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  1. The FireTV and Powerline adapters have been claimed and shipped. Working through the Mac requests currently.
  2. I need to clear out a bit of older electronics to make some space and some of those I'll post here. All of these items are free if you're interested--just pay the cost of shipping. I'll ship to the continental US--sorry to those outside. PM me with any questions or to claim any of the items. CLAIMED 15" MacBook Pro (Early 2008), 2GB RAM, 200GB HD, clean install of OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard) This laptop is well-used, but still working. The keyboard and trackpad work intermittently (by intermittently, I mean they mostly don't work.) I've not had any problems using an external keyboard and mouse. The screen is in good condition. Not sure how much charge, if any, the battery still holds. Includes the AC adapter. CLAIMED NetGear Powerline 1200 +extra outlet This set allows an ethernet connection over your house powerlines. 2-unit set. CLAIMED Amazon FireTV (1st Gen) This unit is working and has an extra remote. Includes the unit, AC adapter, two remotes, and the box.
  3. I have decided to keep this drive for the present.
  4. I'm looking to add a Commodore 1541-II drive to my collection. I have an extra Commodore 1571 floppy drive in good, working condition that I would like to trade for a 1541-II drive in good working condition. Here are some pictures of my 1571 drive: I've been using the drive without issue. The performance test completes successfully. The alignment test shows good alignment as well. I'd want to trade with someone who's willing to carefully pack and protect the drive for shipping. If you happen to be near the metro Atlanta area, I could meet-up somewhere to swap to avoid shipping.
  5. Back in the day I used the Paperclip word processor on my 64. I really liked it better than any other one I tried. I bought the Batteries Included BI-80 80 column card for my 64. The only software I had that it worked with was Paperclip. Also it connected inline in the composite output between the 64 and the monitor. I remember it impairing the video quality a bit when 80 column mode wasn’t enabled so I didn’t leave it connected all the time. I remember it being an expensive peripheral at the time. I think it was about $100 in the mid 80s. Although it greatly enhanced Paperclip, I don’t know that it was worth it in 80s dollars. I do still have this gem in my collection.
  6. Purchased some DVDs from Sputnik2600. Shipped quickly and packed well. Happy with the deal.
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