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  1. FreeFall


    This video was helpful for me... There the guy tells where to get the emu and the patch.
  2. FreeFall


    Any way to convert them.. without having any knowledge of coding?
  3. FreeFall


    Have been waiting that they approve my joining request...
  4. FreeFall


    Hello there! (sorry about my bad english) They say! "Phoenix Project" is the most accurate emulator and i pretty much agree with that pretty much since most of the people are talking about games emulation. When i personally get ANY emulator... the first thing that i want to try to emulate are demos. And in this case we're NOT talking about "prototypes", "rev 1", "a1", "alpha" etc releases of games. We are talking about demos made by guys from so called demoscene. Well here comes my issue and it might sound funny for you, but it have been annoying me as long that i wanted to type about it here and hoping someone somehow could help me to understand what i'm doing wrong or what's the problem of the case. So here we go. I've managed to run next ones on Phoenix - Cloudy - Silly Venture 2k18 Invitation - Tripper - Wiggle - Sommarhack 2016 Invite But can anyone tell me why i can't run next ones on Phoenix? - J_ (.jag) - Morphonic Lab XII - Contarum Invitation (.jag) - Silly Venture 2013 Invite (.abs) You guys maybe can test and have also you surely have way better knowledge about this things and maybe know a way to make them run on Phoenix.
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