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  1. Ok cool! what's the first one called/do you have a link?
  2. If you don't mind my asking, do I need anything else? There's a needle on the female end, which is where I'd assume I'd be putting the Atari cord- but that needle is in the way of the plug/needle in the cord since they're in the same place, right?
  3. Thank you! Probably, haha. It's something I had laying around, and I think it's cute. It's actually not a female audio jack- there's one in the front, and that looks quite different. The inside of the antenna port is too large, and smooth. I'll look into the transformer!
  4. Nope, what you see is what exists, save an aux cord in the front.
  5. Hello! I have a probably stupid dilemma, but no matter how I look high or low, all I can find online is how to connect a 2600 to a modern tv. Well, I don't want to connect it to a modern tv. I have a 2002 pk 4184 tv-radio I want to use. Ports on it? Simple question: it has exactly one; an "Ex Ant" (presumably external antenna) port. There's also an onboard antenna of course. Is there any sort of adapter that can connect the RF cable that came with the atari to it? Or am I just going to need to get an antenna box for the atari and find it's "station"? I feel like it would be better to hardwire it if I can. Here's an image of both items:
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