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  1. So, I don’t know what was going on last night, but I confirmed all of the Yastuna 1 games in both the lyx and lnx files work on both of my Lynxes. On Yastuna 2 Space Shot never works on my Lynx 1, and Space Lock doesn’t work (maybe intermittently?) from the lyx file. Go figure. Everything works perfectly on my Lynx 2. I wonder if my Lynx 1 has an issue...
  2. I have been using the GD with the Lynx 1 but I can try it in my 2 too.
  3. B&C ComputerVisions sells a prototype of Cyber Golf and I imagine the prototype is in the ether somewhere. I heard that it isn’t much of a game. Oh, I see, you’re aware:
  4. If there is a clue in the manual or box I’m not seeing it. I wonder if getting all the flowers in a season does it? I missed one on Spring and I haven’t made it all the way through Summer yet. I will have to try it again.
  5. Yeah, that sucks. I did get the Aleste Collection at a very good price, but I’m definitely less likely to use them in the future hearing your experience.
  6. I had a very good experience with them on the Aleste Collection. I'm sorry to hear you're having an issue.
  7. jgkspsx

    Vectrex Reboot?

    I've never seen a video that looked like a real Vectrex. But I would still buy one. Then again I like Beyond Burgers.
  8. Both Yastuna 1 & 2 hang with a black screen at times for me, with both the lnx and lyx files. Space Shot on Yastuna 2, in particular, and other games on Yastuna 1. I have an official copy of Yastuna 2 but I was really looking forward to playing Yastuna 1. On the other hand maybe I should make sure the batteries are not running down...
  9. Fascinating! The top speed seems impossibly fast, but I have been able to find some reliable sweet spots.
  10. OK, I'll bite. I am going to fib slightly to put some games on the scoreboard that I think deserve to be on there. Maybe the OP hasn't been updated in a long time, but these could still use a little more press. 1. Loopz - is this a perfectly balanced puzzler? Maybe not. But is it the must-play puzzler on the Lynx? I think so. Like many of you, I spent a lot of time with Pipe Dream and clones many years ago, hating it and wishing that something was different about it. This is the game all those games wanted to be. 2. Joust - OK, there are compromises to this port, but this and STUN Runner were my killer apps on the Lynx in high school. I've sunk so many hours into them that... I really probably would have been better off sinking into something else. 3. Super Asteroids and Missile Command - my favorite version of Missile Command. Super Asteroids isn't as good as the 7800 version but it's still good fun. 4. Blockout - this 3D Tetris is mind-bending. I really wish the 3DS had gotten an update of this - the lack of depth perception is its only flaw. 5. Ishido - Objectively, is this the fifth most impressive software on the Lynx? No. But it is 110% successful at what it tries for, and that means people should give it a chance. 6. Hydra - OK, so is this basically halfway between RoadBlasters and Turbo Sub and not quite as good as either? Yes. But is it still also really fun? Yes. And is it dirt cheap? It sure is. This should come with every Lynx sold today. 7. Rampage - This is my favorite version of Rampage, and it features the best Rampage character ever. 8. A Bug's Trip - This Ladybug homage is a little slow but really enjoyable to me. 9. Cybervirus - This, like the very similar BattleWheels and Battlezone 2000 2000, is just stunning to see on the Lynx. I haven't gotten super far in either the original or the Lost Missions, so I don't know which one I prefer yet. 10. Hockey - It's amazing what a full-featured hockey game this is, and how well it plays. Is Activision's Ice Hockey on the 2600 more fun? It is, but I feel that way about pretty much all of the other hockey games ever made.
  11. I sold an Evercade to retrogmr and had a great experience all around! Fast payment and great communication.
  12. I can confirm that both pots on mine go easily from "listlessly drumming your fingers" speed to "you could probably use this as a 14.4 modem" speed. Quite a range!
  13. jgkspsx

    Vectrex Reboot?

    I mean, I love my Vectrex, and I love how it looks, but if somebody made a dedicated LCD-based clone that took original carts and SD cards alike, I would absolutely buy one. Most of the games are very enjoyable as games even without the beautiful display.
  14. To make more work for you... is there any possibility to order now and combine shipping with unnamed later? I can't wait for that one...
  15. Hmmmmmm. Thankfully I haven't moved the box and manual into the attic yet...
  16. @Songbird I saw you were still looking to get to 100. I am willing to pre-order now if need be to help cover your costs, but I was kind of planning to wait until the next wave of releases...
  17. Wow! That looks like a great start! Some of my favorite recent games are independent Metroidvanias like Iconoclasts, Timespinner, and the original indie smash hit Cave Story, which tend to be more story focused and be slightly less sprawling. The Game Gear game Tails Adventure was a remarkable Metroidvania with lots of collectible tools and some memorable bosses. The main thing wrong with it was how little you could see at one time.
  18. On the other hand, I think about cave people a lot, and a very scientific recent survey proves that over 70% of people think about cave people at least once a year: So maybe it's weird that we don't see more games about stone age people!
  19. I'm a big fan of the Evercade handheld. When they announced their latest cartridge, a Codemasters compilation, I checked out the game list. Beyond the Sensible Software games (which don't feel right to include in a Codemasters compilation, as Titus games didn't feel right on an Interplay compilation... but I digress!), there were the Cosmic Spacehead games, Ultimate Stuntman, Psycho Pinball, MiG29, and plenty more that I didn't recognize - including two Big Nose the Caveman games. For some reason, something clicked, and I thought of other stone age human-based games on the Evercade alone: Joe and Mac 2 (Data East), Prehistorik Man (Titus) and The Humans (Imagitek, also on the Jaguar as Evolution: Dino Dudes, which is the best version of the game for my money, and originally created for the Lynx as Dinolympics). Other games I own for the Turbografx, the Game Gear, the Genesis/Sega CD/32X, the Lynx, etc. include the Bonk series, Adventure Island/the first Wonder Boy, and the whole Chuck Rock series including BC Racers... Then there was Caveman Ugh-Lympics, an early Electronic Arts title I never played: It makes me wonder: why were caveman-based games so popular in the late eighties and early nineties? I don't remember cavemen being a huge thing in the culture otherwise. There were some significant cultural stone age artifacts: The Flintstones on Saturday morning TV and the bizarre live action movie, Johnny Hart's BC comic strip, Phil Hartman's caveman lawyer on SNL, the regrettable Encino Man, the Clan of the Cave Bear book series. But it didn't seem like there was a huge stone age trend. (The Flintstones was probably the closest I can remember.) And why did they suddenly just stop? Are there any 32 bit or 64 bit caveman games? I remember Tail of the Sun being very interesting (in a sense, the Minecraft of its day), but I never got around to buying a copy: The only recent one of note that I know of, remakes notwithstanding, is Far Cry Primal: Did I miss any of your favorite stone age games? Are there any 2600, Coleco, INTV stone age games? And am I right in thinking that this was a very odd trend in game development? (Because the Bronze Age is sort of the default for sword and sorcery titles, I'd like to exclude those from the discussion.)
  20. Last Strike reminds me of the excellent Atomic Robo Kid for the Genesis and even more of the wonderful, forgotten PC Engine classic Barunba. I'm really looking forward to its arrival! I'm even more jazzed about Gravitic Mines, which reminds me quite a bit of my favorite Genesis game that either does not star a blue hedgehog or was not made by Treasure, Sub-Terrania:
  21. If they were $3.50 I would own a quarter of them. If they were $2, I would probably own half. $8 each is just not gonna happen. The Switch game launcher is already too crowded and hard to use, too, and I actively avoid picking stuff up because of that.
  22. Holy crap, this is... *looks at WiiU collection* the worst thread ever. I hope this isn't as much of a problem as it looks. I have a large external hard drive hooked up to my WiiU. I've never rooted my system, but I wonder if ripping the discs to the hard drive is an option...
  23. Ishido I had never really understood what was going on in this game, and barely touched it on my real Lynxen. With the release of the Lynx Collection 1 for the Evercade, I have been playing it a lot more, and I've really come to understand it. It has become one of my favorite games to wind down with before I go to bed, because, frankly, it's kinda boring. But I mean boring in the most complimentary possible way: it's extremely soothing and meditative, and when I screw up, I don't really care. I've found it really helps take the edge off, especially in exciting times like we've had lately. Scores: Graphics - 8/10 There are several different tilesets to choose from, but the default is the best looking - the rest are very plain and unappealing. Other versions of Ishido have much more complicated designs on the "traditional" tileset, but the Lynx version does really well at combining visual interest and easy recognizability. The fireworks and the fonts used are all very distinctive. Despite the rigid simplicity of everything, it's a very good-looking game. Sounds - 8/10 There is no music here at all. It's just the fireworks at boot or at the end of the game, the bell at the title screen, the snap of the tiles when you place them, and the glorious sound of a four-way match. It's honestly for the best. The snap of the tiles is very soothing and it helps a lot for winding down. All of the minimal sound effects sound great. Gameplay - 8/10 Difficulty - 8/10 When I first started playing it, the rules seemed unfair and almost arbitrary. How the heck am I supposed to place tiles so that I'm matching colors on two sides and shaped on the other two sides? But once I realized how limited the number of shapes and colors was, the rules started to make a lot more sense. If not for the restrictions, it would be trivial to play all the tiles every time. And I gained basic competence a lot faster than I expected to when I started playing it. Almost every time I play the Solitaire mode, I can clear my bag now, and when I do get one of the elusive cross placements, I really feel like I earned my advice. Unfortunately, the computer is not a serious challenge to beat in the competitive mode. I found the competitive mode useful for training my eye for matches, but unless I'm missing some difficulty setttings, the computer is a chump. I don't think it supports Comlynxing, but it would be really fun if it did. Overall - 9/10 This game is truly more than the sum of its parts, and is a great example of less being more. If you're looking for flash and stimulation, you're not going to find it here. But if you are looking for a meditative, calming, and rewarding way to help put your thoughts in order, this game is your huckleberry. Bonus content: Check out this awesome ZX Spectrum sequel! However, I notice that the music is kind of agitating and takes away from the experience - a testament that they did the right thing by not including music. If you'd like to try this game on your computer in hi res, here's an HTML5 version. Evidently Ascii made a small number of real board games that they sold in Japan in the early 90s. I wonder who owns the rights to that trademark... I think it would be awesome to play this in real life.
  24. I love the NeoGeo gamepad, and this is a glorious experience with every analog game I've tried. It plays very well with every Valsitsar does very nice work and is just a great guy. It's also pretty easy to make your own.
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