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  1. Hi, Thanks, this is deep stuff to me! I get the 8KB sector size inefficiency issue, but whilst it's not elegant, with such big drives available the inherent problem becomes somewhat obfuscated. Since being initially interested in the technical side of this I've since appreciated why your drivers are exactly what's needed. They just work - Kudos Fella!
  2. The documentation I found around this (Exxoshost - Atari_HD_File_Sytem_Reference_Guide.pdf) quotes: 2.4.3 Creating TOS&DOS partitions TOS&DOS partitions can only be created by PPDRIVER and HDDRIVER packages. Only use TOS&DOS partitions with the matching driver (as they are not compatible) and never use them with any other driver (see § 2.3 for important warning).  IMPORTANT WARNING: A TOS&DOS partition is not a regular TOS partition and therefore it should only be accessed on the Atari with the matching hard disk driver. For example using the ICD AdSCSI hard disk driver gives the impression to access TOS&DOS partitions correctly (it even report correctly the size) but if you try to read beyond the first 32MB of the partition you will get incorrect results and even worse if you try to write you will definitively corrupt the partition. So if this is correct I don't understand how the ICD Pro driver could work on a drive a PC can see. It's only a moot point because the PP driver does everything required here. It's just curiosity.
  3. I tried partitioning using the PP tool but I was then unable to make it bootable with ICD Pro. Do you have the details of the driver package that can create a TOS/DOS partition that works with ICD Pro?
  4. I've just discovered that this is a duplicate post of: So as you explained, TOS/DOS needs a special driver on the Atari ST.
  5. Hi, Has anyone managed to create an ICD Pro based SD card for Ultrasatan with Atari STE with partitions that can be read and written on a Windows 10 PC? After trying and failing I bought the PP driver which was simple to get working in this way, but I'm still curious about how the PC compatible ICD Pro cards that appear on eBay are created. Thanks
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