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  1. there is a cartridge on Mercari for 17 bucks. No overlays, but you can find find them online and memorize it.
  2. thanks again DZ for turning me onto the SDK. It has made things so much faster and smoother development wise. I can make a quick change and test it with 2 keystrokes now. I'm sure the debug mode will pay dividends soon...I'm almost ready to start working on the meat of the project.
  3. Bagman is such a great game. I'll have to fire it up and see if I can beat it. If worse comes to worse I'll go into the dip switch settings and make it easier Another great game that sort of reminds me of Bagman is Peter Pack Rat (Atari).
  4. Another good controversial title is the original Japanese version of Bionic Commando, Top Secret. It had to remove Hitler's name and omits the swastikas.
  5. The Thrill Kill story is so depressing. The game is actually not that great, but I still love the entire 4 player CONCEPT and most of the characters. I thought the Wu Tang game built off the engine was just ok. I've been waiting for the day to come that this title is reborn, but for now, I can at least play it on my Raspberry Pi build. I have the complete version with all the cinematics end cutscenes. Eternal Champions is another depressing story. That is, IMO, the best console exclusive fighting game ever, and the CD really added so much new great and violent content. I also love all the multiplayer options. I can't believe the Sega Saturn sequel was cancelled because they were worried it would compete with Virtua Fighter. It's another game that is supposed to be making a comeback, but it's been a couple years since I've seen an update. My contribution to the thread is Chiller. I loved those Exidy shooters like Crossbow and Cheyanne, and this is the best one they made!!! Exidy has a great library of arcade classics, and Death Race was pretty controversial as well.
  6. I need to go over this big list and chime in at some point. For now, I'll add just one that I was playing the other day. There are so many hidden gems to go the classics The Pit...1982 AW Electronics This game was an inspiration for the classic Bolderdash series. It was nice to see Solar Warrior (Xain'd Sleena) get some love. The only time I ever saw that game was in our college game room. I got a job there, and after I would close for the night, I would play it. Eventually, I could run the game on 1 quarter.
  7. that's awesome...and the reason why this community thrives. Perhaps someday I'll know enough to be helpful to the new users. Every day I'm learning something new. Like the color stack mode. I didn't quite "get it" until I tinkered with it. Now I kind of know how it works. Eventually, I'll come up with cool ways to use and abuse it. I actually wanted to be a computer programmer. The only award I won in high school was for BASIC programming. (I fell a couple of points shy on the Pascal award my senior year). Unfortunately, my math and physics were not strong enough and I went a different route in college - a decision I regret today. Now I am just a data analyst and pretty much just use SQL these days, but hey it still pays the bills. Now that my kids are older and have their own lives, I have more free time. A few years ago I got a converted Joust arcade cabinet that had 16 games on the board, All the Williams classics including my all time favorite - Defender. Unfortunately the wiring was done poorly and the cabinet wood was falling apart so I ditched it. Then I learned about the raspberry Pi and emulation. I'm so amazed at all these brilliant programmers who wanted to preserve all these forgotten about arcade machines and built emulation software. I don't consider it pirating software when all these companies abandoned these licenses. I got in on this at the perfect time because now the companies have caught on and are rereleasing everything, making it hard to find this stuff on the internet. I had such a successful time building up a catalog that I had to upgrade from a 32 gig to 64 gig. Really, I'm ready for another upgrade now...haha. I've got 20 systems on this thing now, but my coin-ops are the pride and joy. Then, having all these great games wasn't good enough...I still wanted that coin-op arcade experience. So, I ordered a build it yourself bartop machine from gameroomsolutions.com. Man, that was a chore but I did it! I wanted to have the classic Street Fighter 2 set up for 2 players with the 6 button controls. It took me 2 months, but I got it all up and running...did all the wiring myself...so hard. Replaying Intellivision games was just so awesome.....and now I am trying to make one. So funny, we might have noticed this before, but we are both in NC. Once COVID is over (I got my first shot this AM), I will be a frequent patron of the NODA brewery and bar scene.... take it easy, and thanks again for your help. I'm sure I will post a new topic soon when I get stumped making a scrolling screen and adding random events to it, or can't quite figure out how to properly calculate time....
  8. oh, I know that...but I created my own crude template that serves a similar purpose. The SDK version is way better. When I created the project for my new game I used the option for no title since I already have it and just let it build out the folder structure. I believe in the "no need to reinvent the wheel" mantra. I leave that stuff to the pros. You guys are the best - creating tools for us who need things easier just because you can and want to help. I will take any and all tips, tricks, comments and criticism and humbly learn from it. I'm so gracious to be able to tinker around with Intellivision programming. Its not easy, but I'm having so much fun. I've gone totally retro when it comes to gaming. I mean, I still play some PS4, but I'm at a point now where I'd much rather hop on the bartop arcade machine that I built and play all the classics from the golden age of the arcades. There are so many classic games I want to make IntyBasic versions of. I also can't wait for the Amico. I preordered it as soon as I heard about it, and that lead me to this forum. And once I saw the section on programming, I ordered Oscar's book right away.
  9. I'm too disorganized doing things my own way, so the SDK is perfect. Plus, who wouldn't want to type in less at the command line? LOL. The documentation is great and very easy to follow. I've already cleaned up my old setup and have a new 'project' for my game. I love how it keeps everything in their respective folders and I don't have to run intybasic and as1600 separately. Plus, this also helps me understand the process more too. Win Win. I made a fancy title screen for my game but am totally fine using the default retro screen for future projects. I made the fancy screen just to figure out how to use IntyColor.
  10. I reckon I should go ahead and install it!! thanks EDIT: OMG...the SDK is so much more organized (obviously). Once I get my stuff up and running, I'm going to clean up the other install I did..... thanks again
  11. umm....this is what I downloaded: jzintv-20200712-win32-sdl2.zip The documents folder is called Doc I followed the directions from Oscar's first book.
  12. as always, you are a lifesaver! I don't know how I missed this as I was rooting around this folder, too. I needed to switch to keymap 1 mode to get my numeric keypad to register 0-9 for a left controller my path was actually DOC/TECH. It's weird, some of the sample ASM files that came with jzintv have bad paths because the install didn't put the files in the right folders so I would get compile errors. I had to shuffle around the folders a bit to get them to work. thanks! I'm learning a something new every day now. Soon, I might actually know what I am doing. Right now, I'm THAT guy - the one who knows just enough to be dangerous....lol
  13. Hi all - This should be an easy one to answer. I've searched the forum and also looked in all the jzintv documents and example folders and cant find this answer. I'm programming on a standard windows laptop with a standard keyboard and number pad. I don't have controllers plugged in or anything. How can I figure out how jzintv is interpreting anything I hit on my keyboard. I've looked for test programs, a configuration file or a mapping document and can't find anything. Obviously, my arrow keys clearly trigger the controller UP, DOWN, LEFT and RIGHT of the disc, and I think CRTL and SHIFT trigger the side buttons. I don't seem to have anything on my keyboard to trigger the intellivision buttons 0-9, which I was hoping to use my numeric pad for. It's hard to test my code when I cannot simulator the button press...lol Can somehow educate me as to how this witchcraft works? This is a pain on my Raspberry Pi build, too. I have to map a button which calls up a virtual controller and then go from there. thanks in advance, and sorry I was too dumb to find this topic which I am sure has been brought up before. Oscar's next book should be : Troubleshooting Intybasic for Dummies
  14. I love Bolderdash. It's like Lode Runner....the game never, ever gets old. Coincidentally, I was just playing the 1982 arcade game The Pit, which from what I understand was an inspiration for Bolderdash. You should make the Pit while you are at it!!
  15. this book is already paying off!! Love the new content, i really needed that extra attention to color stack and foreground/background modes
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