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  1. If you have a 3d printer i made a thumbstick style controller from ground up, you can find the printable files and necessary part list at this link so you can make one yourself. While it is not like using a gamepad, it is definetely a close experience and very similar to the neogeo pocket thumbstick (although I bet stiffer) EDIT: and as you can see in the post I did make a dual stick version that works exactly like you described
  2. LATEST RELEASE! 28/05/2021 1.6 CHANGELOG: no more screen rolling going in and out of the POW bonus mode, added sound effect when scoring, various optimizations BTT_1.6_PAL60.bin4 kB · 0 downloadsBTT_1.6_NTSC.bin4 kB · 0 downloads
  3. OUTDATED! UPDATE 03/04/2021 New in 1.5: graphical enhancements (look at those flickery visors!), game balance adjustments, added POW! combo bonus. WARNING: IF YOU DOWNLOADED 1.5, DO NOT PLAY IT THERE'S A MAJOR ISSUE FIXED IN THE 1.5.1... SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE btt_1.5.1_NTSC.binbtt_1.5.1_PAL.bin
  4. I present to you "BOB TEABAG TOURNAMENT", a 4K arcade game (this may change in the future) in which you do a "teabagging" race against a second player or the AI. The game is currently mostly feature complete but I want to use it as a test bed to learn more advanced batari basic features so changes will probably happen, however it is already fully playable in real hardware without bugs or issues of some sort (thx vhcz for the advices). Rules The player(s) race the opponent by executing correctly a full teabag move (up, mid, down, mid, up, mid, down....), every 69 points (green score) you get a sequence point (cyan score), wins the player that first reach the winning amount of sequences (10 or 69 based of the color switch setting). The game also features a combo system so players can get 2x, 4x or 8x multiplier (big pink numbers) for each teabag but if you move incorrectly you will lose the combo. There's also a special combo bonus, POW!, which allows you to block the other player and make him lose his current combo. Controls Joystick: UP, FIRE, DOWN Color switch: COLOR 69 sequences, BW 10 sequences (short play) Difficulty switches: BB two player mode BA easy AB medium AA hard "The FAQ" Q: How did you come up with such meme idea of a game? A: A friend of mine (BOB) was teabagging all bosses in Castlevania NES during a live stream, I said (joking) I was gonna make a 2600 game out of it, he and the audience challenged me to make it real so he could bring it live, 24H later the 1.4 was already out. DOWNLOADS 28/05/2021 1.6 CHANGELOG: no more screen rolling going in and out of the POW bonus mode, added sound effect when scoring, various optimizations BTT_1.6_PAL60.binBTT_1.6_NTSC.bin OLDER RELEASES
  5. MCP90

    Shadow Reflex

    Since the latest BETA release didn't show any bug neither I received any report from the community, it is to be considered the FINAL and COMPLETE version with no more work to be done, enjoy! Latest release 26_10_2020 [final release, previously known as beta during bug hunting] Added a game end New SECAM-like color scheme... FANCY! PAL60 release Tuned difficulty settings Tuned energy cell orbit and speed General code optimization & gameplay polishing General bugfixing (it should be the last one) Added an autofire function using the color switch shadow_reflex BETA 26_10_2020_NTSC.bin4 kB · 50 downloads shadow_reflex BETA 26_10_2020_PAL60.bin
  6. MCP90

    Shadow Reflex

    The Beta is here, the game can be considered complete! If no more issues are found this will be the last release. I added a bit of "lore" to introduce the game, I hope you like it. Latest release "BETA" 26_10_2020 Added a game end New SECAM-like color scheme... FANCY! PAL60 release Tuned difficulty settings Tuned energy cell orbit and speed General code optimization & gameplay polishing General bugfixing (it should be the last one) Added an autofire function using the color switch Known Issues: None so far... Let me know if you find something shadow_reflex BETA 26_10_2020_NTSC.bin shadow_reflex BETA 26_10_2020_PAL60.bin
  7. oh yeah it makes sense, the game is very cool as it is. If at completition there's still some rom space consider adding the dual stick option, while not strictly necessary it's an added bonus
  8. For some reason I can't edit my topic, in any case here it is a new video with a better demonstration with gameplay
  9. What an interesting concept, I like it! Currently the only thing I would change is to make screens not random at all and more like mazes, but that's just me EDIT: I forgot to mention, it would be really nice if you add a "twin stick" optional control mode like in RobotWar 2084
  10. MCP90

    Shadow Reflex

    LATEST RELEASE 19_10_2020 rewritten drone logic (drone sight for ramming is now cross shaped instead of a circle-ish) when in ramming mode the drone it will change sprite based of the main directon when in ramming mode the drone will cease fire and double it's speed "only" on the horizontal axis when the drone is in ramming mode the player ship will be in light grey color, unable to shoot and it will double its movement speed general code optimizations Known Issues rarely the enemy drone gets stuck on the playfield border rarely the drone will "YEET" out of the screen sometimes the drone will have an higher than intended ram speed shadow reflex 19_10_2020 NTSC.bin
  11. Here it is a picture, see the two little plastic pieces? Mind that that insertion is the same from were a bought mine, I don't know if it is just a case that mine came with those two plastic pieces. Watching again at the pictures, it looks like those were just cut off by hand. Also I found a better picture of other equivalent ones, with also those little posts, it seems they are clones of the omron B3F series with 12x12x7.3 mm measures
  12. Sure, here it is. It says omron in the back but I'm sure are not legit. Mind in the picture they do not have the two little "posts" in the bottom-middle but mine came with them and those are necessary to keep the switches perfectly aligned during assembly, check with the shop if they are gonna send them with or without. Regarding the joystick I suggest you to put a washer and two very tightly screwed nuts to retain the wheel at the bottom of the stick, the other two nuts are for the two upper parts, everything else screws is directly into plastic (I know, it is not the best thing ever but measures are tight and you need an hammer to break it once properly screwed in). aliexpress.com/item/2044227676.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.27424c4d4ZKMZb BTW I also have a dual stick version if you like this single one: it uses the same mechanism, it is basically two of these stuck together and will use both players ports. Useful for those very few twin stick shooters (RobotWar 2084 is a great example), although currently it is not wired because I need to buy two knew cables.
  13. As promised here it is the STL of a slightly improved version, it looks the same but fitting between parts is now spot on. Required parts are: 4x M4 x 14mm screws 1x M4 x 30mm screw 4x M4 nut 5x 12 x 12 x 7.3 mm tact switch (with mounting guides + 1 button keycap) 1x DB9 female + wire to connect ground between all switches BEWARE two parts of the joystick require to insert a nut mid printing so set your gcode to pause the print accordingly. I hope to see pictures of your prints soon, if you need help reply in this post or PM me. mini vcs stick 0.4.stl
  14. MCP90

    Shadow Reflex

    LATEST RELEASE 14_10_2020 after 4 hits to the player an "energy pill" will appear orbiting the enemy drone, catching it will restore the player energy. WATCH OUT, the drone will still try to ram you! added difficulty settings via console switches: BB = normal, AB = hard, BA = very hard, AA = extreme [normal setting highly suggested] when in "ramming mode" the drone will change sprite and color to warn the player about the danger minor color changes removed flashy boot screen Known Issues sometimes the enemy drone gets stuck near the player rarely the drone will do a very difficult to avoid ramming manouver shadow reflex 14_10_2020 NTSC.bin
  15. Hey all, I want to share my little 3d printed mini digital joystick for the VCS (and compatible). This little stick uses a design similar to some full size arcade sticks (reversed rocker stick) but simplified by using rugged big tactswitches, which allows a spring-less design. Currently it does not use a pcb which makes tedious to wire everything up but once assembled it is really sturdy, way more comfortable than the original stick and really really precise in all directions, mind it does not require any glue, it is all press fitted with screws. Here it is some pictures with all the parts and some assembly steps and a simple video with a small demonstration. If you want the STL and BOM you can just PM me but mind that I plan to improve it with a pcb or at least better screw holes.
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