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  1. I was really upset today because I thought that my Cuttle Cart (also known as my most prized posession in the world) quit working. I was relieved to discover that the problem was with the CD player that I was using to transer the ROMs (the headphone jack quit working). So that was good news, but it left me without a way to get the ROMs into the Cuttle Cart. Then I remembered hearing about the PocketPC version of the PlayBIN program. I downloaded it to my PDA and transferred all of my ROMs, and it works great. Now I can transfer any game I want from my PDA into my 2600. I feel really high-tech and low-tech at the same time!
  2. I ended up playing Frostbite for most of the night. Although that is a pretty fast-paced game it was really kind of relaxing because it's basically about reflexes, so I pretty much just zoned out. It has been awhile since I've done that. I hooked up my CD player to my Cuttle Cart (I've got over 500 games burned to CD's) and spent a couple of hours playing--a great way to unwind.
  3. Thanks, Al. Hi, Stan. Not much is new.
  4. My name is Chad, and I'm an Atari addict... It's been six months, two weeks, three days, and eleven hours since my last game. It got so bad that I actually learned 6502 assemby and...[sob]...started writing games...
  5. Thanks. By the way, does anyone have any suggestions for atari games to play for stress relief? I was trying to think of some nice, relaxing 2600 games (to play at the end of a tough week), and about the only one that I could come up with was "Frogs and Flies." If I play some of my favorites (Frogger, Cosmic Ark, Fast Eddie), I'll probably end up getting even more stressed out and smashing my TV. Then again, smashing my TV might be kind of therapudic.
  6. Chadivision

    I'm Back

    I don't know if anyone noticed or cared, but I haven't been by this board in quite some time. Well I'm back now, and I'm planning on playing some Atari this weekend (been awhile). It should be fun. Sorry for the worthless post (then again, if I was really sorry, I wouldn't have posted it).
  7. I just wanted to let everyone know about four Ebay auctions that I have going right now. Atari 2600 Star Raiders Cartridge and Keypad Atari 2600, 15 Games, 2 Controllers, 1 Set of Paddles Atari 7800 Bundle with 15 Games (Atari 2600 compatible) Broken Atari Systems and Controllers (use for parts)
  8. I have a couple of stories at... http://Writing.Com/authors/chad_lare I'm sorry. I had the link in my signature, but I should have also included it in the post itself.
  9. I love Atari, and I like to write fiction, so I got to thinking...I would love to write a story for an Atari 2600 game. Is anyone programming a homebrew that could use a good story? If somebody else could do the art, we could create a comic book or an illustrated short story that could be packaged with the game. Or you could post the story on the web with a link to your game in the Atari Age store. I'm pretty flexible as far as genere and I don't want any of the royalties from the game...just credit for writing the story, and I would still reserve the right to republish the story later if the opportunity arrises. By the way, don't judge my writing talent by the story that I put in the Backfire manual. That was intended to be kind of cheesy (like all of the tacked-on stories in the original Atari 2600 game manuals).
  10. My tag is "Chad Lare" (not the most original one ever) So far I have only palyed Halo2, but I also have Ghost Recon and Crimson Skies, so I'm sure I'll play those online at some point.
  11. It seems strange to me that people in an ATARI forum are complaining about having to do the same difficult task over and over again. That's what we grew up on. The only difference is that now you can actually win. If I didn't want repetative, frustrating games, I would have to throw away my entire 2600 collection (including "Backfire".) I have been stuck on missions plenty of times, but that's what I love about GTA. You can just go do something else for a while and come back to it later. Also, don't overlook the possibility of using a new strategy. Some missions (like the dance mission) are just a matter of getting it right, but others allow you to approach the situation in different ways. I got stuck on the level where you have to use the forklift to load the crates into the back of the truck. I was loading the crates and letting the other guy do the shooting. After I realized that it wasn't working I tried getting off of the forklift and shooting the enemies and loading the truck during the time that it takes for the enemies to regenerate. After I changed my approach it only took me a couple of tries.
  12. Sorry. I just noticed that you said that you were using the code disc (which I wasn't), so I guess my last post doesn't really apply.
  13. tantone56, What problems are you having with your PS2? I have an older one that was giving me a bunch of disc read errors (mostly with San Andreas, but with some other games too.) I called Sony and they gave me an address to send it in. They fixed it for free and now it works great.
  14. Maybe Rockstar should re-release the game with "white boy" subtitles. It would be something like this. CJ - "Yo holmes, what up?" Subtitles - "Greetings sir. How are you this fine day?"
  15. In order to get CJ up to 100% fatness, I invoked a strict "no running" policy and put him on a diet of 11 beef stack meals per day. When I hit the maximum fat level there was a popup that told me to go to the gym because being fat gave me an increased chance of a heart attack. Is it just saying that, or can you actually have a heart attack? As soon as I got him really fat the controller started randomly vibrating every once in a while. Is that a warning that he is about to keel over? I guess compared to all of the other things that can happen to you in San Andreas, a heart attack would not be such a bad way to go.
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