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  1. Correct. Utrecht. Thanks for the links, did found them already indeed.
  2. No. Don't have my own printer alas.... Ordered them from webshops. Was looking at Arcadeshopper and The Brewing Academy, but in these COVID days, I prefer European sellers as delivery is much faster and more reliable in present circumstances. Especially also as shipping costs are crazy now overseas. So FinalGROM99 came from https://www.8bits4ever.net/ and 32k extension came from https://sordan.ie/
  3. Hi, just joined after recently requiring a TI-99/4a. Grew up with 8-bit computers (and one with a 16 bit CPU....) as my dad sold them at the time. Had therefore the luck to basically try them all. Four systems I worked by far the most with: the Commodore 64 (later 128D), ZX Spectrum, Oric Atmos and the TI-99/4a. Only my original Commodore 128D survived and is still working. Recently I completed the original four again by also acquiring a ZX Spectrum 128, Oric Atmos and finally the TI. Have added the FinalGROM99 and a 32k extension. Foto’s of my setup now and my setup back when I was a child:
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