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  1. Milli is not good replying to 'constructive' negative emails. That is a fact and has been experienced on my attempted communication with 8bitM. I am a backer of Crazy Climber, but 8Bit will not allow me to post on 'backer' only discussions that show up on his website. Huh... I love what 8bit is doing for the Coleco / ADAM community. I have donated to his Archive site along with sending him controllers and other items when he requested them. On my end... he is a little sensitive and could improve his Customer Service skills.
  2. Possible problems? Pokey, PIA? (poke in advance) A man who wouldn't cheat for a poke don't want one bad enough. --
  3. AdamO


    Our family is having a great time playing Mean Santa....I told my grandboys they better be good this year, or Mean Santa will take all the presents.
  4. That would be fine. thanks
  5. wilco2009 - I would like to purchase one with the SD.
  6. Please put me on your list if still available. thank you
  7. AdamO

    SGM 5th run

    Obvious to everyone....some of you missed out and are trying to get the great SGM for the Colecovision. Sorry for you.....go back to phoenix and weep.
  8. AdamO


    Hello Tim - can you provide a link to purchase Mean Santa. thank you
  9. I would like to see how Earl Weaver Baseball or Joe Montana football would translate to Colecovison / Adam.
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