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  1. Here are my hacks I created so far: Roc'n Rope I looked at Coleco's Roc'n Rope and made a few graphic adjustments: Edited the explorer to have an eye (in the arcade game, he is shown to be wearing sunglasses, but maybe I could make a later revision of my hack) Edited the dinosaur enemy a bit (editing the eye and having a graphic covering their eyes when stunned by a flashlight) Edited the score font and the font at the title screen What I need to do: Edit the caveman sprites Possibly edit some of the sprites I modified in my first Roc'n Rope W.I.P hack Roc'n Rope Arcade.bin (v1) Spy Hunter Arcade https://atariage.com/forums/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=841411 (v1) MORE TO COME SOON!
  2. Here is what I think of: WarGames (film) Popeye (comic and TV show) The Dam Busters (a bit related to the film) 2010: The Graphic Action Game (film based on 2010: The Year We Made Contact) The Dukes of Hazzard (TV show) Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom (TV show, but Buck himself doesn't appear in the game) Smurf: Rescue in Gargamel's Castle and Smurf Paint 'n' Play Workshop (TV show) Star Wars: The Arcade Game (film)
  3. I recently started playing the Atarisoft port of Track and Field of the C64 port, but for some reason, I always fail at the 100 meter dash while playing on the VICE emulator. I seen other people on YouTube play the port emulated, but they managed to not have any problems failing at events. I keep pressing the run buttons fast as I can, but that didn't help. What should I do to the configuration settings in VICE?
  4. I recently started playing the Apple II port of Track and Field made by Atarisoft that is based off the 1983 Konami arcade game. I played this game on the AppleWin emulator, not the original hardware. But for some reason, I don't get the controls and I usually keep failing in events. Any help on the controls please?
  5. I have a few games that I don't like on the INTV, like Coleco's DK and DK Junior (Mario looks like a boy from a village and a naked Smurf, Jr. looks like a 3-year old's drawing of Yoda, Donkey Kong looks like he got vomit all over him, and I don't know what to say about Pauline, other than she is the same color as the girders), and Tutankham (player and enemies move way slower). I don't think Pole Position and Super Cobra are that bad though.
  6. Sorry if I'm about three years too late, but I recently learned how to win at hammer throwing at http://tips.retrogames.com/gamepage/track.html. It says that you have to wait until the 6th spin to make a qualifying throw. While that's good, if you want more points, wait until the 9th spin and then press and hold the button until the number display is around to 45°, and then release it when you get a number that is around 45°.
  7. Recently made a hack of this one arcade game called Spy Hunter that was ported to systems like the Atari 2600 and CV version. So far.... Letters changed to the arcade version font instead of the ColecoVision BIOS-like font Player edited to look like the arcade version (both in car and boat mode) Changed the red/orange civilian car to a person riding a motorcycle Changed the Barrel Dumper to look like the arcade version. Changed the letters "BALLY MIDWAY" to "SPY HUNTER" Needed to complete.... Change some enemies to look like the arcade version Change the red van to look like the arcade version Spy Hunter Arcade (Hack) (W.I.P V1).bin
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