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  1. Yeah I'd start with replacing that. If it blows again their something else wrong. On a side note that fuse you are speaking of was replaced by a pig tail fuse holder on one of the Intellivision 2's I purchased off of ebay. So must be common for that one to blow. I'd have to look it up about the voltage regulator but that looks right.
  2. Yeah I tried a cheaper one from Amazon for a SNES Mini that I was trying to connect to HD CRT that didn't have HDMI but DVI so I needed to extract the audio from the HDMI to plug into the A/V ports. Needless to say I didn't have any luck out of it. I lost interest in the project and just gave up on it. If i try again I'll look for that Tripp Lite adapter you recommend.
  3. I have no issue paying for the official release of the game. I wanna support Atari and it's kinda nice to have a guide to 7800 games I've never played before.
  4. Yeah it's a lot better with the double sticks on the Modern controller.
  5. Well guess that doesn't include the Gamestop Purple ones.
  6. Hope everyone who going has fun. Hope there are more east coast events scheduled.
  7. Got it on the VCS it's pretty neat game. I really enjoy having these titles on the VCS. Helps the value of the system for me. I like that it has a two player function. The power up's are really neat. Fun to try it out with the classic controller as well.
  8. Lack of sleep will do that to ya. I work midnights so I know it. I'm looking forward to Centipede though.
  9. It's the 28th so you got one more day.
  10. Glad the updates are coming out. I wasn't enjoying the game in it's original state but I want to try the improvements.
  11. Retro reimagined games. It feels good that games from the past are returning.
  12. I got mine off Ebay. I think I'd buy it from Atari though since you have that option. If they come back with a delay in shipping for whatever reason I'd go to Ebay or Best Buy.
  13. Yeah I got two and the box I just need a working console. Once again thanks for the help.
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