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  1. well, trying to get this working during "ON FRAME" was a disaster....lol. I think for now I will shelve this code and just get the rest of the game done first. For now, the enemies will just explode and disappear when hit... I'm almost done with the base game loop, so I'd rather focus on getting this to work from game start to game over first. Then I can add bells and whistles like sound, music, and extra effects. I will come back to this eventually....I want it to work just like the coin-op.
  2. thanks for all the tips. This all makes sense and it good programming habits in general. I think it is always easy to start out with everything organized, but the code can quickly spiral out of control if you don't keep these items in mind. I still have not had time to really dig into the code.....I swear tomorrow will be the day! Work has been very busy so I have no been in the mood to code after.
  3. I think I kinda, sorta do this.....but this is good advice that I will make sure I follow.
  4. you read my mind. That is what I am planning to do - use a flag during ON FRAME that only launches the code to move the sprite down to the screen until it hits the bottom. Then set the flag back to off. I'm going to try this tomorrow and will report back. If I can't get it right that I will probably just destroy the sprite without the extra drama..... And no, I never programmed 'scene demos.' I have not done serious programming since the 1990's. INTYBASIC is my first attempt at getting back into it....lol
  5. Ok, this is good.....I had a feeling it had to be done during the "ON FRAME" event, but I will have to add additional logic because of course this happens when a bullet collides with a sprite. Should be easy enough to move that logic up to "ON FRAME"..it is something like IF COL6 AND $003F THEN ' check if bullet hits any enemy sprites thanks! I will give this a go later when I am not stuck at work...lol
  6. Hi all - It's been a while. Had a very busy June and July, but now I'm starting to get back on track with programming. I've got a generic question that I can provide more details (or a video) if needed, but I think an explanation will suffice. I've programmed a bullet and when it collides with an enemy spirte, rather that just have the enemy explode and disappear, I instead have it plummet from the sky straight down until it hits the bottom of stage, and THEN it splats and disappears. I have this working great but with one major issue: when this code (a procedure I call using GOSUB) executes, it causes everything else on the screen to wait (ie, freeze). What am I missing to have this piece of code operate independently of everything else around it? let me know if you need more info.... thanks all!
  7. I definitely need to look into this....I have not delved into sound effects and music at all yet. I'm sure this will be one of the more easier (and more fun) things to play with
  8. i've decide that Returnal is just a boring game. The game loop is not interesting enough to keep me going. After about 15 deaths I got to the first boss and of course died. Problem is, the whole dungeon reshuffles the rooms so you have to battle your way back to the boss again, which most of the time is always many rooms away. No shortcuts. So, you probably will die again at some point trying to get there again. You always have the random chance to enter a room and get locked into a sub-boss fight, or have a bunch of winged enemies spawn right on top of you for a cheap death. Or you get to the boss with a crappy weapon or 50% health. The same rooms over and over and over again, with no real way to upgrade yourself to have a better chance. So now, I've been to boss maybe 6 or 7 times. It's just bullet hell boss, with THREE forms, so one or two mistakes end the whole run. And then you have to start all over from scratch again No thanks. Deleted it. Maybe I will reinstall it if they ever patch in some fun. I'm all for challenging games. But this one is poorly executed with not enough rewards to justify making you do the same thing over and over
  9. Fun Fact: Shigeru Miyamoto's work porting the classic side scrolling arcade beat'em up Kung-Fu Master to the Famicom (NES) inspired his work for Super Mario Brothers. Fun Fact 2: In Japan, Kung-Fu Master is called Spartan X, which is a tie in to the excellent Jackie Chan movie of the same name known in the US as Wheels on Meals. In the film, Chan's character is named Thomas and by the end of the movie he, Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao have to climb to the top of a Spanish castle in order to rescue Thomas' girlfriend. Of course, the game actually draws the most inspiration from Bruce Lee's Game of Death.
  10. i was the only one in college with this system, nobody ever heard of it. They all had the NES or Genesis. So many great games on this system, and so many MORE great PC Engine imports. The Bonk series was epic, but my favorite was the Jackie Chan game. That was on the NES as well.
  11. yeah, it has rogue like elements. The thing people whine most about is that you can't save the game. I'm only the first 'level', so to speak, but I don't see this as a problem. I've never had a session last so long I wanted a break. The games are fast paced and I don't think I've ever played more than an hour without dying. There are some very limited permanent upgrades you get to keep, but you always start over with a standard weapon and nothing else. I guess people have to put themselves in a room with no enemies and then put the PS5 in sleep mode to techincally 'suspend' their game. Maybe the other levels will take much longer to explore but I personally don't see that as a problem. I'm more troubled by boredom. The combat is really shallow so asking you to do the same thing over and over and over is a bit much with too little of a reward.
  12. I gotta say, Returnal is really ticking me off. I'm a HUGE Housemarque fan, I think I have played everyone single one of their games so I was excited to try out their first big budget AAA game. The game is as beautiful looking and smooth playing as I expect from them, but the game loop is really tedious. I'm still on the first part and FINALLY got to the very first boss after about, I think 17 deaths. At the end of the day, it's just a bunch of rooms shuffled in a deck, with a few random elements thrown in. But this randomness really hurts now that I've gotten to the first boss. I just want to get back to it and play it and learn how to beat it. But now I still need to play the same rooms over and over again to get there, and you get impatient and rush it and next thing you know you die. Or then you play carefully but still need to look around and try to find some health pickups or mods or the right weapons to give you the best chance. I at least completed the side mission to get the item that makes things easier, but it is still, I hate to say it, boring. And the boss just sucks. I hate bosses with multiple health bars that just stand there shoot a zillion projectiles. I know they are known for bullet hell games, but still, not a good first impression. The whole mystery around the story is not enough to make me want to keep playing. Oh well.....there is always Demon's Souls......nobody can beat the way From Software perfected the formula.
  13. I finally for the Digital Edition today. I got one of those invites from Sony Direct to buy one on Monday. You get in queue before they open it up to the public, so it was easy to get one and I got next day shipping for free. It was very easy to set up and downloads are FAST. I downloaded Demon's Souls and Returnal and was playing Demon's souls in 20 minutes. And wow, what a remake. The graphics, sound and gameplay is so good. The intro level seemed different than I remember but once I left the Nexus for the first level, the game was exactly as I remember and I got all the way and beat the Phalanx without dying. So good!!!! I'll try Returnal later tonight. I may play these 2 game before I connect my PS4 and download some saves for the game I was playing on the PS4
  14. Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Bueller? I'll poke around the folder in a bit later and see if I can find a text dump of the changes I made......otherwise, I'll just have to make them again....oh well. Small problem to have when I have such a robust library of arcade coin-ops. I really love the golden age of the arcades. So many awesome, simple games.
  15. Hi - I made several edits to games while on the Emulationstation menu itself. I always use the "save on exit" option when I am editing my lists (and uncheck it when I am not so it wont always update the times played and reload every boot). Typically, I will edit a few games and then restart Emulationstation so as to make sure the changes get saved to file. However, I edited several games and called up another game to test it but it froze on the screen. It just froze. I could not get it to exit back to the emulationstation. After waiting a few minutes, I finally had to just power down Raspberri Pi. Unfortunately this will not trigger the 'save on exit' option so I lose my edits. This happens on occasion and it's is annoying to lose progress. So, two questions: (1) When this happens, it there any other way to kill the process when CTRL-C and all the other keyboard and control button presses don't work? Is there any way I can connect to the machine from the laptop and issue a command to kill the process? I was going to try to delete the ZIP file that crashed or try to at least end the mame2010 process trying to run it. I was trying to connect to my Pi (using the IP address) from my laptop and on some nights for some reason it won't connect...it's really annoying. I connect directly to my Pi when I want to make bulk edits to any GAMELIST.XML or edit any configuration files (EMULATORS.CFG) or copy new images over, so I can get around using my laptop when it wants to work. (2) By any chance, is this updated text dumped into a file anywhere on the system before they get saved to the GAMELIST.XML, or are these changes just kept in memory and lost when you power down ? thanks
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