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  1. It’s such a pleasure when you receive a game in good shape that some bucks more are always well spent...
  2. I found the games that match with that expensive consolle! https://www.ebay.com/itm/254802163932 Yes, they are a bit expensive, not really MINT, not very rare, but they are complete!
  3. There must be something very special in this consolle... https://ebay.us/9xHeX0
  4. Yeah, I think this is the worst period ever to start or complete a collection of Intellivision (or other brands). But this makes the search harder (if you want to get a good ratio quality / price) and, at the end, more fun. Referring to mind Strike, you can find minty games NIB sealed Intellivision inc here: https://www.polyplay.xyz/Mind-Strike at 23€ ($28), shipping included. Dunno if they ship to USA, it’s a German shop. I bought one copy, got it fast and really in perfect shape sealed. They have also other games, some of them at a very competitive price given the perfect conditions...
  5. In my personal opinion, that Mattel MOTU prototype for Coleco could make sense, even at such high price, for a passionate (and wealthy) collector : it’a unique original piece dating back to the epic golden years of Mattel Electronics. Nothing to see with that WATA stuff insanely expensive... (by the way, the WATA MOTU at 30k$ is still on Ebay...)
  6. What about Omegarace and Fantasy (dr Porter)? Do they belong to 2021? @Rev please continue to update your Homebrew released games page with year of release and publishers: it’s very useful!
  7. Cool, I have both then! But in Intvfunhouse I don’t find my second copy that seems to be very short...
  8. I will receive this sealed copy of Melody Blaster next week, but I can’t understand if it’s gatefold or not... What do you think guys ?
  9. I saw actually that some complete melody blasters were sold in November... If anyone has extra manual and overlays please PM me!😀
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