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  1. Could someone who bought the complete series of games please post pictures of the box backsides? I would very much appreciate to read the text and see the screenshots that were finally chosen. Thank you very much in advance! 😉
  2. Hi Tommy, I have a questions about the physical products: Which parameters influenced your decision when you chose the games that get a physical release among all the launch titles?
  3. Here is my wish list: 1. Intellivision Pool 2. Dynablaster 3. Space strikers 4. Missile command 5. Evel knievel 6. Finnigan Fox (Seeing the multiplayer would be interesting) BTW: My personal wish would be that posts like this will dominate this thread once again. This is what I am looking for when coming to this place...
  4. What was new info for me: each physical release will contain 3 items, one of it will be a card to initiate the automatic download of the game. Wonder what the other two then will be...poster, pin, small toy miniature?
  5. Thank you very much for the detailed answer that was very interestlng. Now I have to ask the obvious - would you do the same for the 5 announced pack-in games as well? 😉 BTW: My personal ranking for most anticipated would be (based on taste and what I know so far): 1. Biplanes 2. Missile command 3. Moon patrol 4. Dynablaster 5. Brain duel 6. Evel knievel 7. Finnigan Fox 8. RFRE
  6. Hi Tommy, can you give us your personal ranking of the eight physical releases and add one sentence to each game what you like most about it?
  7. Thank you for sharing your impressions with us, obviously you had a fantastic day. 👍🏻 Did you manage to play skiing in multiplayer mode? How did you and your wife like dynablasters?
  8. Hi Tommy, would you share some deeper gameplay info about dolphin challenge, flying tigers and the new spaceship game from the e3 Trailer? For example what's happening in multiplayer within these three games?
  9. Sure, here is the link: https://www.amazon.de/Intellivision-Amico-Finnigan-Fox-Code/dp/B095HLD9JB/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?brr=1&dchild=1&qid=1625654744&rd=1&s=videogames&sr=1-1 Maybe they accidentally uploaded a wrong file? Just ask why it says "5.Staffel" instead of "5.Jahreszeit"? But be aware it's just an example.
  10. Hi Tommy, here I feel you still have an open flank, the texts on the German product pages don't read like the result of a perfect localization, my advice would be to let it proofread by other native German speakers, maybe even by the game developers of Finnigan fox themselves to see if they are fine with the text.Just want to be helpful here...
  11. Hi Tommy, I still would like to read your answer to these questions. Maybe you can spice this up with some descriptions about the gameplay concepts of dolphin challenge, flying tigers (Multiplayer?) and the new spaceship game in the e3 presentation?
  12. Love the cover artwork so far as well. How many additional levels will your version of Evel Knievel include? Just the skycycle location or also more jump locations for single player mode? Can you post a screenshot highlighting some of the visual improvements you added? I must say I wasn't superexcited about this game at first hand, but the multiplayer alone seems to be big fun. 🙂 Will all digital counterparts of the physical releases also have the same price? Are they all in the 9.99 segment, as you said rigid force will come out at that price if I remember correctly? Could there be one or two total surprise launch titles (in addition to the 6th packed-in game) that you do not tell us anything about until you reveal all the launch title close to release?
  13. Ok, but here is one example where I stumbled while reading: in English "season" can mean spring, winter etc. but also a set of episodes of a tv show. In German these are two completely different words. In the Finnigan Fox text the wrong word is used sometimes saying "Staffel" instead of "Jahreszeit". No intention to nitpick or offend someone, just a friendly advice that IMHO the text feels a bit "google translatory" overall when reading. Apart from that, thanks for the info, Dynablaster and Brain Duel seem to be really fun.
  14. Reading all the descriptions was very interesting, the official Dr. Kawashima collaboration is awesome. Which game studio is behind this game? Can you share more details about the 4 player mode in Finnigan Fox? What are the amico exclusive features of dynablaster? BTW: Just a friendly hint- the german text could need some polish by a native speaker. Would induce more quality feel...
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