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  1. I was listening to the 7800 homebrew podcast episode on Baby Pac-Man. Looks to be worth a pick-up sometime. I don't think I have posted this here before, but here's the pick-up video I did on my games from @cjherr. I know I sent him the video. Seriously, dude. I can't thank you enough! This was INCREDIBLY nice of you! In this video, you can see what games he sent me. I can't express how thankful and lucky I am! I know I sound like a broken record, but THANK YOU!
  2. Here's the deal: I'm a big Ms. Pac-Man fan. Of all the other Pac-Man games where you eat dots (Not Super and Pac n Pal), Ms. Pac-Man is my favorite. The only reason I play the other games is if Ms. Pac-Man isn't an option. I just got Ms. Pac-Man from @cjherr. I don't need the speed mode or anything as I feel the original cart is a fantastic port by itself. I would rather get a more different Pac-Man game, like Super or Baby. Sorry if I sounded a bit rude there. I'm just trying to get my point across. Thanks for the recommendations. I really want that game! I wanted to get a ColecoVison for Frenzy as it looks really cool, but this version looks even better. Plus, it has the voices, which is really cool. Berzerk being there only sweetens the pot.
  3. I play my 2600 on a somewhat-crappy Hitachi 12-inch TV. I don't mind as long as it's a CRT. I hate playing my old consoles on flatscreens. The TV doesn't even have composite! Only Coaxial and UHF screws.
  4. Ballblazer and Mario Brothers are next on my list!
  5. I will need to pick that trackball version up someday as well as a trackball! Centipede is amazing with an actual trackball controller, though it isn't 100% necessary to enjoy it like some other games are. For instance, if I played the arcade ROM of Centipede using the stick on an XBOX controller, it won't be as good as a trackball, but it'll still be good. But if I played the arcade version of Crystal Castles using the same controller, YEESH! I'll pass. So getting a trackball for use on the 7800 and those trackball-specific games seems worth it. I was actually thinking of getting a 5200 someday for the trackball games on that, though I wouldn't get the SuperSystem anytime soon. I assume trackball controllers like the Sega Sports Pad and the Atari ProLine Trackball would work with that game? Not that I have them in my collection, but it's nice to know. And yes, Centipede is in the box already for anyone who's wondering.
  6. Today is a very special day. According to Postman Pat (er, the USPS tracking website), my bundle of Atari 7800 games from @cjherr is almost CJ-here! Yes, CJ very generously sent me a buttload of amazing 7800 cartridges free of charge. Seriously, man, I can't thank you enough.
  7. Honestly, I wouldn’t personally include homebrews in the top ten.
  8. I haven't played too many 7800 games (not even 10) yet and no homebrews, but I'll tell you this: it's going to be real hard to beat Food Fight as the best game on the system. But I'm always up for giving games a fair chance.
  9. It's a great retro game store. It's about a half hour drive from where I live. The prices are fair I believe and they have a great selection. The people there are very friendly. Here's a thread about the store I posted on the Atari I/O: https://forums.atari.io/topic/5061-my-last-trip-to-game-trade-for-the-time-being/ You can see some pictures of the store there and some of the things they have.
  10. I recently bought a few 7800 games from someone for a reasonable price. He snuck in a bonus game, GORF, and I was rather happy about that.
  11. Any Tunnel Runner fans here at AA?

    1. CaptainBreakout


      Yeah, I like it.  One of the reasons I love the CBS line of games. It's Pac-Man, Doom-style, on the 2600! 

  12. You have some very good recommendations, @Jaden (JRH)! Mario Brothers and BallBlazer are on the top of my wanted list! I hope that I might get them for Christmas this year. I have never played any version of this game before. If I remember correctly the 7800 is the only one of the three main ports on home consoles (7800, 2600, NES) that has simultaneous multiplayer? Maybe that was the NES port, but I am pretty sure it was the 7800 version. Homebrew is definitely something I'm looking to get into someday, however probably not those two. Pac-Man Collection is all fine and good, though I would rather just play Ms. Pac-Man (as it's the best one!). I am not a terribly big fan of Frogger either. However, I am looking to get Frenzy sometime as I have never played any version of it and I really like Berzerk. KC Munchkin as well.
  13. I am not sure if it would have succeeded or not now that you bring it up. Interesting topic.
  14. Hello, all. On August 31st of this year, I purchased a 7800 that came in my local game store. I also bought a few more games for it with the last of my Christmas money I got from relatives last year. Since I don't have a job yet (I'm 15; was going to get one this year but COVID happened), I can't buy any more video games until Christmas and my birthday. I was wondering if anyone here at AtariAge had any recommendations for me to get for the system! I would love for some folks to point me in the right direction and recommend some great games that you think I will enjoy playing! I really like golden age arcade games and am always looking to expand my arcade cartridge collection. I also like other styles of games, too, and am open to almost any recommendations. Since I'm new to this site, I will tell you all what games I currently own for my Atari 7800 ProSystem: Pole Position II Food Fight Galaga Xevious One-on-One Basketball Karateka Thank you all for helping me out!
  15. I've seen it as a sword with a guard since I realized I could kill dragons with it! Before then, I was like "what's this giant arrow for?" I first played the NOAC version of Adventure on my Jakks Pacific joystick plug and play back when I was younger.
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