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  1. It’s such a pleasure when you receive a game in good shape that some bucks more are always well spent...
  2. I found the games that match with that expensive consolle! https://www.ebay.com/itm/254802163932 Yes, they are a bit expensive, not really MINT, not very rare, but they are complete!
  3. There must be something very special in this consolle... https://ebay.us/9xHeX0
  4. Yeah, I think this is the worst period ever to start or complete a collection of Intellivision (or other brands). But this makes the search harder (if you want to get a good ratio quality / price) and, at the end, more fun. Referring to mind Strike, you can find minty games NIB sealed Intellivision inc here: https://www.polyplay.xyz/Mind-Strike at 23€ ($28), shipping included. Dunno if they ship to USA, it’s a German shop. I bought one copy, got it fast and really in perfect shape sealed. They have also other games, some of them at a very competitive price given the perfect conditions...
  5. In my personal opinion, that Mattel MOTU prototype for Coleco could make sense, even at such high price, for a passionate (and wealthy) collector : it’a unique original piece dating back to the epic golden years of Mattel Electronics. Nothing to see with that WATA stuff insanely expensive... (by the way, the WATA MOTU at 30k$ is still on Ebay...)
  6. What about Omegarace and Fantasy (dr Porter)? Do they belong to 2021? @Rev please continue to update your Homebrew released games page with year of release and publishers: it’s very useful!
  7. Cool, I have both then! But in Intvfunhouse I don’t find my second copy that seems to be very short...
  8. I will receive this sealed copy of Melody Blaster next week, but I can’t understand if it’s gatefold or not... What do you think guys ?
  9. I saw actually that some complete melody blasters were sold in November... If anyone has extra manual and overlays please PM me!😀
  10. It looks awesome! Congratulations! Where did you get it? Haven’t seen it on Ebay since quite a long time...
  11. Really very interesting! Congratulations and happy new year to All!
  12. Hi Intvnut, You can add me too for one unit! Thank you and happy new year!
  13. The more there are the more the quest will last, and that’s the nice part of the game...🤩
  14. Hi Cmart, I got the lot of 11 Digiplay at a good price finally, and they are even in good shape! May I assume that in this pic we have all titles ever published under Digiplay?
  15. You game looks pretty cool! Preordered on your website that works truly perfectly! Feliz navidad y año nuevo!
  16. But if Cmart’s average price is 35 bucks delivered in the US it means that I should get them at around 25 bucks max in Brazil!
  17. You are right! Probably the import duties would turn the good deal in a bad one... But I have a competitive advantage... A friend of mine that lives in San Paolo: he can buy the games for me and bring them to Italy in his bag when he comes over!
  18. Thanks Cmart, then I’ll try to get them. They look in quite good condition...
  19. Do you guys think that these 11 Digiplay at around 370 bucks could be a good deal? https://produto.mercadolivre.com.br/MLB-1564070916-jogos-intelevision-lote-_JM#position=3&type=item&tracking_id=47bbd4c6-7231-4354-aa69-6b3b4bbd7218
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