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  1. I start the tests with the 4 in 1 "27C256_Phoenix_Hero_Kangaroo_Ms pac man" and only Hero don't worked, so I separeted the 4 games and replaced "Hero" with other "Hero" from the 4x1 dump of the thread above, so the 4 games work.
  2. The pcb schematics and pictures of the first thread, with the games of the second one is exactly what I have, I think the dumps you send me will not work on this pcb/bankswitch, but I will test anyway.
  3. Hello my friend, I need games with the same bankswitch of this cartridge, have you done a dump? know where I can find 8k games with the same bankswitch?
  4. Hello friends, I need the dump of these four 8k games or other dumps (8k games) with the same bankswitch to use on a pcb identical to this post.
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