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  1. I saw an old post that alluded to the fact you repaired Adam data pack drives. Do you still do that? Or is that something I should be able to do myself?

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    2. Milli Vee

      Milli Vee

      I’ve posted a few videos on repairing the wheel on my YouTube channel - let me ask if anyone knows what that card is 



    3. Richlb


      Someone did identify it as a RAM expansion. 

    4. Richlb


      I ordered some tubing to try and replace the encoder wheel. Hoping I can pull it off. I'm asked how new this machine works. Since it's been in a box for 20+ years it has no yellow to it. Compared to my other Adam it's like night and day.

  2. I posted on here a few days ago about setting up a full system I've had in a box for about 20 years. It works! Well, mostly - the data pack drives have gunky wheels which I need to remedy and the printer head sticks to the rubber cylinder a bit. But - what is this board under the cover? I see the AdamLink module, but there is also a translucent board sticking up in there. What is that? Extra memory? Doesn't really look like it. Can't seem to find any info on what it might be.
  3. This one says it's not complete, and the pics don't show a power supply so that must be what's missing. I'll Google around to try and find one. I have a feeling it's going to be something impossible to find.
  4. This has a disk drive in addition to two data pack drives in the machine. Just wondering since I don't see a separate cable for that floppy disk drive whether it hooks to the printer or needs its own power supply, and if they are something standard and easy to get.
  5. I have been in possession of a boxed Coleco Adam for about 20 years. I recently opened it up. On first glance it's not fully complete but appears to have most of the stuff in the box. This weekend I want to try and set it up. Any tips? It had one of the disk drives in the box but not seeing a power adapter for it. It's a separate one from the printer power supply right? Do I need to buy a replacement power supply? Are they hard to come by?
  6. I have a system that doesn't produce any sound from the unit. Are the speakers notorious for breaking? Or is it more likely a problem with another component?
  7. I have 2 Adams, both with a single data drive. Can I move one from the non-working machine into the second bay of the working machine?
  8. So I have two boxed Fairchild Channel F systems. Each one has a different box design. I'm pretty sure neither is a system 2 version - they are the same exact hardware, just a different box - one has simply a picture of the system, the other also has colorful pictures of people. Does anyone know if one box is more or less rare than the other? The one with just a system photo is actually made of thicker cardboard. Mostly I'm curious because the systems aren't in mint condition, but by mixing parts I can make one in excellent shape and one in so-so shape. Just curious which box to keep it in to have the best representation of the system.
  9. I have 3 O2s and 2 of them have the female-type AC adapter (which I have) but one of them needs the male-tip which I don't have. Is there a recommended replacement unit, doesn't have to be OEM. Want to see if it works but can't without an adapter.
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