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  1. I gave up trying when I found out about flashing it and all that Jazz as it was just too daunting of a task. I have found some sellers offering a Gotek with Flash Floppy pre-loaded. What version are you using, or would any version of Flash Floppy do the trick?
  2. I have a Microfox SD so I will dl it and give it a try. I plugged it into my backup system and nothing blew up so here's hoping it fully works!
  3. Okay... I got all the caps on and I think I did okay. Looks a little funny with those little guys on there. Set up my second system to test it... Hoping it doesn't blow. And, what could I use to see if it is working? Is there a program that counts/tests the ram?
  4. I went on ebay and after some searching for a seller that can get them to me within 2 weeks, I found a set. More than I wanted to spend but it is what it is. Thinking maybe I should pickup a new tip for my weller... This stuff makes me nervous.
  5. So I found this about the "Z" The letter Z donates a tolerance of +80 percent and –20 percent. That means the capacitor, which is rated at .1 μF, might be as much as 80 percent higher or 20 percent lower. See below for a list of letter-style tolerance codes. I don't have Z's. I have J's. I also have some multilayer ceramic which are perfectly small and would fit the leg holes super smoothly... I'm just hesitant to use them. Not sure if the tolerance would really matter all that much. And I think the T in a circle may just be for the temperature which if I am using new stuff, I am not all that worried about.
  6. Assuming they are all the same, I think they are 104s. Specifically marked 104Z (T) - The t is in a circle below the 104Z. I know I have 104s. Can I replace with modern caps whether Ceramic or Metal Film or should I search out some old stock?
  7. First post on here... Coleco nut in my youth but nostalgia kicked in and I have been messing with my ADAM for about a year now. So in a box at my mother's house, I found my old memory expander. But it has seen better days. I am wondering what others think... Should I try it out before I do anything? (worried about messing the ADAM up permanently) Should I put new caps on first? (I am an amateur at soldering, but I think I can get through it if I know what caps I need) Just throw it out?
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