will shoot at you, or the arms but the arms are bullet proof so the cops will keep shooting at the arms which will single out cops to kill them. Really form there it's just a matter of creating lots of rooms. probably randomize the grid for added replay value. I think I can work fine with 8 sprites for this game. I'd love to do a fun intro/cut scenes like above, but obviously intellivision style.. 1 Player Bot 2 Arms 3 Kid 1 4 Kid 2 5 Kid 3 6 Adult 7 Mall Cop 8 Bullet probably some other little ideas but that would make up the overall vision of the game.. i'm learning a lot (with DZ-Jay's PM help!) with a pong game that will likely help me understand a lot of concepts i'll need for I,Killbot..
  3. ok ok yes got it.. now that makes sense. I was doing the math and i'm like.. wait.. 196 / 8 is 20.. so those ARE pixels.. but clearly sprites could be crisper than that. so help me understand our car graphic in relation to the background. you defined the car as an 8X16 occupies 2 cards worth of space, but you could make it 0.5 on the Y so that would effectively shrink it back to an 8x8 (card) space, but have more definition within that 8x8 space.
  4. what do you mean? yea that's true they were not all the same.. and i mean heck you have gram so no biggie. i never played the sports games really.. but games like tron and night stalker seemed very much the same guy.. but i'm sure even they had some minor differences.
  5. the cards are 8x8 right? but i read they are not actually 8x8 "pixels".. are they more literally 16x16 pixels (but double X and Y of 8 pixels?) ? in 20x12 cards. here is my concern about doing something with backtab beyond the resolution issue. I would be looking to tween vehicles from a point A to a point B and that angle of approach could vary 360 degrees (or i might quantize it down to 8 directions to simplify if doing 360 degrees is too complicated) but for a sprite 360 would probably not be a big deal.. but 360 with backtab I could see being a nightmare of stuff.. maybe 8 directions would be more manageable awesome! yea that's very cool.
  6. yea i would as well, i don't see it bringing any help to my ideas at this time, but i do see how it might be helpful. For example if I wasn't doing a backtab for the Tanker.. it would certainly be helpful to have a vertically longer sprite for it, though it would look less than ideal at least it would have the appearance of taking up the kind of space an 18 wheeler would compared to a regular car and only be one sprite. OK so I'm at least following how that would work in principle. For RD I will not do that. I could see it being really hairy and ultimately giving less than ideal results for the effort. That's a fair tradeoff for sure that is an amazing cut scene! we needed you and the others making games back in 1980! =D I'm surprised the running man wasn't in GROM seeing how common it was used in many mattel games. I definitely see that being in my future but not for awhile!
  7. ok gotcha really 8 x 16, thanks for the code snippet, you answered my other question which was how would you address it. is there some cost that goes with making all 8 sprites 8x16? i mean as leans as these systems are with memory, if there is no cost, why not have all sprites be defined as 8x16 with the ability to make them smaller if you need? who wouldn't want more resolution with every sprite unless there is a tradeoff? right, this is where movement becomes tougher because you have to effectively move within the cards on the screen. impossible (if not just really difficult) to map out some system that would allow say, a car to move smoothly across the backtab, or maybe i'm totally getting out of my scope of understanding here.. that is awesome and look at me feeling like a legitimate intellivision developer.. compiling .bas files all by myself and running stuff.. =D but seriously cool ah ok so this must be the "cost" i was talking about earlier? No other tradeoffs? like FPS or something? We get 64 grams at any given time (these 64 grams can be swapped out though throughout the games life when running) so that's pretty sweet consider as we were saying ROM storage space is pretty much a non issue (within reason) these days. again feeling the POW-AH! as i compiled / ran that.. what a fun little intro! Also checked out a couple others.. lander for example. very cool. I'm not done replying but gotta head home from work so I'll resume ... TBC!
  8. OK this is pretty awesome. Never knew about this till now. What a cool but sad to hear unsuccessful venture. Still glad it got preserved at least partially if i followed the thread right.
  9. sorry for the slow reply. i made the mistake of not checking the notification thingy when i posted.. is there a way to mark yourself to follow a post after it's done? Anywho thanks for the great repliest first of all! i see, i didn't realize you could double only x or y.. interesting. but wouldn't that still mean that it's effective eating 2 of the 8 hardware sprites? I've done some testing and i'm confident that all 8 hardware sprites are used by the player vehicle (3?) and then 4 vehicles + 1 rock dump.. what do you mean by this? is this getting into the backtab (which i think is talking about that idea of baking in "software sprites" as background graphics? that said i kinda figured using cards / background would be blocky because of the grid the cards have to be in? I'm just thinking about how smoothly the cars move around and pan across the road. so just checking, bump n' jump had mono enemies. are you saying there might be a way i could have dual color enemies and friendlies? i would love that, but i'm trying to set my sights what would not require super advanced stuff.. still like above, wrapping my head around this. if these software sprites can be like this, where are the 8 hardware sprites being used? Are you saying that with the doubling, it's still just the same sprite? That said I really want rectangular vehicles not square. The BNJ cars while double high in resolution (as i'm seeing it, maybe wrong) are still square. it just seems too good to be true that i could actually have 8x16 or in my case actually 16x16 but only use half of the 16x16 space to create some approximation like above.
  10. Hi everyone, so I thought I'd just look at making a car for one of my future game ideas and when i tried to draw one at 8x8 a sprite size i found it pretty limiting.. but then i thought.. huh.. i remember bump n' jump cars having a lot of detail.. So I took a screenshot and zoomed in and found the graphics to be 16x16. Is this being achieved by making 4 gram cards + alternate frames (8 total cards) for each vehicle? Then each vehicle gets their own 8 cards (player car special treatment because of the multiple colors) ] Then I'm going to go out on a limb here and speculate that while these are cards, there might be a sprite associated with each vehicle for collision purposes set to double size but effectively invisible but still providing collision parameters? The game never has more than 8 objects on it including the dirt clump.. though how collision is detected for the road edges / water hazards is a whole other system i'm not sure about.. but anyway. I just realized that eventually i'd really like to have vehicles that are at least 16x16.. or maybe i could get away with 8x16 for many of them.. motorcycle could likely be 8x8 fine..
  11. interesting and good to know.. i'm pretty sure i remember that VERY difficult part to this day. indeed some brutal layouts if you're not prepared for them.
  12. I gotta try again.. i think when I was a kid maybe i got to like 12-16.. seems like 4 years or around that felt right.. but even today i can remember how brutal some of those levels got.. i can only imagine how challenging 32 would be.. I too think this was one of the last games i remember buying for the intellivision and i got my $30 worth out of it!
  13. Hi everyone, I'm looking to make one of these: I have a composite modded 2600 + Synthcart.. now just need the midi interface to complete the instrument. I have a good friend of mine who has the right chops to make it with me, but I just can't find clear instructions on how to make it. I've looked around and I see conversations of it it. I see the boards for sale, but I'm not 100% sure which to get, and how to insure what coding is involved, etc to use the right programming with the right hardware. Thanks! Caleb
  14. So how would one actually insert new maps into burgertime / auto racing? has someone decompiled these games somehow?
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