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  1. My DSi battery is dying fast. What used to last for days now lasts four hours on the lowest brightness setting. The battery is bulging too. I found a replacement on Amazon, and I'll have to pick it up sooner than later.

    The DSI has gotten more than a fair amount of use. It doesn't owe me anything if I have to end up retiring it.

    1. GoldLeader


      Well,  it sounds like ya got a lot out of it at least.

  2. Yes, it should. The distribution of the show to other services is very slow, however. So far it’s only made it to Spotify and PocketCasts aside from Anchor.
  3. Episode 1 is up. Should be arriving on other podcast services soon. https://anchor.fm/harry-neubauer--nick-may/episodes/Episode-1---History-of-the-Studio-II-and-built-in-game-Freeway-essmob
  4. The RCA Studio II Game by Game Podcast is out early! Here’s episode one, Freeway! Bowling is next, so send in feedback! https://anchor.fm/harry-neubauer--nick-may/episodes/Episode-1---History-of-the-Studio-II-and-built-in-game-Freeway-essmob

  5. Thanks to @ubersaurus for helping us supply audio for the show off his Studio II! He has been a big inspiration for the show and we’re grateful he was kind enough to help us make the show a little more aurally pleasing.
  6. Get your feedback in for Freeway on the RCA Studio II by the end of the day, Wednesday the 17th! Send it to [email protected]!

  7. We're very happy that Willie shouted us out on his show!
  8. I’m starting a podcast on the RCA Studio II! Be sure to send in feedback for Freeway to [email protected]!

    Check out the AA thread here:


  9. Hey, AtariAge! I've decided to start my very own podcast on the RCA Studio II. Not many have played this system, unfortunately, and I hope you can learn something new from this show when it comes out. My cohost and I plan on releasing episode 1, covering the built-in game Freeway, in early April. We are accepting listener feedback for the show! If you have any thoughts about Freeway, please send them to [email protected]! You can send either a text or audio submission. However, since not many have played the Studio II, we are broadening our horizons and allowing feedback for similar games on competing systems, in this case Street Racer on Atari 2600, Speedway on Odyssey 2, etc. etc. We'd love to hear from you! In the future, we plan to cover homebrews, overseas titles, and do bonus episodes based on the FRED prototypes, the COSMAC Coin Arcade, and more. We also will do non-RCA themed bonus episodes. However, first we'll be covering the built-in games followed by the US cartridge releases by catalog number order. Our next game we'll be covering will be Bowling! Hope you enjoy the podcast once it's out. I'll keep you posted on it! Take care and best wishes, Harry Links: Our site:https://sites.google.com/view/rcastudiopodcast Game by Game Podcast site:http://studio2.gamebygamepodcast.com/ Email: [email protected]
  10. I made a new Atari Night video all about 7800 games! 


  11. Check this out! My friend Nick and I are doing a let’s play of JSRF on the Xbox! Lord help us all! 


  12. Love Dig Dug on the 7800! I've been playing it a lot recently. I'm not good at it as it's still pretty new to me (and I have been playing lots of other games on the system more), but I'll give it a shot. Wish me luck.
  13. Most of them are a big thumbs up! Thanks again, @cjherr. Some of my favorites include: Commando is very fun! The only version of Commando I have played previously is the 2600 one, which is horrible! This is a great game! Choplifter is one I wasn't expecting to like as much as I did. This game is a blast! I will have to try the Master System port of the Arcade remake sometime. This is a real hidden gem on the console, and one I was pleasently surprised by. I'm lucky to not encounter the dreaded glitch on this cartridge. I haven't seen any sprite shrinking yet! Centipede is a very good port. I like how this game controls with the ProLine joysticks. Centipede is a game I prefer with a Trackball, but it isn't necessary. You actually need one for games like Crystal Castles, which suck without it. Donkey Kong is a good port as well, though I wish they tried porting the arcade version instead of the NES version. Still, it is unique among DK ports and was well-done with the TIA audio. Hat Trick is a very good Pong-style game. Best played with another person. Robotron: 2084 sucks with a single joystick. I made a custom controller holder, and though it's really ugly, it gets the job done and works well. Crossbow reminds me a lot of Missile Command. Great fun. Ms. Pac-Man is a really good port! I don't have many good ways of playing Ms. Pac-Man, but this has become my main version to play!
  14. Titanic is overrated. Everything about it is well done, except for the main story. It's so damn cliche. It pretty much ruins the rest of the movie.

    1. Show previous comments  13 more
    2. doctorclu


      Gotta be honest, I liked Tit-antic.


      Thought Jack was a fun character.


      Rose was a bitch.   She could have handed over that necklace and helped the guy fund the expedition that gave her a free ride back to the Titanic site.   Taught me an important lesson: never trust old ladies.

    3. HDN


      Worst part is that she threw it back in the damn ocean.

    4. GoldLeader


      She threw away the necklace because it was a symbol of her selling out;   Giving up marrying for love so she could marry into money and do what her mom wanted for the family, not what she wanted.

  15. Thanks for the recommendations! Though since originally posting here, I have gotten a few more games, some of which you just mentioned. I should update that list.
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