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  1. I dont know the value of it, but since Im a nintendo collector, do u have a list I could view? Thanks.
  2. This was found in my personal storage locker (which I just emptied on Friday after a decade of ownership). Anyone know much about it or its value??? Thanks in advance to anyone who replies. Dan Dan
  3. Less than 3 hours left. One is a "Rumour Mill" game, and another is an R8. Shipping is $15.00 to anywhere in North America. Currenly going For: $102.50 (2 bids, 13 watchers) Have a look: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=200295892942 Dan
  4. Here are games for the Arcadia 2001 (or Leisure-Vision in Canada)... Baseball (complete), R2 - $5 Capture (complete), R3 - $5 Cat Trax (complete), R2 - $5 Hobo (complete), R? - ??$$?? Ocean Battle (complete), R5 - $10 R2D Tank (complete), RUMOR MILL - ??$$?? Red Clash (complete), R7 - $35 Robot Killer (complete), R? - ??$$?? Route 16 (complete), RUMOR MILL - ??$$?? Soccer (complete), R5 - $5 Space Attack (complete), R2 - $5 Space Vultures (complete), R5 - $10 Spiders (complete), R8 - $35 Super Gobbler (complete), R? - ??$$?? Turtles/Turpin (complete), R? - ??$$?? All for $1.99 EACH at Value Village!! Dan
  5. SNES with all hook-ups and 2 controllers: $9.99 from Value Village. some N64 "pocketbook" for $1.99 from VV as well. I don't even need the SNES, I just bought it for the controllers (me and a bunch of buddies/co-workers wanna have a Super Bomberman fest around halloween). So if anyone needs a core SNES system (minus the controllers), let me know. Dan
  6. Well ok, I know these arent "finds".. they are retail purchases, but still thought I'd share with ya'll: Onyx-colored Nintendo DS Lite ($147.77) at Wal-Mart. 2 DVD's for $15: Blazing Saddles and The Green Mile and Three's Company Season 8 for $29.83. Keep in mind, I get 10% off at Wal-Mart, so I actually saved about $15 bucks on the DS Lite. Three's Company Season 8 completes the series. It's the first show that I have completed on DVD for it's entire run. Hopefully they will release "The Ropers" and/or "Three's A Crowd"... Dan
  7. Yes people... September 29th is finally here. It was 10 years ago today that the Nintendo 64 was released. (Yes, I know some retailers broke the street date and sold it on Sept. 26th). But Sept. 29th is the official release date. I remember travelling nearly 3 hours away to the Kamloops, BC Wal-Mart (we left at 4am, and arrived at 7am). To my surprise, there was about 3-4 people already there (one was a girl) lined up. So I was 5th in line. It was fun killing off 2 hours talking to other gamers. SINCE my cousin worked there (she was waiting outside with us), she donned her blue vest and got in the main entrance at 8:55, 5 minutes before store opening. Her main goal was to SECURE a system for me. So when the doors opened up, everyone AHEAD of me and everyone BEHIND me ran to the electronics. My girlfreind and I just walked casually, knowing we had one secured (and sure enough, we did). As soon as we got to the Electronics Dept, we were handed a brand new Nintendo 64 system by my cousin. I also picked up Super Mario 64 AND Pilotwings 64. Since she only lived 20 mins away, we took it to her house, and I let my girlfreind have the first-ever turn (she played Super Mario 64). She died on the First Level of mario 64 where the chain chomp is. Then it was my turn, and if I recall, I made it all the way up that mountain to where that boss bob-omb was. After a good 30 mins of taking turns and playing, we packed it back up, and took the 3-hour car ride back home. When we got back, my brother has invited 3 little kids over to see the new system, and since i already had my turn, I had to hook it up and let the 3 kids PLUS my brother play before I had another turn. When I later opened up Pilotwings 64 that night, that hooked my dad. My dad really wasnt a video gamer at all, and I was shocked that he loved playing it. It was a good time for a father and son bond, and we did that. My father is no longer with us (he died in November 2000), but I still remember us bonding that one night, 10 Years ago tonight. Is anyone else gonna hook up their Nintendo 64 today, and give it some "Birthday Love"?? Dan
  8. Got these today (my first finds in a long time).... Sega Dreamcast system Official A/V cord for the Sega Dreamcast Official AC Power Supply cord for the Sega Dreamcast Official Sega VMU for the Sega Dreamcast Official Sega controller for the Sega Dreamcast Half-Life game (loose) All the above for $20.00 at "Sally Ann's" (thrift store). Keep in mind, the Half-Life game was NEVER commercially released for the Dreamcast. Digital Press says it's an R10. Also got the Nintendo Book u see pictured for $1.99 (at Value Village). This is my third copy of the book, so if anyone is in need of it, lemme know... Dan
  9. Looking for this NES game. I NEED it complete, meaning the original 3D glasses must be included. I used to own 3D Worldrunner as a kid, but foolishly sold it off years ago, and I want it back again. I also have a trade list that can be made available upon request. Thanks. Dan
  10. Thanks for the reply and info guys. I donno if I will grab them or not now. dan
  11. Just was at my local Value Village, and they had about 10-12 older Atari 2600 games. These are the text-only labels, but some of them had numbers to the left of the label on the end-label. I have seen text-only carts WITHOUT the numbers, so I'm wondering if any of these numbered variations are worth picking up? I remember they had 01 Combat, and a few others (even #30). These were each a $1.99, so is this somewhat of a unique find, or are these numbered variations kinda common? Thanks to those who respond. Dan
  12. Hey everyone. I got these two Atari 5200 games for trade, both of the silver label variety: COUNTERMEASURE (loose, but with two overlays) SOCCER (loose, but with two overlays) Am looking for NES games. If anyone has "trade lists", Ill be willing to look at them. Thanks. Nintendan [email protected]
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