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  1. Thanks Mitch, that's helpful! I will add it to the auction description so nobody else will get their panties in a wad.
  2. Mmmkay, Just checked, box doesn't have a serial number on it, so that's a no go. Everything on the box (and in the box) is in US English, just looked up a European/PAL 7800 box and apparently it looks like this So, either of two scenarios here: - Atari packaged and sold these in the mid 90s to get rid of inventory, and threw together whatever (like other commenter noted), I bought one which has been hiding out in my basement, and now I'm cleaning up and selling it, or - One my travels through the world I ended up at an Albanian village, where an old grandma motioned me to her cottage, and pulled out a 7800 box she sold me for $3 and a pair of Levis. I took the box home and hatched my evil plan to sell it 15+ years later as "Atari 7800 console, box, manual etc" Obviously someone else ran into the Albanian grandma too and posted the box here 3 years ago, hope they didn't get crucified for trying to sell it, and too bad it's not considered a rare label variant, or everyone would be spooging all over it. If it doesn't sell on ebay I'll take the whole lot and set it on fire to repent, I'll post the video here.
  3. I bought the console and most the games factory sealed in I think '94 or '95 from an electronics store in an outlet mall in the US. (It was a huge deal on usenet back at the time, they had many of the bundles for sale at outlet malls across the US). It's (obviously) an NTSC console, games, and the warranty and manual are all US. So no, I didn't go out an buy a PAL box from Europe trying to 'deceive'. Looks like this box was discussed here 3 years ago @ Since we're all in Philly, feel free to stop by and inspect and judge
  4. Complete bundle 32 games - all 7800, 23 CIB, 9 Cartridge only, only 1 dupe, so total of 31 unique games Console, Power Supply, Original Box, Manual, Warranty and extended warranty cards 2 x CX24 controllers 2 x CX78 Joypads, including screw-in sticks https://www.ebay.com/itm/164386863695 Game List: Name Condition Box/Manual Tested Ace of Aces Y/Y Y Asteroids Y/Y Y Ballblazer Y/Y Y Centipede Y/Y Y Crack'ed Y/Y Y Crossbow Y/Y Y Dark Chambers Y/Y Y Donkey Kong Box squished Y/Y Y Donkey Kong Jr Box squished Y/Y Y Galaga Y/Y Y Hat Trick Y/Y Y Jinks YY Y Joust Y/Y Y Karateka Y/Y Y Mat Mania Challenge Y/Y Y One-on-One Y/Y Y Robotron: 2084 Y/Y Y Basketbrawl Y/Y Y Summer Games Y/Y Y Touchdown Football Y/Y Y Tower Toppler Box squished Y/Y Y Winter Games Y/Y Y Xevious Y/Y Y Asteroids - copy 2 N/N Y Choplifter! N/N Y Desert Falcon N/N Y Dig Dug N/N Y F-18 Hornet N/N Y Fight Night N/N Y Food Fight N/N Y Ms. Pac Man N/N Y Pole Position II N/N Y
  5. Hi all, Just posted this on eBay, https://www.ebay.com/itm/164382214267 Sealed in box (squished some), for the 7800 Thanks
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