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  1. Hi Rocketfan, thanks for the answer. I tried and used the 1.5.1 Build. Unfortunately no better Sound. I also tried through my load of different SD Cards. I have 10 with different sizes 2, 4 and 16GB. Also no luck. Maybe the next Version Again, Thanks Rom
  2. Hi Everybody, unfortunately the Nexus Thread is gone (for reasons) and the follow up Project has not popped up by now. Possibly the old Thread would have hold the Information i seek. The Emulation of the A8 and 5200 has issues with the Sound. At least for me. Sound is screeching and scratching. Is there a way to make this better? I've searched for the (Sound)setting in the Nexus Folders but had no luck finding something to meddle with. Like Mono/Stero, Khz or something like that. The last Version of Nexus i have is 1.0.01 Kind Regards Rom
  3. So, i tried meddling with the Trimmer. I used Adventure as a Standard. I got some Colors that looked halfway OK but then i put in Jungle Hunt and the Colors were wrong again. I tried for 1 Hour or more but got no useful results. i also tried the paddles with two pairs plugged in and tried Video Olympics with 4 players. With 4 Paddles plugged in sometimes the Left ones give a response every now and then and the right ones worked but only in extremes. Which means your Paddle on the Screen is either on absolute Top or on absolute Bottom. From one to the other in a millisecond. If i had to guess i also would say that the TIA is halfway in Chip Heaven. But since i'm not able to handle a soldering Iron i'm out of options.
  4. The Model is a 4 Switch Woodgrain, Pal. The Games i tried were Circus Atari, Video Olympics and Super Breakout. I switched the Paddles (i have 2 Sets) while Game(s) were running. And the Behavior is nothing. No Response at all
  5. Hi, i went to my Cellar today to get my old Atari Stuff. I managed to get it to work with an old Tube TV. But... Problem No. 1: The Colors are Wrong. Green Labyrinth instead of Blue in Adventure. Also the Yellow Dragonduck is Pink and Problem No. 2: Joysticks work but Paddles don't. Both Paddles are in well shape and funktioning, as i have testet them on my Retron77. The Wrong Colors wouldn't give me a headache as i plan to Mod the Console for Composite. But the Paddles not working is another thing. Has anyone any Idea what's going on inside the Machine? Kind Regards Rom
  6. Hello, as the Title asks: What kind of connection do the Wireless Controllers from the FB9Gold use? Bluetooth? "Normal" RC? The Package says 2.4G, that can be anything?! I want to use the Controllers on a PC Kind Regards Rom
  7. Nobody even tried that? What about connecting the Wireless Atari Controller to a PC? Any Chance for this? Kind Regards Rom
  8. Hi, some Weeks ago i saw a Video of a Guy putting an Atari Flashback X into a real Atari Console. I cannot find the Video anymore, unfortunately. Anyway, this left me wanting to put an Atari Flashback 9 Gold into a real Atari Case. It would have the Advantage of the RC Controllers. Has someone done that? Is it even possible? Kind Regards Rom
  9. Hello alltogether, I'm owner of an Atari Flashback 9 Gold and also an Atari Flashback X (and a Retron77, but that's another story). I only recently stumbled across the Nexus Project and think it's fantastic. It is only limited by those little machines pretending to be an advanced(?) Atari Console. So i made my mind up what i would wish for an Best-of-all-Worlds Flashback. Here is my 5 Cents. The Console Atari Flashback X is the most sweet Mini Console in my opinion but something is lacking, like 1. The missing Color/BW Switch I may be wrong, but wasn't there at least one Game that used that switch for Ingame purpose? 2. A neat way to put in some (Nano)USB-Stick Put one of those really tiny USB Sticks in here and no damn wires anymore? 3. Open the Slot for some (fake) Cartridges. It looks so good So much for the Console, now for the Controllers A really good Atari like Controller could be like this 1 Red Button on each side and those lefthanders suddenly feel the love (The Retron Guys got it) 2 Additional Shoulder Buttons and there would be no more hussle for the Nexus Team concerning the need of more Input Of course this should be a wireless Controller. Lag should not be a problem at all, i heard a rumour about a new Technology called "blutooth". I would take rechargeability here for granted. Last not least it would be nice if they had those inside for playing Decathlon without breaking the wobbly Stick The Joysticks could be 10% bigger than the Original, also put some plates in it for that Heavy Metal feeling The Box should also Contain those little fellows The Atari Flashback Blast vol.3 had only 1 pair in it, so no one's playing 4-Player Warlords anymore? Finally a pair of these So that's all of my humble wishes (Atgames here me out) I don't think that this will ever happen but hope dies last. I would spend a considerable amount of Money for that. So what do you think? Suggestions? Maybe if enough People express their interest? Regards Rom
  10. Hello, i'm searching for an Atari XEGS Console. Living in Germany, i search for a Version that runs on 230v. Please PM me. Kind Regards Rom
  11. That's right. I simply forgot that. I remember i was always a bit jealous over the Intellivision Version of Atlantis with Day and Night Cycle and such. Nevertheless, Cosmic Arc would be cool
  12. There is a XL Conversion of Demon Attack for the A5200. Also Atlantis and Laser Gates. Cosmic Arc would be Great
  13. @MasterMotorola Short answer: No, why should I? Long answer: First, as i stated before, i have solved my Problem. Second, i could have done as you suggest. But... Professionaly produced items are in most cases more durable than those selfmade fixes. I can buy a self adhesive Vinyl with a wooden Design, it's called D-C-Fix here. But it's very soft and tends to break. Because of the warmth of my Hand the Glue will become unsticky and floating. The cutting will be a a problematic task given that i only have a normal cutter knive. Applying will also be problematic, Airbubbles and so on. I tend to be a little short tempered... imagine a fast flying and hard wall hitting Joystick. Third, with my Post here i simply wanted to warn possible Customers for what they have to expect. Fourth, and this in my opinion the most important Point: A Device like the Retron 77 is not an all World everybodys Item. There is a small Userbase for such things. All they have to do is satisfy a small peergroup, but they even f****d up that task. Should be said! If you take all this in account, then we can go back to the short answer: No, why should I? Greetings Rom
  14. My 2nd Trooper also had the Box with the Woodgrain Picture on it. I don't know if they change the Design on the Retron also but i would make Sense? Why should they change it on the Controllers only? Anyway, i don't like the design, but that's my personal opinion. As a dirty workaround i bought another Retron Console, took the Wood Joystick from it and exchanged it with the ugly one and sold it on Ebay. I stated that clearly in the Offer, so no bad surprise for the Buyer. ...I even got more Money back than what i paid for it.
  15. While searching and sorting Roms i found some interesting things: Like a Kangaroo Hack with a black Background. The Game looks so much better with it. For my own Purpose i rebranded it "Kangaroo Arcade". Same goes for a Vanguard Hack that makes the Background Black AND the Ship faster. Anyway, since i use downsized Box Art in Stella (and the Retron77) instead of Screenshots i decided to make my own Covers for some Games. Maybe you like them, maybe not. Unfortunately i'm not much of an Artist, Photoshop is a beast of a Program and I'm the Monkey hammering on the Typewriter... so here is Banana!
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