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  1. Hi folks, I realized that D1: drive on the screen of my SDdrive_Max is moving depending to which line I am going to choose... When I am going to mount all of D1:-D4: drives on the screen then select D4: > it is going to rename to D1: drive. Is it normal behavior or should I check some bug in f/w of my unit please? Thanks, Petr
  2. Hi all, as my first mother board of 800XL is waiting for RAM replacement (on its way to me) I tried to run the second one. After few days of proper working it is failing too ...but strange graphics issue. I never seen it before... Petr
  3. Any news regarding the Dragon Cart II?
  4. TO MIMO: Many thanks mate for hints vid for saving and loading... It works for me now. I had to understand at first how to create image (.ATR) and formatting it (in my DOS 2.5)... Then after how to mount it to drive D1-D4 etc. Now it works exactly as in your vid. I am learning it after 35yrs again step by step using modern Sdrive_Max instead of 1050 or XC12, hihi. Many thanks, Petr
  5. Hi folks, just FYI... RAM piggyback trick did not helped. No change in MEM self-test results when I swapped the chips in sockets positions... New ICs ordered so we will see. rgds, Petr
  6. Hi folks, just FYI... RAM piggyback trick did not helped. No change in MEM self-test results when I swapped the chips in sockets positions... New ICs ordered so we will see. rgds, Petr
  7. I hope too because the first 800XL failed also (as I described the video issue )… I never saw in self-test missing letters in RAM or ROM words or missing horizontal lines etc. and self test itself works ok haha So I believe I will get it working with second board at least. Petr
  8. Many thanks for hint for ordering the RAMs in another thread...:) I ordered them so we will see what happens. Petr
  9. Many thanks for great help. I ordered them from that link you posted already so I hope that they will work in my 800XL together with ATIC C021698-01...:) Petr
  10. Well I am from Czech Republic in central EU All issues happends with my lab power supply with 5.1V and 7A (clamped to 2A) and no exceeds 1.1 A incl. Sdrive and 0.9A alone. Old 800XL where strange video issue appears has all chips directly soldered unfortunately. New board (rev.D) arrived today with faulty RAMs has socketed RAM and all other chips are soldered. ...originaly used uT4264-15 (I suppose they are cheap Micron) I was not able find replacement available at the moment... Petr
  11. To MIMO > excellent. Many thank. Yesterday I learnt how to create new image and formatting it. So Now I could learn how to work with Basic programs according to your video. Many thanks. I will let you know if it works for me. As from today news: black Friday over here... My Atari is sick > white artefacts on screen in Basic, when run self-test I can see loosing some letters like "R" instead of RAM or only hals of the horizontal lines on the main self test screen (self test itself looks running ok)...strange ...and even worse when I tried to swap my motherboard for another one which I purchased last week in auction and arrived today > it goes directly into self test and most of RAM are red. :((( So Now I have to investigate which and where to buy new RAM chips. ...any suggestion please? Many thanks > looks like I am trouble maker :(( Petr
  12. Hello guys, today I got 800XL board from auction (sold as is and only board without any other hardware)... When tried to run it goes immediately into self test and except ROm passing it fails on most of RAM... Antic is C021-698-01 and board is Rev-D. Can you recommend me the correct memory to buy please? I would like to saty away from Micron... As it goes directly to self-test (nothing pressed on keyboard while turning ON) does it seems that also other chips are failing? many thanks for help, Petr
  13. OK, many thank. So I will upload to SD any DOS like SpartaDOS then mount to D1: and boot from Sdrive D1: to DOS. ...then? many thanks for your time as I am newbie
  14. Hi all, sorry to bother. After getting my Sdrive_Max unit (w/o any instruction manual) I learnt how to mount selected file to disk partition (D1-D4) and run it. Nice... But I still do not understand how to set the Sdrive_Max to be able to use it as the HDD for saving my programs, data etc. from Basic, DOS or so. Simply I will write Basic routine and I would like to store in .BAS format to my SD card... Many thanks for possible help/hint/tip ...your time. Petr
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