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  1. I managed to figure out what it is! I got in contact with someone who worked at Xbox and supposedly they put together 20-40 of these game codes and gave them to some employees at Microsoft along with a drinking glass and one other thing they couldn't quite remember. So it seems to be a code with a few games on it given to the Employees at Xbox.
  2. Just tried out the code right now. Xbox detected it, but unfortunately the code has been used.
  3. Hey! I normally don't post on forums, but while I was at my local thrift store yesterday I picked up an Xbox 360 game I can't seem to find online. The game is titled: "Games on Demand - NO DISC REQUIRED". I live in the Redmond Washington area where Microsoft is based and it looks like a game that was given out to Microsoft employees on the distribution team. Inside the case there is no disc, it is just a piece of paper with a code (that I scribbled out). Based off the front of the box the code just gives you some generic 360 titles, nothing too special. It's not anything super special, but something that I find interesting enough to make a quick post about! I'm just curious if anyone knows anything about this and what games it may consist of? Thank you!
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