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  1. Supposedly there will be a way soon...just HOW soon is debatable. Wolfgang Stubig who created the Atari 2600 PlusCart (it's a cartridge that allows the Atari 2600 to connect to the internet and there is also a rom repository of all games accessible to Beta Testers like myself) allowed this function in the PlusCart. Basically you would either hold the joystick button to the RIGHT and (or hold in the paddle button) and press GAME RESET on the console and it will return you to the Harmony cart main menu WITHOUT turning the Atari on and off! ZeroPageHomebrew (check out their YouTube channel...great stuff) claims that this feature should be implemented into the Harmony cart sometime in the near future. You'd just have to flash the firmware on your Harmony cart in order to enable it. I'll be watching to see when this update comes out. If it's true it would be great. I don't like turning the old Atari on and off too much.
  2. Can I buy a pre-assembled PlusCart. I am no good at doing this kind of stuff myself. I prefer to just buy a cartridge that has already assembled. When will this be available to buy? Also, when will the firmware upgrade for the Harmony cart be coming out that allows you to go back to the main menu without turning off the Atari VCS? If anyone knows the answers to these questions, I'd greatly appreciate it! Looking forward to both of these!
  3. I can't select difficulty level. Only Intermediate is available. Is this option not yet enabled???
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