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  1. does this look like it's treated properly?
  2. first I bought a national crt tv 26'' and then bought a sony trintron 13'' and a Sony Trinitron 21'' then finally a samsung 28'' which all died btw, I'm such a person with bad luck. everyone else bought crts that are still running.
  3. Yes, I always buy a CRT that always die fast unexpectedly, how do I find one that last for long?
  4. why is it when I buy a CRT it just dies in weeks, months? it doesn't even last a year! so how can a find a CRT that will atleast last a year or 2 years?
  5. Do Light Guns work with LCD TVS at 50hz/60hz? light guns such as, The Zapper, Namco Guncon and Virtua Gun
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