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  1. I noticed the fact that somebody made a Hangly-Man maze hack for the original Pac-Man on the 5200. How do I edit the mazes for this game and Ms. Pac-Man for the 5200 also?
  2. I recently found a bug in Ms. Pac-Man Plus. When I finished the Apple level, I surprisingly finished the maze while the second the maze disappears, the maze is aligned differently.
  3. Although we have to be patient, I'm very excited about a new ColecoVision game we should play for the week. 😀
  4. And can I please use your Jr. Pac-Man rom game to make into a rom hack, named Pac-Man Expanded?
  5. I’m taking about the one you made in 2006, in which goes by the name called “Pac-Man Collection”, not the 40th Anniversary one.
  6. I'm now trying to create a Pac-Man hack based on the 1982 Atari game released for the Atari 5200/Atari XL/XE. However, I don't need help with the ghosts and Pac-Man characters since they are visible in the sprite data in the BitHacker program. When making the graphics, I thought: since Pac-Man's fruits graphics for this port aren't that "arcade perfect" I should edit them. I searched all over the room, but it's not visible to me. Can anyone show me how to edit the fruit sprites? Sorry for the question. I'm still at the beginning of making ROM hacks of games and editing the graphics.
  7. It's a hack of Ms. Pac-Man, it's just that I posted Pac-Pollux, and I realized I had to get the author's permission. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  8. So, I know Bob DeCrescenzo's account name is PacManPlus, but what is the name of Rob Kudla's account in AtariAge?
  9. I know, but it’ll be totally different from these two hacks. The Homage hack wasn’t the one I was referring to. The one I was referring was the 1999 hack made by Rob Kula, not the infamous 2600 version. And the mazes will be totally different also.
  10. Nice! Is it okay if I can make and publish the rom Pac-Man Collection VCS for the Atari 7800, which is a homebrew hack using graphics from Pac-Man Arcade and Ms. Pac-Man for the Atari 2600? If not, I'll accept that.
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