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  1. Picked up a few more things from work today... Sears Tele-games copies of Canyon Bomber and Target Fun. The boxes are pretty beat and Target Fun is missing the manual but oh well at least they were cheap. Some other loose carts I was missing. Excited to nab the Tele-games Football since I already had the manual. Text label concentration is a nice add too. And 2 Genesis controllers for use on the VCS. Er, I mean one Genesis controller and one Computer Video Game Control Pad courtesy of Blockbuster Video. Almost forgot a very clean VCS owners manual with the log book card/ warranty card
  2. Idk but if they are they are from high-rez scans on glossy, heavy stock paper.
  3. Indeed! With graphics that required so much imagination, they had to be
  4. I meant per capita...with only 5 games and all being around $500 and up. You're probably right tho all things Neo Geo being stupid expensive throws off the curve I'm sure. But Kudos to you nonetheless.
  5. Congrats to you on completing the library! I'm not sure, but I think the Super Grafx might be, per capita, the most expensive library to complete.
  6. More work acquisitions from the past few days.... picked up copies of Swordquest: Earthworld and Fireworld with the manuals and comics. Both are in EA branded SNES clamshells for some unknown reason. Also a loose cart of Crystal Castles. And a Ricochet pong clone by Microelectronic Systems Corp. Weird thing is the power converter we had bundled with it is a light grey Atari branded one I have never seen before. It says Made in Japan on it, unlike my other VCS power converter that says Made in Taiwan.
  7. The pig one is definitly Pooyan. The Boooom one is Bomberman, but the title screen is changed so it just reads "Bomb Man"
  8. More Atari (and related) stuff from my collection: 2600 Defender & Swordquest: Earthworld with the manuals and comics. Swordquest is in an EA SNES clamshell (?). I always wonder how these things happen. This one takes some explaining (shameless plug alert)...on the left is a 4" lathecut record that my band (Deschtuco) released a few years ago. The song is a short tune called Phoenix, next to the 2600 cart of Phoenix and some Atari stickers for scale. And an original 1981 Aladdin brand Pac-Man lunchbox with thermos bottle.
  9. Take a whiff of my bootleg, baby! A grip of bootleg famicom carts I picked up at work today, and a Honeybee adapter to play em on the NES. I am totally fascinated by the black market forces that cause these things to exist (I also collect bootleg records). Anyone have any info on these (or at least what market they were originally made for)?
  10. So I recently acquired a case for 2600 cartridges with this little logo on it and no other info about who released it except this tiny logo sticker (about the size of a US postage stamp) on the dust cover. Anyone have any idea who manufactured this thing?
  11. Where did you get that sign? That's awesome!
  12. And now the Atari collection, Also recently acquired from my work for a song. 6-switch VCS with keypad controllers (with bracket). Sticker on the board is dated April 22 1982. And the Sears Tele-games center. Owners manual, logbook (not written in), catalogs and original power adapter box that mentions the unreleased Tank II console Atari picture labels Atari text-labels Atari silver labels Atari manuals (including keypad overlays for Star Raiders and Basic Programing) Sears Tele-games carts and manuals Activision carts, manuals and catalogs Other 3rd party carts, manuals and catalogs
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