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  1. By the way, it was a tan color building, not off white when I worked there. Funny story for the day: When Tramiel bought the company, He came to visit and he parked his Rolls Royce In the number one spot at the front. A handicapped spot. An engineer on my team called and had it towed. 😏
  2. Yes. If I wasn’t 2,000 miles away now I would see when demo'ition begins and gather some momentos for sure. Maybe someone who still lives there will. I still have some bricks from the original farm building that was torn down for the “new” (not the current) Apple HQ in the 80’s.
  3. Sad to hear, having worked at 1265 Borregas. It was the home of Atari’s IT department as well, so we had all the good and bad detailed info first. VP’s used to come to our department to try and pry month end results from us ahead of official release. The stories about herbal smells coming from the 2nd floor (executives) about 4:00 occasionally are true. Well, prior to Warner anyway. Many other stories are also true. It was definitely the most fun place I experienced in my career. But I sure learned life lessons about how not to run a company that I took with me. It’s all about the product stupid, not the brand! I could go on for days. Glad a friend sent me a link to this so I finally joined! Here are some pix from my last visit there about 3 years ago.
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