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  1. Looks absolutely fantastic! Can’t wait to download and play, so hope ETA is soon 😉
  2. Well, I triggered exactly the same bug also using the % operand: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/164295-gcc-for-the-ti/?do=findComment&comment=4785108 Not sure if your variable is a char or an int, but solved in my code by changing from a char to an int. Maybe caused by the CPU being 16 bit instead of 8 bit? Anyway: was to lazy to file a bug as my fix was that simple.
  3. See these excellent instructions on installing GCC-TMS9900 which also includes how to install EA5SPLIT: ### EA5SPLIT This utility will convert the potentially large EA5 file produced by `elf2ea5` into a sequence of 8K PROGRAM image files as is usually required by EA5 loaders. It also converts the files to FIAD in TIFILES format making them immediately usable on a TIPI or HDX, or in classic99 emulation. Download it: ``` cd $WORK wget https://atariage.com/forums/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=261992 -O ea5split3.zip ``` Build it: ``` unzip ea5split3.zip cd ea5split make ``` It produced executable `ea5split`. Copy that to the same bin directory as the others: ``` cp ea5split ~/tms9900gcc/bin/ ```
  4. Last august. But mind: as I said it was a video card for which the Linux driver officially no longer is supported as it is old. So that did not help. Then again, I heard from numerous people that things like this are also not that uncommon for NVidia Linux drivers. Was this issue for me: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-signed-hwe-5.11/+bug/1939115 See also the official reply on that bug: Sorry but the NVIDIA 340 driver reached end of life (this is something that NVIDIA decided). You can either rely on the nouveau driver (by uninstalling the NVIDIA driver), or switch to an older kernel (such as 5.4, which is also available in Focal). Luckily I found also a solution giving an alternative unofficial build for that driver, but that was cumbersome to find and build at first. Note that that same PC and videocard were still working with supported drivers with Windows 10.
  5. Well, I am still doubting to move to full Linux for development or not. My main PC will definitely remain Windows, but made my old PC an Ubuntu development PC. Especially as many dev tools for retro computers work better in Linux. But on the one hand I had MAJOR issues in Ubuntu when after kernal update suddenly my Nvidia driver did not work anymore (and 640x480 resolution with the default driver is no fun). Solved it by recompiling the driver from the beta stream, but that was some learning curve to take. Got it back working again though. Disclaimer: this is also caused by this PC being from 2009, so the video card is rather old and the last NVidia driver supporting it also. On the other hand, with Windows 11, Windows Subsystem for Linux became so much better. Full integration in File explorer, and now even graphical GUI Linux applications work, offering a seamless experience. So yes, I do still like my Linux toolchains for retro development, like the TMS9900-GCC C compiler for the TI, but now I do not longer have to compromise with me having Linux when I want to but Windows as default for other day to day work and gaming. Also solves my issue that I could not get Classic99 running under Linux or Wine indeed. Just run it under Windows while developing under Linux on the same machine.
  6. Nice! Thanks, great game! True. Started with the feeling, this game is easy, but that quickly changes in level 4.
  7. Well, my humble one. but might be of use for someone wanting to write something in C using TMS9900-GCC: https://github.com/xahmol/ludo This repository is actually multi platform for Commodore 128, Oric Atmos and the TI-99/4a, obviously look in the TI-99/4a folder for the TI code.
  8. Some pictures (and sorry for the mess, as said, serious lack of space): Wide shot of my complete retro setup (at least the connected part). It shows the TI outputting to both my CRT as to the OBS software on my Windows 11 PC (it also shows my other connected retro computers: from left to right an Ultimate64, a Commodore 128D stacked on top of a Commodore 128DCR with a Commodore 1084S-D1 monitor on top, an Oric Atmos and a ZX Spectrum 128 'Toastrack' above my TI-99/4a). Close-up of my TI-99/4a. Photo also shows the RGB to SCART adapter (upper left corner showing the blue light from the power on light), the Framemeiser xRGB Mini that does the conversion to HDMI of the SCART signal and my TI gear: the FinalGROM99, the Speech Synthesizer, and the TIPI with 1MB SAMS card combo. Finally a close-up of the Lotharek Hydra 2 that makes that I do not need to switch SCART cables all the time between the Oric, Spectrum and TI, and also enables that output to go to the CRT and the Framemeister at the same time. Luckily, on one SCART input it has a switch to add synch signal so the Framemeister can handle, so that port is the only one that can handle my TI signal. The Oric and Spectrum are fine on any port.
  9. Not sure what you mean, you suggest other gear? (in that case, mind that the same gear also caters my Commodore 128D, Oric Atmos and ZX Spectrum) Edit: see now you write pic not pick…. 😉so assume you are asking for a picture of the gear (sorry, no native speaker here….) Will try, but as my room is very full by lack of space think part of the gear probably does not show well on a picture. Will try anyway.
  10. Sorry, lack of time. But finally made some more close up pictures.
  11. Getting there with capturing video and sound from my real hardware, see Youtube video below of the Don't mess with Texas demo. I still have some SCART signal interference that bugs me, but for now can not get it better than this (use the Italian PAL output to SCART converter, which for some reason always gave fine picture but recently. So guess I have some new interference somewhere against which that cable is not shielded). Equipment used: - real hardware TI-99/4a PAL version with FinalGROM99, 1MB SAMS card, TIPI and Speech Synthesizer; - SCART RGB Interface PHA2037-mini for TI-99/4A EU PAL version ( https://www.ti99iuc.it/web/index.php?pageid=172&pagina=FleaMarket&sezione=5 ) - Lotharek Hydra 2 Revised SCART switcher to switch between my retros and to be able to send signal to both my CRT as my capture solution at the same time ( https://lotharek.pl/productdetail.php?id=290 ) - Framemeister xRGB mini to convert and upscale to 1080p 50Hz HDMI ( https://solarisjapan.com/collections/micomsoft/products/eu-tax-free-xrgb-mini-framemeister-compact-up-scaler-unit-eur-scart-adapter ) - Elgato Camlink 4K to capture HDMI signal to PC - OBS software to record Any tips to further improve are welcome just consider though I have a PAL system, not an NTSC one.
  12. You mean like this? Or even closer?
  13. I think that I actually showed both pictures already earlier elsewhere on this forum, but here a photo of both my setup in my youth (with small black and white CRT TV set) as my present setup (showing the recent Hunchback TI port on my Sony CRT next to the C64 Hunchback version).
  14. Update for those interested (and than will stop hijacking this thread for this slightly but not really related topic): thanks to PeteEs suggestion and DM I found the hidden menu on my Sony to adjust for it. Now have all TI pixels nicely fitting in the screen. Many thanks, PeteE!
  15. Update: SAMS and TIPI received and working fine now, and also speech still working (needed another TIPI as well as the one I had, not sold by Arcade Shopper, had the connectors fitted the other way around as the SAMS card was expecting. So now have a spare TIPI for a future spare TI).
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