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  1. So I tried the eraser trick to see if it was some connection problem but it seems that there is a likely failure in one of the other components. The cards LED does light on power-up. I’m leaning to having bad buffer chips on there that are inhibiting the RAM to be accessed or a bad voltage reg. Thanks for the suggestions on helping resolve the card.
  2. It was not so bad of a repair to make on the PEB end but you need to be very patient in getting the wire within the blue wire race holder. Then holding it in place put pressure on the blue wire holder to lock it into each wire crimp. I took only about 2.5 cm off of my flex cable since you can tell where it had flexed too often, breaking the wire. The ribbon cable and firehose material cuts easily with scissors. Once positioned ensure that the wire is seated in the connector firmly.
  3. Thanks for the information on the HRD 4000B sockets. That might be the best solution that I’ll explore for a quick remedy being down one 32k card. Being without one of those board extenders and needed O-scope (that would make things easier) I might look into replacing the possibly blown buffer chips as a solution to get the card back to a working board. Thanks for the response.
  4. I’ve found out that one of my 32k PEB cards is not functioning and is not seen in the “size” command of Extended Basic. Is the board condition something that can be determined and/or remedied by troubleshooting techniques? I’m able to swap out one board to the other PEB and it moves the problem. Any guidance on what to do to help resolve the card acting up would be a big help. Is there a upgrade/replacement to the 32k board and is it the SAMS card?
  5. I ordered the needed MG EPROM(a) from @atrax27407. Thanks all for the assistance.
  6. I see them now, in software, I was looking in hardware. Can I add this to an order that I placed earlier this evening? Order # 2594? I ordered 4 items then.
  7. Where can one get the eprom? Is the eprom right on the corcomp CC9900 board that needs replaced? I looked on arcade shopper to see if these EPROMs can be purchased there but didn’t see them.
  8. I have a question somewhat related and I’ll bet I need the MG eprom to solve this. If I insert a RAM card into the PEB it is not the startup of the system but rather the CC9900 screen as shown. If I’d rather start up to the RAM card what are the steps, solutions to ‘see’ the HRD first?
  9. I would still like to purchase a bare board and a 8 M assembled card. Can you provide instructions on obtaining these?
  10. Hi Ksarul, I’m interested in one assembled 8M and one bare boards if you still have these available. Ty
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