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  1. I’m not talking about 1993-1995, i’m speaking about today. Retro consoles and games are in demand and have a cult following in 2020. I’m surprised with all the highly intelligent and talented programmers that a 2600 adapter has not be made.
  2. I have a small living room, so I keep my ps4 hooked up with one retro console. I use my Jag pretty often and that’s why i’d rather have that with a 2600 adapter and i’d be in heaven. it has to be possible to make this a reality in 2020.
  3. I hope someday a unit can be made for the Jaguar to play 2600 carts. Seems possible no? Even using the jag parallel port in the back?
  4. Right!!! Wouldn’t it be easy to do since the Jag has the 6800 Motorola in it already?
  5. I was considering purchasing a 7800 just for a few select titles but mostly because I can have one system hooked to my TV as I have 50+ 2600 games, and the backwards capability is very attractive in this set up, my question is, Was an adapter ever made or thought up for the Atari Jaguar to play 2600 games? Ala the power base for the Sega Genesis that allowed master system games to be played on it?
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