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  1. I understand your concern. I hear constant horror stories with shipping from the US to Australia(through eBay), although this is mainly due to a poorly run company that barely has anything to do with eBay, and literally takes EVERYTHING FROM THE ENTIRE USA into just ONE shipping center for items going out of country. Not sure if the other way around applies, but nice items like that can always be a concern, especially if it's a CRT, those are usually the worst. Reason why I'll never get one shipped again, lol. Usually though, you can find a seller that is willing to pay more for a better shipping service for items like your Falcon030. I've only ever purchased items overseas from Japan I think, so I am not too well versed with shipping FROM Australia. Hopefully someone has some good recommendations for you!
  2. This is really cool, I had never seen one of the Atari Adventure Centers. Really enjoyed that video! Looks like the St. Louis location has a couple of nice photos on Google Images, though I wish there were a few more quality photos of these other locations, they look very clean and fun! Here's a list of pretty much all of them according to https://mcurrent.name/atarihistory/adventure_properties.html Atari Video Adventure at Marriott's Great America, Santa Clara CA (not verified; I (mc) suspect this location may not have been included in the transaction. Who can verify??) Atari Adventure Amusement Center in Seaports of the Pacific at Disneyland Hotel, 1150 W. Cerritos Ave., Anaheim CA Distant view of the entrance (The Atari Adventure at Northwest Plaza, St. Ann, MO (St. Louis area) had closed by this time.) Atari Adventure at Crestwood Plaza #240, St. Louis MO. Family entertainment center including Atari 800XL computers (required for local zoning compliance) Atari Adventure in the Olympic section at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas NV Atari Adventure at The Riviera, Las Vegas NV Atari Adventure at Gwinnett Place Mall, 2100 Pleasant Hill Rd., Duluth GA Atari Adventure at 208 Duval St., Key West FL Atari Adventure at Northpark Mall, 1200 County Line Rd. E., Ridgeland MS (near Jackson)
  3. Hello all. A few days ago I made a post in the 8-bit computer section talking about a t-shirt I designed and made for myself to match my XE prototype monitor. Post here: With this, I figured that other people might want shirts to match the 130XE system, as well as the XEGS. To my surprise quite a lot of people do, so I will be taking the time very soon to design many apparel options. I will make an actual sales post soon about this! My question is; Which website should I use? I've heard good things about Teespring, Redbubble, and Printful, but I'm just not sure which I should focus on using. (This would be my first time doing this afterall!) If you guys also use any of these, which one/ones do you use, and if you have other sites you would suggest, I am open to hear them! (Also, maybe explain why you use/prefer the site that you do). I would also like to know if you guys might prefer to use other selling sites along with these custom print shops, like shopify, ebay, etc. I plan to possibly purchase a domain and create a website, although I would like to hear if you guys recommend if I do that or not. I am located in the US if that changes anything. Thank you all!
  4. Short sleeves are a definite, and long sleeves will more than likely be an option if I do get to producing anything this season! Truthfully, pockets are unlikely (as well as button up shirts), although I will definitely take them into consideration when I get to designing the shirts! Thank you for the question!
  5. I can see a few people are interested in some 130XE style shirts. I will do my best to start work on some designs this following week, and will take my time to add more detail as well as MUCH higher accuracy. I hope to make some shirt designs of store quality! For now I will work on just these XE systems: 65XE, 130XE, and XEGS. The 65XE and 130XE will have pretty much the same designs, while I may work on a few different ones for the XEGS. I plan on creating at least two styles for each shirt; one that matches the design of the system (like the shirt I created for my xc1411), as well as a design that matches the boxes these systems were sold in, as well as an extra design or two for the XEGS which I plan to integrate the style and colors of the games and/or their boxes. If anyone has suggestions, I am open to hear! I do hope to make some profit from this so I want to produce whatever the people want most! Thank you all!
  6. Whoops! Messed up the "C" also. Honestly surprised I missed that. Guess that's the problem with "prototypes", lol. (At least I didn't dremel and short it with a paperclip). Jokes aside, only I am to blame for these mistakes as I was uncaringly rushed when designing this) I honestly don't mind though, yet that would definitely be something I fix if I were to get another shirt printed (although that was about a third of my PayPal Ballance being in college still, haha). Another thing is that I added a dithering effect to the text to make it look aged, although the ink I guess was a bit heavy and didn't show up at all on the white or grey. I would also deepen that effect next time as well as I quite liked it while editing. Sadly the place that prints it near me (Think Ink) doesn't seem to have metallic colors, so the grey is the best I can do even though the badge on the system reflects light on those letters/numbers quite a bit. That's my shfeel; Anyone else have critiques?
  7. I love the design of the XE style machines, so I took it upon myself to design something simple with similar style and colors to this line of Atari computers. I was thinking of doing one for the 130XE as there's supposedly little to no apparel that was ever made to match this look. I decided to go with one that was made exclusively for my prototype. Only cost $25 with tax too, I'm quite pleased. The font was nearly perfect too, only the 4 doesn't match 100%! Let me know if you think I should make more designs for the XE and possibly even the ST lines as it seems that only the 400, 800, lynx, jaguar, 2600, 5200, and 7800 ever currently get things made. If I get enough people asking maybe I'll even open up a new thread in the sales forum and sell them? It'd definitely be my first time marketing anything if that's the case! Thanks mom for the idea!
  8. The tube may be the same one used somewhere else, although I would think the board as well as the case is more custom, especially the front of the case in order to fit the badge. Although other than that, Atari was pretty lazy with this monitor in the sense that it was kind of rushed, as well as the XF521 proto floppy drive shell from what I've heard. Honestly though, if you want a good monitor that matches the XE while also looking very similar to this prototype, just get a video converter for the GoldStar manufactured SC1224. Main difference then can only be the size (2 inches).
  9. I've opened it up finally for the first time and noticed a few things. First off, I think that giant capacitor is blown? I could be wrong, but that's what I looks like to me? Also, the horizontal position adjuster is completely loose, bad solder on multiple of its pins. This makes me wonder if there's a bad solder somewhere else too? The tube itself I would think may be fine, as well as the power supply and sound. Never repaired a crt before, so I'm not sure if it needs a new fuse at all. I will say that this things is surprisingly dirty inside, I'll have to carefully clean it. No clue if there's a bridged connection anywhere from the dirt/dust. If anyone else notices anything else, please let me know. It seems this monitor will need just a little more restoration than I initially thought, as well as maybe two 3d printed replacement parts once I get a 3d printer. (Supports and screwposts. It's odd cause I didn't notice until just now that when the case was spray painted, Atari missed most of the bottom, lol.
  10. I was browsing the internet as per usual and then I just happened to ask myself: was there ever a store kiosk produced specifically for the XEGS? The short answer is likely no, but if there was one that existed it would be very interesting to know. Also, if it does and anyone happens to have pictures then that would be very informative as google provides nothing. I ask this as I know Atari produced kiosks for pretty much all of their home game consoles (including the lynx), as well as a few of their computers. It would be very odd for Atari to have never produced a kiosk for this system, but then again maybe I'm wrong and they just didn't. Just a thought, but I plan on building a few custom kiosks and maybe I should consider designing something for the XEGS if nothing actually existed, thoughts?
  11. Hello everyone, I have tried contacting a few businesses in my area, although they said that they do not repair out of house, or they redirected me to repairmen far out of state and seemingly overpriced with limited tube models they can/will repair. I am okay with repairing my prototype myself, although I wanted to weigh my options first to see if there was a good and reproable repairman/business in the northern Illinois/Chicago area that may be able to do a more professional job with a less likely chance of somehow messing stuff up. I do NOT plan on shipping. If anyone thinks they might know of someone/someplace that google may not immediately list, please let me know!
  12. Crystal Lake, Illinois (Northern Chicago area)
  13. Just got mine within the last 2 weeks, so I haven't played around with it too much yet. Supposedly from a former Atari employee too, which is nice as the ram was maxed out, lol.
  14. Here's a link to my cartridge games shelf. I'll make more posts in the future with my consoles!
  15. This is my shelf of just my cartridge games. It's also pictured next to my recently made XE/400 computer display cabinet. I tried to focus more on the atari games. Whenever I see other people's amazing collections, I always get envious, but then I remember; they have more money than me, and I had to collect all of this only over the last 3 years, which has probably been the most expensive and lackluster years for collecting. All in all, I'm pretty happy with my collection. The rarest and nicest thing in my opinion is the wooden handmade storage piece made specifically for the 2600 back in the 80's. Not sure if anyone else has one, but it's definitely a beauty and a piece of art! Also, yes, I have alphabetically organized every normal cartridge.
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